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Healing the Forest by Blunell
10 by xing-art
Solaris by InaWong
She hides amongst the ruins by woutart
Individual OCs, colored
Strawberry by raflikesdrawing
Portrait by raflikesdrawing
Morning Glow by jurithedreamer
nourish by Dotswap
2 or more OCs, colored
Sea of Dragons by Pterona
Commission - Engaged by Meryosie
Clothed Version of the Ottoman Nymphs by powderbrush
Romantic Girl OC x Girl OC, colored
my moon, oh my moon by Dotswap
Annabeth and Galdryn [C] by Birmit
Witch Kiss by Zitruseis
February by ColaArt13
Romantic Girl OC x Guy OC, colored
carnival (maybe) by unburntbush
Commission :: alexmegami by nikimarii
Wedding by elieinthewoods
OC ref sheets, comics, book covers, memes
Expressions by raflikesdrawing
vine-y hair-y park-y by Dotswap
Mumbi-Grootslang by ebony-chan
Commission Special Holidays SKETCH WITH COLOR by FoxRabiscos
All uncolored art, black n white, monochrome
portrait by raflikesdrawing
Sketch #4 - Lady and Butterfly by CeryliaRectris
Commission - FPB Star by CeryliaRectris
Sad by 2Dotakurip
FULL - Individual OCs 7
Gelmara | Nephrite Jade by sylessae
ChroManticore [C] by Ivanna-Fox
BLue mango by LehisLuguer
Commission by Sthyy
FULL - Individual OCs 6
Commission Workz - SWTOR by NeonLab
Commission by potmangel
Commission by potmangel
DTIYS| smeoow 12k by teavran
FULL - Individual OCs 5
Repair by sealoflove
YCH-COMMISSION by johan4ess
[Commission] Charlie by rolloutroad
FULL - Individual OCs 4
Emilia DeCosta by YMRR
FULL - Individual OCs 3
Idareh by sealoflove
FULL - Individual OCs 2
The Mentor by IndiCreates
FULL - Individual OCs 1
The Empress by kupieckorzenny
FULL - Uncolored
DAMAGE by senes


WomenOfBadassery is a group that showcases badass female original characters. Whether your OC is a badass for overcoming personal struggles, for possessing great inner strength, or because she can kick ass in a fist fight, we look forward to featuring her!


Heart by Drawn-Mario Allowed:
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioFemale human and closely humanoid original characters belonging to you
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioFemale OCs belonging to other deviants
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioFemale fan characters from an existing universe (e.g. Star Wars) as long as they're not shown beside canon characters
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioMild violence and blood
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioNon-sexualized toplessness
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioKemonomimi
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioAdoptables
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioFinished YCHs

Heart by Drawn-Mario Not Allowed:
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioFan art
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioAnimal characters
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioFurries, anthropomorphic characters, creature hybrids (mermaids, naga, satyrs, centaurs, gargoyles, etc.)
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioCharacters that have more than 2 arms and 2 legs
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioPictures where the main focus is on a male character
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioPorn or fetish content
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioDepictions of women being bound, tortured, or humiliated
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioFull nudity
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioUp-skirt/crotch shots
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioTraces and recolors
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioSuper exaggerated anatomy
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioPhotography/Photomanipulation
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioVery low quality art
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioGrainy photos of traditional art, rather than clean scans
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioUnfinished YCHs
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioWatchers-Only deviations

Heart by Drawn-Mario Submit to the Correct Folder!
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioIndividual OCs is for colored images of a single badass female OC
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario2 or More OCs is for colored images featuring multiple female OCs
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioRomantic Girl OC x Girl is for colored pics featuring romantic love between two female OCs
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioRomantic Girl OC x Guy OC is for colored pics featuring romantic love between a female OC and a male OC
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioOC ref sheets, comics, book covers, memes is for character reference sheets, book covers or comics starring a badass female OC (please limit your comic submission to the first couple pages only).
Bullet Blue by Drawn-MarioAll uncolored art, black n white, monochrome is a catch-all category for linearts, sketches, WIPs, monochrome, and black and white works.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. :iconblueheartplz:
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Heart by Drawn-Mario Check out our lovely female and OC themed affiliates! Heart by Drawn-Mario


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