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Tree of Souls by EvgenyOst
Urwald by Ikarusthefirst
Return by Sara-Arasteh
Raven by Stalhammer
Very Special Wonders
Asta | Black Clover (FanArt) by mitchiegloria
01.13.2021 Mocha 9 by PretendToBeHappy
Styx by Lord-StarryFace
Wonder Wolf by Nostalgialover808
Wonderful Nature
Daisy by allison731
Mallorca Mountains No. 4 (HDR) by skywalkerdesign
Removed bright colors by dashakern
Atlas Elyden #69 - the White sheet by vorropohaiah
Big Man-Made Wonders
Ruines de Montsalvens 2 by LePtitSuisse1912
Dollhouse Scale Tenement Apartment Model by RNDmodels
n e w . m e m o r y by agevla77
Dark ages|Sexy and dangerous by DanStrogg
Little Man-Made Wonders
La Chapelle Saint-Blaise de Saint-Triphon by LePtitSuisse1912
Somewhere in Portugal 160 by JACAC
Jwf 15-5-21 by BGai
Tesseract Hypercube (OS-29) Wood Model by RNDmodels
Imaginative Wonders
Finders Keepers by cemac
THE ANGEL APPAS by MarquisAmon
JWF Wallpaper May 2021 by BGai
War Of The Worlds - Contact by MarquisAmon
Wonderful Humans
Staredown by Loffy0
Bass Mama by KeldBach
Getting Ready by KeldBach
Henry Aaron (Ink) by KeithMeyerArt
Wonders In The Sky
Desert Storm by organicvision
Flowers In The Sunshine by Xhario
Local Showers by KeldBach
Almost Gone by KeldBach
Moving Wonders
Abstract Wonders
A Light Through The Mist by Tate27kh
Soft Julian Under Glass by Tate27kh
Music Abstract Patreon Posts Preview! by PretendToBeHappy
Shoji Series 7a by Tate27kh
Wonderful Writings
All The Other Wonders
Little Mermaiden - ( OC ) by BluuLeopard
Contest Folder
Archive - Animals
Fear of the Unknown by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Archive - Artisan Crafts
An heart as cold as snow by RibbonsandClay
Archive - Buildings, Towns and Cities
Spiritual Radiance by AnthonyPresley
Archive - Conceptual
Moongate by ApollinArt
Archive - Flowers, Plants and Trees
Field Poppies 1 by Coigach
Archive - Fractals
Distorted Bubbles by Thelma1
Archive - Misc
Gohan Super Saiyan by RafaCM
Archive - People and Portraits
loli by Telemaniakk
Archive - 'Scapes
Marshes in Cape Cod by EvelynVictus
Archive - Transportation
2007 Vauxhall Astra VXR Modified Show Car by ROGUE-RATTLESNAKE
Archive - Stamps Skins Avatars Emoticons and
Midoriya Izuku... The Hero! by JoaoRibeiro123
this week some "plants"^^
Tree of Souls
this week some "plants"^^
Tree of Souls
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Wonderful Rules


Welcome to the Wonderful World group! This is a group for all realms of artists and ALL skill levels. We are here to share the beauty of our world which means no horror, dark or political artwork please. Let's see the beauty that can be hard to find!

:earth: A few quality control guidelines have been added to ensure member pleasure in watching the group as opposed to just being a member. The following types of submissions will be declined:

:bulletblue: Fetish art of any kind.
:bulletgreen: Photos or images of nude or semi nude models which are sexually explicit
:bulletblue: Pieces with blurry subjects, unless the blurring is intentional.
:bulletgreen: Pieces that look as if they were just thrown together; in other words, lacking general artistic quality.
:bulletblue: Pieces whose subject is confusing. If we don't know what it is, we will ask you. If you don't tell us, we will decline it.
:bulletgreen: Pieces that are greatly obstructed by watermarks (e.g, the deviantART watermark).
:bulletgreen: Violence/gore, macabre, and other dark-themed pieces (depending on content and admins discretion.)
:bulletblue: Photos where the member is the subject. There are other groups for models. We expect your submissions to be your own work.

:earth: If you purposefully submit three (3) different pieces that go against our policies, we will kick you out of the group.

:earth: As a member, you may submit up to one piece of art a week. You must also place this artwork in the proper folder. We will tell you where to put it if it's misplaced so that you can move it without exceeding your weekly limit.

:earth: If you submit a piece to the wrong folder, an admin will notify you. You have one week to resubmit it to the correct folder; we won't do it for you. If you don't, it will expire.

:earth: Members are not to use the Featured folder. The Featured folder is set aside for the our Wonderful Wednesdays feature.
:earth: We have games now and then. It's your job as a member to see when they start and end. The same goes for contests.


To submit, you first have to join by hitting the "Join this group" button. Then, click the button "Submit art" after you've been accepted into the group. A page will come up that looks similar to when you upload a picture to your gallery. Just fill that page out and press submit.

If you want to submit one of your older deviations, you can go to the Gallery, then click "Submit to this folder" at the top right-hand side. Then two options will show: Submit a new deviation or Contribute an existing deviation. Click on the second one! Then a new window will pop up, and you choose which deviation you would like to submit.

This is not an elitist group! Most works will be accepted. I want it to remain a group for everyone to enjoy. :)

If you want to join us please bring a little gift: Show some deviation, which is like a wonder or something wonderful to you! We will feature it in the group if it fits our rules. So give us the link or a thumb in your joining request. It does not have to be a deviation from your own gallery, but it can be.

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