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UPDATE: Currently closed whilst I focus on animated commissions

Yeah, basically I’m in serious need of some money this month so I decided to open up some commissions. Prices are as follow:

Flash doodle: £5 ($8)Pencil drawing: £10 ($17) + £3 per additional character*
Flat-shaded color drawing: £10 ($17) + £3 per additional character
Photoshop/SAI drawing: £15 ($25) + £5 per additional character
Animated GIF (up to 5 secs long): £25 ($40)**

*If you’d like the original sketch posted to you, please add relevant postage for an A5 drawing to the cost.
**Price may vary depending on complexity.

To request a commission, e-mail me at with the subject “Tumblr Commission”, or alternatively drop me a message via Tumblr or DeviantArt (making sure I’m able to reply to you), providing a description of what you want and any neccessary references. No pornographic stuff I’m afraid. Payments are to be made via Paypal (make sure to label it as ‘services’ instead of ‘goods’).

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Sonic in all his gee-ness
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Remember that one comic about Headdy I did ages back? Well, it's animated now:…
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Hey! I animated a new video for TomSka so go watch:………
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2013 in a word: Meh
2013 in slightly more words: Yeah, it's still meh, just like last year. Deal with it.

Last year's goals:
-Get some more work in. Money first. Then the women.
Been somewhat active in the commissiony front, having worked on more asdfmovies and other things. Still waiting on the women, though.
-Be less of an antisocial awk-wod and collaborate some more. Or just get out more.
Kinda? I guess. I dunno. Have been working with people I haven't worked before, but I'm still in the middle of nowhere so not much in the way of interaction.
-Make something successful (that someone didn't commission you to do) so that you become popular and people will buy your lame shirts.
Not really. Only a handful of Wonchop-exclusive shorts this year, barely breaking past the thirty-second mark.
-Try to get out of the country again, potentially to somewhere you've yet to go.
In a sense. Went to France again with the family. Maybe shouldn't have spent 40 euros on a hat, mind you.
-Try a macaron. Just cos.
I tried many a macaron. They were quite yums. Didn't make me into a Japanese lesbian schoolgirl mind.

Good Stuff:
-More meets and expos: MCM, Newgrounds, Summer in the City, etc. as well as a few Channel Flip shindigs.
-Getting to meet cool non-Brits for the first time, including LilDeuceDeuce, Living Tombstone and Kylee Freaking Henke.
-Getting free shit from PopCap's Peggle 2 Guy cos of that crappy pic I doodled during E3.
-Making more asdfmovies which gently massage the ego a little.
-Indulging in new tech including a new tablet, new phone and a Wii U.
-Discovering the joy of Netflix. Then learning about that plug-in that lets you watch American Netflix.
-Becoming a lot more active on Tumblr.
-Having my face on a freakin' bauble.
-So much anime.

Lame Stuff:
-Not having much time/drive/imagination to work on my own stuff, mostly due to commissions. Or possibly distractions.
-Some of those commissions being really awkward to work on.
-Pork sword pork sword pork sword pork sword pork sword...
-Stupid karma preventing that day out with Kylee from being as awesome as it could've been. >=|
-Losing many hours of productivity arguing with that one arsehole on Wikipedia.
-The computer corner of my room getting less and less natural light.
-Missing a load of movies in the cinema due to being stuck in the house all day.
-So much anime...

Weird Stuff:
-Having to animated a stickman blowjob. Yup.
-And draw a vagina.
-And three kinds of hymen.
-All in the same animation.

Stuff of the year:
-Movies: Wreck-it-Ralph, Iron Man 3, Madoka Rebellion (totally watched a camrip)
-Games: Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros, Super Mario 3D World, Rayman Legends, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Rogue Legacy
-TV: Steven Universe, Wander Over Yonder, Avatar (marathoned that shiz), Legend of Korra
-Anime: DokiDoki! Precure, Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, Yuyushiki, Kiniro Mosaic, Gatchaman Crowds, Vividred Operation, WataMote

Goals for 2014
-Become a lot more active in uploading original content. As per my network's suggestion, I intend to try and get out at least one vid per month.
-Possibly move out of my family's house and start living where all the cool kids (and collaboration/work opportunities/ladies) are.
-Go outside of Europe again. Long stretch, Japan, otherwise maybe some con in America or something.
-Start having a proper presence in the UK expo scene, maybe with a panel or table or something.
-Maybe pick up driving again? Haven't been able to restart them due to insufficient funds, but someday.

Quote of the year:
"Woah! That Wonchop is really really hot!"
Sonic the Hedgehog
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Yeah, got my head on a friggin' bauble, baby.
You want one too, well go check them out!…

UPDATE 2: NOW ONLY £6.95!!!

