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Edwards Revenge
This is a story that I have made up about Jacob and Edward from the twilight movies.  If u don't like the movies then oh well, and if u do like it this has NOTHING to do with the movies.  It has male stuffing and the end is a little graphic so if you do not like any of this don't read it.
Edward was pacing in his house wondering what he could do about this whole messed up situation.  Edward was tired of Jacob butting into his life and almost stealing Bella away all the time.  And now Edward knew that Jacob had kissed Bella.  He had read Jacobs mind when he dropped off Bella at her house.  When Bella told Jacob he had told her everything was fine.   In truth things were far from fine.  Edward vowed to get rid of Jacob any way that he could.  Edward pondered many different methods.  He knew he couldn't actually confront Jacob.  If he did Jacob would transform into a wolf and would call his pack to come defend him.  He would have to be sneaky.  He was about to give up when suddenly he remembered something that Bella had said.  She had said that the werewolves had massive appetites and that she had seen Jacob on several occasions gorge on so much food his stomach would start ballooning up.  But the wolves also had a super fast metabolism that made the swelling go down almost as soon as it started.  Edward then knew what he had to do.  In Carlisle's lab he was able to concoct a substance that would not only stop Jacobs's metabolism completely but also increase his appetite.  He also created a substance to keep Jacob from transforming, which would prevent him from calling his pack.
One day all of the Cullen's except Edward went off to feed.  Bella was also away visiting her mother.  This gave Edward the perfect opportunity for his plan.  He called Jacob and told him he wanted to discuss a way that they could work things out and ways to protect Bella.  He also promised Jacob that there was a huge meal all for him.  And there was.  Edward had gone way out of his way.  He had enough pizzas for a starving football team, enough hot dogs to feed 20 professional eaters and one giant cake.
Edward was just getting everything when there was a knock on the door.  Edward opened the door and there was Jacob, shirtless as usual.
"So you ready to talk some stuff over blood sucker?" Jacob said as he walked in.  "You know the only reason I came is because you said there was plenty of food right?"
"I know Jacob."  Edward said as he showed Jacob to the main dining hall.  Edward had already placed his concoction in the first several pizzas to make sure Jacob would be starving and not want to stop eating.
"WOAH this is a feast!" Jacob exclaimed as he saw the giant horde of food.
"I didn't know how much a werewolf could eat so I made sure there would be plenty for you."

"How about we talk after I eat, I am starving!" And with that Jacob dug into the pizza.  The first 3 pizzas were gone in a matter of what seemed like seconds.  Jacob was plowing through the food like it was nothing at all.  But there was something happening that Jacob did not notice.  As he kept eating his stomach was starting to go from his perfectly sculpted abs to a growing balloon.  His pants which were already tight were no straining to hold in the growing ball.  And since his metabolism was no longer there the ball did not shrink at all.  But Jacob Did not notice this.
"Wow I don't think I have ever been this hungry in my life!" Jacob said between mouthfuls.  He absentmindly rubbed his growing belly and continued to eat more.
Edward just watched as Jacobs belly continued to expand out in all directions.  Jacobs belly at first had looked like it had a small basketball in it.  But as he continued to eat it gradually grew into a overinflated basketball.  His pants were nearing their limit of what they could hold.
"Wow I don't remember these pants being so tight when I left."  Jacob said and ate a few more bites and….riiippp POW!!!  "Well these things never stay with me long anyway." Jacob said as he resumed his feast.
Edward was amazed at the sight before him.  Jacob was gradually swelling up little by little with no break in the growing at all.  His stomach was swelling up to a beach ball size belly.  It looked bizarre attached to the muscular body.  Jacob continued to eat with even more gusto.  He did start feeling pressure in his gut.  But he didn't care.  The appetite stimulate had made him only care about one thing only.  Eating.
Edward was paying close attention to Jacobs growing belly.  He saw it begin to develop little marks on the front near the belly button, which was forced into a outie from all the pressure in Jacobs stomach.  It was now pushing into the table it was so big. "Oooff…my gut…its so huge!!!" Jacob said as he ate and rubbed his gut.  "It feels like its….about to…pop!"
Edward could tell that it wasn't far off from that either.  He walked up to Jacobs belly and placed his hand on it.  He could feel it shaking from the extreme pressure.  Jacob sat back and stared at his belly with his eyes wide open.  Edward pushed in with his hand slightly.  Jacob yelled in pain, "STOP!!! WHAT..ARRGGGG…YOU TRYING TO DO!!! POP ME???"
Edward smiled and said, "That's going to happen without my help Jacob.  I can tell that your belly has been overfilled and there is no hope of you not popping like a overinflated balloon."
Jacob growled at Edward and returned his attention to his giant balloon belly.  He grabbed onto his belly and pushed in and was rewarded with nothing.  His belly was continuing to grow.
"Ooooo….oh no….my gut…its too full…"Jacob was staring at his belly and he could no feel and hear the rumbling.  Edward casually walked out of the room and waited for the explosion.

Jacobs belly was now rumbling very loudly.  He held onto his belly with all his might as it continued to expand in every direction.  "Oh nooo….my gut….its gonna blow!!! ARRRRGGGGGGGG…..
Jacobs belly reached a gigantic size.  Then all of a sudden…the belly started shaking even more violently and swelled up bigger and bigger until….
The end
So this is a really short story that i kinda did really fast...its not that great at all but i decided to put it up anyway...i promise the next one wont be as bad lol
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BustMyGut Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017
Now that's what I call wolfing down some food!  :D  Woof!
balloon3444 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Make a justin bieber one and Liam payne
Leopold002 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How about Jacob's revenge?
dadydou7777 Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
i like how you can do
to the readers they can
fell like if they are in front of these 2 person
but they not see you
they only play the scenario you have written for them
meetermaid Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
not bad for a short story ^.^
wertymen99 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YES!!! BIG BOOM! I like this story!
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