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Jim Henson Portrait Painted

I revisited my digital Jim Henson caricature, and recreated it traditionally. This was done using cut paper, acrylic paints, and pop dots. 
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I love it~~~Love 
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Thanks very much! I'm glad you dig it!
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nicely done! i love that it's done traditionally to achieve this look, very awesome.  great style!
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Thank you!

The traditional style in this one was a bit of an experiment, so I'm glad you dig it. This is the first time I have tried this with acrylics.
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keep it up! would love to see more, your stuff is really fun!
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Killer art, the traditional route definitely worked, the look on his face is amazing.  
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Thanks very much! I mentioned to someone else that I felt like a bit of a hack redoing an older design, but I was really curious how this one would work traditionally. I'm glad I did it.
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Thank you sir!

I felt a little like a hack recycling an older design, but I really wanted to do this one traditionally.
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Thanks! Glad you did it.
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Great work here! 
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Thank you! Henson is one of my heroes so I wanted to do this one right.
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Wow. I really like this.
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Thinks very much! I am really happy to hear it.
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Thanks very much! Henson is one pof my heroes, so I wanted to do this right.
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Oh how I wish he was still with us

the world is a poorer place without Jim Henson

he was a shining beacon of light in a dark and cynical world
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Me too. He still had so much to offer. When he died he had a huge amount of stuff in the works.
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personally I can't wait till they finally make that Dark Crystal sequel that's been in the works for like 30 years

talk about development hell
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Oh man. I gave up on that one years ago. I don't think it will ever happen.
DrKaleidoscope's avatar
hey, there's always hope

that was Jim's message, after all
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