UPDATE: They are now reduced to only £9.99 with free shipping within the UK!
Also put out a new vid to plug them:…

Also if you're on Facebook, check out my new page.
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For those too lazy to join Tumblr:…
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Need more asdf in your life? Well, me and Tom have just released "asdfmovie: deleted scenes", comprised largely of jokes Tom just wanted to get out of his head (and one at the end that I actually put forward myself).
Go watch:…
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So yeah, this past Friday, TomSka put out asdfmovie7 which was animated by me! So yeah, go checks it out. There is supposedly more asdf-related thingies on the way.

Also animated this thingy for ADA Sport a while back.

Also went to MCM this past weekend. Met some doods, played some games, bought some shit, got introduced to the orgasm that is Five Guys burgers and reminding myself I suck at direction.

Til next time.
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First up, this thing I made for ADA Sport:

Went to a Newgrounds meet, which was okay. Also went to Summer in the City, which was fun.

That about covers it. Apologies for the current boring.
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K first up, there's a couple of new things related to me up on HuHa. One is the third episode of Beef House which I animated (and will most likely never animate again for various reasons):…
The other is a vid I did listing off some of my top toons:…

Last month was the MCM Expo, which was fun/awkward. There's a writeup about it here (…) and I'll probably have a video roundup this week before I go off on a family holiday to France.

If you like doodles, then be sure to follow my Tumblr account at to see them as they're posted. I've also just started up a secondary blog,, where I'm mostly just uploading screencaps from Animal Crossing New Leaf. Which is addictive as hell, btw. I'd give out my friend code, but then I probably wouldn't add anyone but people I'm particularly familiar with.

Stay tuned.

New vids, MCM Expo

Wed May 1, 2013, 6:51 AM
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Lo there. Couple of new vids.

First up, here's a vlog I did of a party I went to hosted by my YouTube network, ChannelFlip, in which I kissed wax Daniel Craig.…

Secondly, here's another video I animated for the HuHa channel, Beef House 2. Currently working on the third episode (first ep was animated by someone else):…

Finally, I've just got my tickets for the London MCM Expo happening on May 24-26. More social awkwardness awaits!



Sat Feb 9, 2013, 7:26 AM
  • Watching: Vividred Operation, Puchimas, Toriko
  • Playing: Lovefilm Rentals and whatnot

I animated another asdfmovie. It's really- okay you've probably already clicked the link already...…


New Videos! Lasers and Pennies!

Fri Jan 11, 2013, 8:33 AM
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  • Watching: Vividred Operation, Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, etc.
  • Playing: Professor Layton, Kingdom Hearts 3D

Howdy, 2013. Had a quaint little Christmas, complete with obligatory forced board games with family. My present haul included:
A tripod for my camera (so I can make some interesting things without the need for friends ;_; )
A green screen (that I have no clue how to fold away)
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Bluray
A Cookie Monster Biscuit Jar (complete with Oreos)
Jim Henson's Imagination Illustrated book
A T-Shirt with an inappropriate Metapod joke on it. (no points for guessing what)
Obligatory smellies.
Five quid from other Nan. (Marked down from 10 of previous years. What a terrifying age we live in.)

So hey, I've made a bunch of new videos! First up is something I animated for the new HuHa YouTube channel about scientists in CERN who hate each other. It features lasers. You love it already.…

Secondly, I made a short little live-action skit to try out my new tripod and green screen. Enjoy how derpy I look.…

Should hopefully have more bits and bobs on the radar soon, though annoyingly a lot of the paid work I've been wanting to do keeps getting delayed for one reason or another.
If all goes well I should hopefully be attending the Newgrounds London Meet next week. Should be swell.

Til' next time.


2012 Roundup

Mon Dec 17, 2012, 7:15 PM
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Considering the low chance that anything eventful is likely to occur in the rest of December, I think I'll just do my lil annual roundup right now.

2012 in a word: Meh
2013 in slightly more words: Everyone is having fun except you

Last year's goals:
-Get some work in. Gonna scrounge that site I mentioned earlier and possibly try and get some general job in to back me up.
SORT OF? I've had a few neat gigs here and there, but it's too few and far inbetween, and I still don't have a clue on how to go about getting work from people who aren't Weebl or Tom. I have signed onto Channel Flip, so we'll see where that takes me.
-Get out there more. Got a Youtube partnership, so I need to get some stuff out there to get my name out there. (Cos let's face it, who remembers asdfmovie4 for the animator?) For face saving's sake, I won't make promises on any specific projects.
I GUESS? Managed to get a few shorts out there, but they've very much been on the short side, with most of the significant work being made for other people.
-Master driving. Should probably try and get round to taking that theory test at some point.
NOT YET. Been doing okay with my driving (got up to parralel parking) and managed to pass my theory. Lessons, however, are on hold until I get more money and/or find a new instructor (previous one had a career change).
-Do something about that wimpy body of mine. At the least, I wanna at least get some muscle on my arms and maybe lose some of the tub.
LOLNO. In fact, I'd probably say it's gotten way feebler and riddled with ughness that I shall cautiously not share with the internets. Not having any money also kinda goes towards lack of gym going.

