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Tiki Predator

You all knew he was coming, and here he is. My tiki version of the predator from Predator... and Predator 2. This has nothing to do with that AvP rubbish though. I like to pretend that those movies were never made.
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This is awesome!  Such a cool idea!  I really dig the Slimer and Stripe ones, too. ^___^
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Thanks! I did paper cut-outs of these, plus a few extra designs too. They were pretty fun.
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Nice work. Very creative.
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Thanks! I'm glad you dig it. I have had quite a lot of fun with these tiki monsters.
VillalobosDStudios's avatar
Your work is amazing you should host it on Behance
WonderDookie's avatar
Thanks man! I haven't seen that site yet. I'll check it out!
muzski's avatar
Thanks for the inspiration, I love the style you used here.
Credit to you is here -> [link]
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Looks great! Thanks for the credit on there too.
muzski's avatar
Np, mate. Your work is my inspiration, or somethink like that. :handshake:

And muchos thanks for your request of my art for your group. :highfive:
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You're very welcome! Thanks for accepting.
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Yes, the AvP movies SUCKED.
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Very definitely. I remember being super excited for AvPR, but then it turned out to be a slasher movie that just happened to have aliens and predator in it.
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Reminds of the Samurai Jack cartoon, in the best way possible.
WonderDookie's avatar
Interesting. I didn't make that connection. Funny.

To be honest I don't think I've ever even watched the show. That kind of confession might get me killed around devart.
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imgine if they had a tiki like that in real life

-visit me skorge al kuana on facebook-
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That would be bad ass! I want to make one.
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Great Job! Love It!
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Thank you! Happy to hear it!
XenaTheAlienChick's avatar
i love it and i just finished watchin predator 2
WonderDookie's avatar

Ooo. I like Predator 2 a lot. Maybe even more than the first one. Less oily arms.
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