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So, I haven't been uploading in a while! I've been so busy all summer with camps and babysitting, sorry everyone! I decided to shave a chunk of my hair off today. :P
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Kitten--Mittens's avatar
im thinking of doing this to my hair! looks good :)
vampsaiyain's avatar
Woah. It's strange to see you with long hair in this picture since in your other pictures before this one you have short hair. I think you look better with short hair personally.
zelkiee's avatar
Why so pretty? :") I love your hair. <3
Lulli-chan's avatar
That looks really cool! I know this is old, so I am wondering, how does it look now? Or have you been keeping it shaven?
wonderbandalice's avatar
i shaved my head a while after this, all over. :P i have chin-length pink hair now!
Lulli-chan's avatar
oh cool thanks for responding! ^^
siena-the-wayfarer's avatar
AHHH You pull it off so well!!!
lawsdraws's avatar
Very pretty indeed. Sidecuts are such a misunderstood haircut. Personally I think they are beautiful, and those that love them, love them fiercely!
JimiMortician's avatar
If I was I lady I would do the same thing and be a total copy cat!
wonderbandalice's avatar
haha, I loved it! I don't have it anymore though :(
Zombiesaregnarly's avatar
You finaly did it! teehee it was all over your tumblr not a lot girls can pull this off! But you look great. BTW share the pretty...
wonderbandalice's avatar
Thank you! Yeah, I would have done it sooner but I didn't have anything to do it with :P I tend to see hairstyles i like them get them as soon as possible so I can't decide not to :P
kelsibitch's avatar
ah cool, all the girls at my school continue trying to do this, but they shave off like, weird amounts and shapes of hair.
i like it, :P
wonderbandalice's avatar
that sounds like it could be cool, or really weird :P thanks :)
gothbobomb's avatar
Lovely! I've wanted to to this with my hair mother woudl kill me XD
wonderbandalice's avatar
My parents don't care what I do with my hair cause it grows back, as long as I don't get tattoos and piercings :P
gothbobomb's avatar
Sweet, They let me dye it and cut it short but, nothing to attention nabbing 0-0'
wonderbandalice's avatar
haha, yeah :) this is actually not really too noticable, you know. And it's really easy to hide, you just have to part your hair on the other side of your head and it's like it was never there. :)
Ginger-Ookami's avatar
why are you so adorable? i love your hair :)
wonderbandalice's avatar
Ginger-Ookami's avatar
lol no problem deary : )
DaraLC-artisty's avatar
Ahhhh. So cute!! :D
DaraLC-artisty's avatar
^-^ You're welcome
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