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Stitch vs Venom

By womackart
A commission for a client, whose favorite characters are Stitch and Venom. They wanted a standoff! Illustrated in Photoshop
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© 2013 - 2021 womackart
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Now that would be a crossover I would like to see :giggle:
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:lol: Very solid, impressive work. 
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This looks amazing, I love it
As soon as I get paid I'm buying this! Thank you thank you thank you! Still my favourite picture
womackart's avatar
Sorry doing this took me so long, here's a link to buy this print:…
Hi Steve! I'm dying to get a canvas print of this piece for a Christmas gift for my friend. Is that possible?
womackart's avatar
Sorry this took me a while to do. Here's a link for the print:…

Have a good holiday!
MadnessAbe's avatar
"Pooama Chicky!"

Terraraptor's avatar
Welp, Venom is boned XD
I would also love to get a print if you've figured out how. Thanks!
Grimmjow-thesexta's avatar
Is this really up to debate? Stitch isn't even a toothpick for Venom.
yellowpikmin88's avatar
Stitch: meega nala kweesta!!
Anybody....please need this print in my life 
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Sorry this took me so long to's a link:…

Thanks for your interest! Have a good holiday!
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Any luck on how to get this as a print?
I have no idea either but please email me when you do figure it out!!! I wish the best of luck tho it may be selfishly haha! Very very talented!!!!
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Thanks everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to make this a print. Please bare with me... I don't know my way around this site too well or how to make something a print (even though I'm sure it's the easiest thing ever).
I must have this!!!!!! Please makes this a massively large print we love it!!!
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This one really rocks!
Can this be purchased as a print?
I'm not on DA very often, could you email me:
Thank you :)
Amazing by the way
why not available as print? I want this on my wall.
Arsiekdhol's avatar
awesome! I saw this pic on facebook!
Any chance this will ever be made available as a poster or something? Pleeeeeeeeeease?
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