Good Stuff:
-Family doing well. Two new nieces arrived this year, as well as my brother getting married.
-More fun meets. NG London Meet, MCM Expo, Lincoln Gathering, Summer in the City, anything that reminds me I'm not alone in the universe is good.
-Work experience at Dinamo Productions working on The Lingo Show. Getting some experience in a studio was pretty neat and the show was cool to work on two
(Incidentally, any flash animators near the Wales area who fancy some work experience on the next season, get in touch with nef)
-Discovering LoveFilm. Finally a cheaper way to play games that I'll most likely complete/get bored of in 2 days.
-Finally getting the bigass bedroom in the house. (Yes I still live with my parents, shut up.)
-Getting a neat new camera. Now if only I had friends willing to hold it whilst I make a twat of myself. (It would help if I knew how to act/write/direct as well)
-Work starting to come in I think. Provided I don't screw it up somehow, I'm currently making stuff for the new HuHa channel which should be neat.
-The invention of Game Grumps.

Lame Stuff:
-Still poor. Still forever alone. All that usual crap.
-Lil cat Jeff got run over and had to be put down. Which is lame. (Insert all the other lame deaths of 2012)
-Not really making much bounds in the way of both my animation and my career. Screw you, irrational phobia of approaching people.
-All the cool people still live far away from me. Bleh.
-All the cool shit that happens that I can't go too cos I already spent all my money going to this other cool shit that took place a week before it. Going to London needs to be cheaper, dammit.
-Alright time to get some work do- *babies come to visit* DAMN YOU OBLIGATORY SOCIALNESS!
-I still don't know crap about business.

Stuff of the year:
-Movies: Avengers, Chronicle, Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, The Pirates!
-Games: Rhythm Heaven Fever, Rhythm Thief, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Colors! 3D
-TV: Australian Masterchef is the only thing I bloody watch. Oh and Gravity Falls, I guess?
-Anime: Black Rock Shooter, Smile PreCure, Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Jormungand and pretty much anything swimming in yuri subtext. (Manga bonus: It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!)

Goals for 2013
-Get some more work in. Money first. Then the women.
-Be less of an antisocial awk-wod and collaborate some more. Or just get out more.
-Make something successful (that someone didn't commission you to do) so that you become popular and people will buy your lame shirts.
-Try to get out of the country again, potentially to somewhere you've yet to go.
-Try a macaron. Just cos.

Quote of the year:
"Gay cats."
Me when coming across any cat-based scene in a subtexty anime or manga.


MCM Expo Oct 12 vid

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 5:30 PM
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  • Watching: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
  • Playing: Professor Layton and the Last Specter

So hey, I just uploaded a new video showing how last month's MCM Expo went!…

You can also read a roundup of my impressions here:…

Now if only I had some stuff to animate...


New Shirt Designs in Store!

Mon Oct 15, 2012, 7:21 AM
  • Watching: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
  • Playing: Lollipop Chainsaw
  • Eating: Iced Gems

Just added three new designs to my Spreadshirt store, including PPI, Every Everything Ever and even a throwback to the 'I Like Penguins' song.
You can get them, along with other designs, here:
I'm also open to suggestions on what other designs you might like to see.

UPDATE: There's now also a Blackcurrant Squash Monkey design available!

In other news, I'm all booked for MCM Expo on 26-28 October. Fun times await.


Christmas in October? NEW ANIMATION

Thu Oct 4, 2012, 1:15 PM
  • Watching: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
  • Playing: Dust: An Elysian Tale

Surprise Surprise, the dream team of Wonchop and Weebl once again return to bring you this new animation we made for ITN to promote their Nativity-themed video contest. I know it's a bit early for Christmas things, but that's cos it gives people time to make entries for it.
Watch it, like it, share it and imagine how better it would've been if they left the beard I drew on Baby Jesus in.…

In other news, I've got my ticket sorted for MCM Expo on October 26-28. Expect me to be mostly hanging around the Vidfest section along the popular ilk like TomSka and whatnot.

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  • Watching: Various anime shards
  • Playing: New Super Mario Bros. 2

So whilst at Summer in the City (currently in the process of editing a vlog), I auditioned for the chance to go the Golden Joystick Awards being held in October.
You can help me win by simply visiting this video a lot and marvelling at how I assume Parappa the Rapper is a games console. You can keep revisiting the video each day til the 25th to give it as many votes as possible.………

In other news, I'm in the process of animootin' a commission for an old ally of sorts. More on that when the time comes.
Speakin' of commissions, I'm contemplating maybe doing some art commissions for pocket money (no animation commissions outside of professional gigs). Any suggestions on what I should price things as?

So yeah………


New Showreel, Nom Nom Trailer

Wed Jul 11, 2012, 6:28 AM
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  • Watching: YuruYuri season 2
  • Playing: Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

Oh hey guys, I just put out a new showreel containing a whole bunch of stuff I've made over the years. Check it out!…

You may also wanna check out this trailer I animated for the iOS game, Nom Nom Monkey…