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How Does One Become A Butterfly? by eevanikunen





How Does One Become A Butterfly? by eevanikunen

Enchantress by eevanikunen

Harvest Time by eevanikunen

Moon Fae by eevanikunen

Tick Tock Goes The Clock by eevanikunen

Somnium by eevanikunen

Moonlight Wanderer by eevanikunen

Dreammaker by eevanikunen

Daydreamer by eevanikunen

Winter Prelude by eevanikunen

Skin by Dan Leveille
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Jellyfish moon by Ellysiumn
The red tree by Ellysiumn
Zen breeze by Ellysiumn
The best place to think by Ellysiumn
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Falling ~ ProjectAurora 8th exhibition by Ellysiumn
Boreal dream by Ellysiumn
Entrance to the sacred ~ Mosaic by Ellysiumn
Red planet by Ellysiumn
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Foreshadow by Ryukurei
Tender by MargoDarkPrincess
Into Oblivion by isaacalex007
Asian Boy by Harshil007
Senhime-Onmyoji Fanart by Vuybeso
Adopts #32 auction OPEN by Grimlai
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Adopt (open) by HEEDWIIIG
[GIF] Yuki by AimeHama
WHO AM I TODAY? Animation by Demon-of-Freedom
Sunrise Animation by SophiaEowyn
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The Music Lesson - Scale Model by SophiaEowyn
Gloria Crochet Zipper Pouch / Clutch Bag 16 by TexyBags
Aeon Rising by 011Art
Gold drop pendant by NagiSpider
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Asia2 by oOm4gicOo

Mature Content

Sweety Kitty 18+ by SaardeQueen
Hutao [Genshin Impact] by ChiranasDraws
Demon nurse adoptable [SOLD] by Arilynluna
Journals and Features
[OPEN] SFW/NSFW HIGH QUALITY WRITING COMMISSIONSHi, I have my writing commissions open! I'll only write a summed up journal here, but you can read the whole thing with a much better and organized layout on my Carrd.I will write: fanfiction, original work with your OCs, character or RPG lore, OC X Canon, pairings of any sexuality, headcanon, furry, interspecies, NSFW*;I won't write: kinks I am not comfortable with (ask me before requesting), non-con, teratophilia, bestiality, NSFW with minors, incest, hate speech, humanized countries, real people**, fandoms I know little to nothing about***.Specialization: novels, erotica, metaphorical writing, angst.* You must be 18 or older in order to commission me NSFW. ** TV show characters, when inspired by a fictional work, are ok. For example: I would not write any fiction about Friends (TV show) characters, but I would write a Hannibal one using the appearance of the TV show actors. *** Unless you are willing to give me all the information I need.GENERALWhen requesting a commission, please, tell me every detail that I should include in my work for 100% customer satisfaction.I have the right to decline the commission, with or without explanation. Also, I will do it if your behavior is not professional. If you treat me badly as if I was your servant, the commission will be canceled; have mercy of the dyslexic writer who is doing all the work for you.I do not accept emergency orders on short notice; I work at my own pace and I hope you understand it.My writing style is very metaphorical and does not contain any dialogues, known as "silent writing". However, the client is more than welcome to request a work with dialogue lines.The client will receive frequent updates on the commission and can request editing the work when necessary*.* I will not rewrite everything nor make major edits. If you are overly persistent, rude, or hostile about changes, I will cancel your commission and barrel you from commissioning me again.PAYMENT METHODSThe final price for my work includes a few factors:I have mild dyslexia, so it is naturally harder for me to write down my thoughts;My college schedule is very busy this year;I prioritize quality in my work, which takes intensive effort and time. I accept both USD ($) and Brazilian Real (R$) through PayPal (international) or pix (Brazil only). Full payment must be made up front within 48 hours before I start working on your commission, and I will begin upon seeing payment posted to my account. No refunds nor chargebacks, even when a commission is canceled. If money has not yet been sent I have the right to cancel the commission.PRICING,ADDITIONAL FEESChaptered works: $6 / R$8 for prologue or epilogue. $12 / R$16 for both;$6 / R$8 if NSFW;$12 / R$16 for a kink.USAGE POLICY I, Alírio Cyr, do not hold any rights for the commissioned fanfictions I write. Just like fanart commissions, the commissioner is paying for my time and skills.The commissioner is allowed to:Use the work for personal use only;Print the work**, use in a RPG session, claim the right of their own original character(s);Use the work for self-promotion as long as credit is properly given and the commissioned work is preserved*.The following is forbidden:Reproducing/using the copyrighted work commercially;Taking credit for the creation of the commissioned piece;Removing my own signature;Altering the written work in any way without the writer's consent.* Fanfiction doesn't apply. ** Personal use only. Commercial use is forbidden.SAMPLESAddiction — Kiryu x Majima (18+)The Spider's Bite — Ichiban x Seong-hui (18+)Master's Call — Tachibana x Kiryu (18+) (pet play)SLOTS AND WAITLIST CAN FOUND HERECONTACT ME BY NOTE...


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auction open!
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Thank you so much for accepting my submission. What a wonderful group! 
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-COMMISSIONS are Opened-Hi, Guys! I opened my first commissions and will be glad to create something cool with you :3 PAYMENT • PayPal only •100% prepaymentCommercial fee - +50% for a priceWaiting time ~2-4 weeks (may increase due to the number of people in queue) I DRAW: Original characters Fanart Human Kemomimi I DON'T DRAW: NSFW Mecha Too old characters Realistic portraits PRICESfor full-colored commission ( for 1 character) :Portrait - 60$ ,Half Body - 90$ ,Full body - 110$ ,two or more detailed characters in the picture + 100% for each~not detailed back characters/crowd - 10$Background:1 colour flat - freeAbstraction - 20$Simplified Realistic BG - 30$Detailed/Perspective Realistic BG - 40-50$Examples(except 1 colour flat):,Details ● I will only start the commission once payment is sent. ● I will not accept refunds. ● Feel free to tell me about any necessary corrections while it's still a sketch. Only minor changes will be accepted after that. However drastic changes may cost extra. ● English is not my first language so be prepared for questions if there is any misunderstanding between us. ● I will not use the illustration for profit. I also won't have rights to the illustration aside from the fact I drew that and I might post the illustration on my social media. If for any reason you do NOT want me to post your commission please let me know as soon as possible :3For commissions write to DM :)Or instagram: @crucial.romancecrucial.romantic@gmail.comSend me:Character descrption & reference (picture)Background reference (picture)Commission typePayPal emailEmail (To receive the file)send it via email/social mediaYou can find more examples in my gallery)If you have questions, feel free to ask me! :3 Kitty by CrucialRomance   DTIYS eik3 by CrucialRomance   100hit333444 by CrucialRomance  
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