expiring 31 August 2015. Follow the D.A. rules.
For this contest put your images here

1st prize - full color free commission with more figures - or 2 free photomanipulations (you gives me a photo I can add the background, lights, I can change the apperance of persons, like changing color of eyes, hairs, clothes, add muscles, laser shoot, lighings... what you want starting from your photo)
2nd Prize - full color free commission 1 figure - or 1 free photomanipulation
3rd prize - b&w free commission 1 figure


Here I put an example of the sexy heroine:

here her favourite costume , you'll see wear it from the 3rd number of the comic:

Who is Sylva:
Sylva is a wild girl born on an unknown planet. She is the only human of that planet and from a young age she fought for survival on that wild world. This has hardened her, making her become a skilled warrior. However, she does not remember her origins:
Why she is the only human of that planet?
Who are her parents?
Where is she from ?
Her adventure begins when she decides to take on a journey to discover more about her origins.
A gripping adventure, mistery, bloody fightings, this and much more will accompany the sexy protagonist in her journey to the edge of the Universe!
This is the story of the main comic serie Sylva the Savage

You can partecipate with all you want:
drawing, digital drawing, photo, photo-manipulation, cosplay, render 3d etc... Respect the rules of Deviantart
For this contest put your images (1 or more) here

this contest will start with at least 5 contenders
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