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Like I said last night, I had to redraw Dwight and I wasn't going to post the re-do, but I like it A LOT more than the original one that I posted. I made it a lot more rendered than the others because it's going to go somewhere special in the final thing that I'm doing with all these portraits.

Anyway, I promise, this is the last of these.

OH! And I know that I spelled it wrong.
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"FALSE." Nice job, one of my favorite TV shows and characters.
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Thank you! Glad you dig it. I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out. I made an earlier attempt that looked like crap.
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YES! Dwigt hahaha
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Thank you! I'm flattered to hear it!
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love the rendering! good job on the whole series :)
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Thanks! haha. I actually have this one hanging over my bed.
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Aha, Dwigt! I almost didn't catch it, until you said something in the description... :D

This is what I think a caricature should be - wonderfully exaggerated but still immediately recognizable!
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haha. Then *I* didn't catch what you were talking about for a minute either. I missed my own reference. That's funny.

Thanks! I was really rather proud of this one cause I thought I managed to twist him pretty good.
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Haha...Dwigt. Nice.
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I was wondering how many people would get that reference.
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These are seriously amazing!
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Many thanks man. Happy to hear it.
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Love the reference to Michael's screenplay XD
This is just so Dwight. The expression and everything else.
I love it!
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haha. I was wondering how many people would pick up on that.

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Dear god, that's my favorite character- from my favorite show! Awesome! :D
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haha. Thank you! Later this week new episodes finally come out!!
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Nicely done! Almost Ren & Stimpy style :-D
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haha. Thank you!! I like to warp my caricatures a bit.
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Ahhh Dwight!! :D

Only 23 favorites? WTF?? lol

I love his expression; so devious and cocky hehe; Dwight rules!

Very awesome work... I'm in awe of your supreme talent. :)
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haha. Well, this was sort of the last in a long string of The Office related uploads. I think people were getting a tad burned out on them.
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Ahh, I see. Well, I don't think I could ever get burned out from too much "Office." :D
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haha. Me neither. It's sad. I must have watched through the first three seasons at least half a dozen times. Not to mention that I have all of these caricatures printed out and displayed on cork boards in my living room.
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