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Red Hair Woman

I always have loved red hair even wish I had it so here I envy as the artist to this one what trait I can never have but only this to remember it the piece. Color Pencil.
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Beautiful pose :D <3 
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That's a beautiful work
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There is a simple and better way to fight the art thieves: just check out the right bottom of this page, under the details and the stats. You should find a little button '(!)Report': click on it, fill all the spaces and segnalate all ;) (Wink) DA staff will provide to remove the stolen deviation.
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THIS IS NOT your work. You steal a painting of SILVYA JI.
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Don't steal Sylvia Ji's work. Rat.
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Loooooveee this!!
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iLove Red hair's .... Congratulations ^_^
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Just love it <3
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hey art thief!! how do you like it when EVERYONE dislikes you know because you made one stupid and idiotic move?
you obviously dont have anything better to do other than steal other ppl's work!!
So you cry about your bad life on the internet and steal other people work .Well that's Nice.
By the way. This is actually the original work of Sylvia Ji. I mean she just downloaded this painting from Sylvia's site and upload it here. Also you need to be realy stupid to believe that this is her work. Take a look at her other paintings. This woman has no idea how to build a human head .I am not aggressive. but when you steal other people work you nothing more than a thief.
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stolen from Sylvia Ji's......
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Impressive work!
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As lovely as this is, it isn't your work. It is Sylvia Ji's.
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This is a beautiful piece, but is not yours. Credit the original artist or better yet, remove it. I doubt you would be given the permission to post this, should Sylvia Ji be notified that you posted it.

For all those that are complaining that she stole it, just click "report deviation" in the bottom of the right-hand column. The more of us that do, the sooner it will be taken care of. Make sure you include the link from Sylvia's website that shows the original work: [link]
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Unfortunately, the link I just provided doesn't link directly to THAT work, but to all the works from 2005-2006. You might want to mention in your note when reporting the deviation that this particular piece is in the gallery where the link leads, and encourage the dA personnel that reads it to search for the piece themselves within that gallery should they need to.
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They messaged me saying Sylvia had to contact them directly. I've notified her about it on her facebook page.
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this is COLORED PENCIL??? this is fan-freakin-tastic! I also adore red hair. and white hair, but that's another matter. this is beaaaauutiful and I love you for sharing it. thank you!
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