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The Clash of the Irritating

By WonderDookie
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In the immortal words of Simon Pegg, "Jar-Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like f*cking Shaft."

This illustration was featured in the documentary "The People Vs. George Lucas". I thought the film was pretty interesting. I recommend it to any of the Star Wars nuts out there that got @$$ blisteringly angry at the prequel trilogy.
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V1EWT1FUL's avatar
at least the ewoks are cute, while jar jar has nothing going for him
Cruella1989's avatar
Well done. But I have to say I love both Jar Jar and the Ewoks.:JarJarDance: Wicket-emote {Star Wars} 
WonderDookie's avatar
Ha! Would I be correct in guessing that you also really liked the porgs? (Full disclosure: I actually like the porgs, and I kind of like the ewoks too.)
Cruella1989's avatar
The Porgs are really cute, but I prefer Jar Jar and the Ewoks.
MouseAvenger's avatar
Very interesting picture, & nice use of color & design. :nod:

Although I do have to say this...What if I told you that I happened to love Jar-Jar Binks, the prequel trilogy, & the Ewoks? :)
WonderDookie's avatar

haha. Since I don't know you yet, I guess I can't be too shocked. No context. haha.
CarameliaBriana's avatar
Yes it's absolutely Jar Jar that's irritating than C3 PO
WonderDookie's avatar
Oh yes. Jar Jar is the worst.
miha9000's avatar
heh george lucas is so good that he could do worse than ewoks by doing jar jar
maybe disney can do even worse :)
WonderDookie's avatar
haha. I'm certainly hope they don't. But you never know if they'll replace Chewbacca with Pluto the dog.
MisterKaos's avatar
:iconthatsnottrueplz::iconsaysplz:NO...That's not true....that's IMPOSSIBLE!:iconsaysendplz:
WonderDookie's avatar

I love that image. I used to do a web-comic where one of the main characters subtly hated Luke Skywalker. He had that image on a poster in his bedroom.
Padawanmage's avatar
Truly epic!

THere's a pic out there of Jar-Jar in carbonite...I wish that was the last we'd see of that muppet.
WonderDookie's avatar
haha. I would definitely dig that too. Especially if he didn't survive the freezing process. 
JediAnakinSkyguy's avatar
Prequels are amazing, people just cant understand the films.
WonderDookie's avatar
What do you think it is that people don't understand?
Skitzo-Picklez's avatar
I like them both c:
WonderDookie's avatar
You can't do that! You have to take sides!

It's funny, I think that Jar-Jar is probably a bit more accepted by younger folks. If that's what you grew up likening Star Wars too, it probably isn't such a shock.
Skitzo-Picklez's avatar
I grew up with both the original and prequel series. I never understood why everyone ganged up against the two races, let alone hate Episode I so much, as personally its my favorite.

I just believe that all the films work together and give star wars a little more meaning then the big guy in the black helmet against the blonde kid with the lightsaber.

That was the whole reason for the prequel, to explain Vaders past, how he became vader. And they did a great job. You cant please everybody, not everyones gonna like every little detail.

But in the end its star wars and thats all that matters xD!
WonderDookie's avatar
I think it's because the species were so cartoonish (and the Gungans lean heavily on racial stereotypes). 

One of my largest problems with the prequel trilogy is that it doesn't fit well with the later films. Not only does the technology look far more advanced in the prequels, but there are also contradictory statements between the different movies. Like Leia remembering her mother even though Padme didn't survive childbirth, Yoda training Obi-Wan, etc. That and the original trilogy faithfully followed the themes of the "Hero's Journey" as outlined by the anthropologist Joseph Campbell, which gives it a universal feeling. Then in the prequels Lucas throws midichlorians (mitochondria) into the mix, and ruins the whole mythology.

Skitzo-Picklez's avatar
The padme leia thing has a simple explanation to me. I think it would be possible for her to remember, as she is strong in the force.  her  connection to the Force could have helped her form a bond with Padmé. That or she thinks she remembers when really she is gleaming padme through the force. 

They had more resources to use to create the films, so I get why everything looks better/more advanced. Plus that seems to be the theme with Star wars, the further down in time you go, the less advanced.

Yoda didnt really train obiwan, he just helped him to get intouch with Quigon.

Starwars films in my mind, have really never been about Luke and Leia, it was always about Vader, and the prequels did such. It was about his journey  his fall and his redemption.

Anywho, I think they all work together.

7-9 however, not so much. To me it sounds like its just going to revolve around love triangles and stuff, focusing on the romance aspect. Which is awfulll. We allready got that in Episode 2 xD! Even I will admit it got too cheesy. I hope they go in another direction.

And really, why do we need a continuation of Luke and Leia's story and their children. I'd much rather watch something that revolves around how the council came to be, or the start of the republic. But thats just me.
WonderDookie's avatar
Aye, but a writer shouldn't leave it up to the viewer to reason through plot holes like that. That's just lazy writing. Also, in some of the "strategic meetings" with the director and screenplay writer of Return of the Jedi Lucas stated that Leia's mother died when she was two years old. Not at childbirth. That's why she remembered who her mother was. Going back and trying to rewrite the history years later just ends up confusing people. 

I agree that it would be best if episodes 7-9 didn't just revolve around Leia and Luke or their kids. I kind of feel like the story of that family has already been old. As far as I have read, not much is known about the storyline for the new films yet. I am reserving judgement until there is something more concrete. 
Spike-McFinn's avatar
Looks like the Ewok bagged himself a Gungan! His teeth look like a rodent's, and it's hilarious! Maybe they'll burn the body as a sacrifice to their gods!
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