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Kamen Rider WHITE-RS - Bio! by WOLWATCHER12, literature

Kamen Rider WHITE - Ch 2! by WOLWATCHER12, literature

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Kamen Rider WHITE-RS - Bio! by WOLWATCHER12, literature

Kamen Rider WHITE - Ch 2! by WOLWATCHER12, literature

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My Bio

Age: 27

Eye Color: Hazel

Home: Fort Smith, AR

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Favorite Cartoon and Comic Characters: Spider-Man (Ultimate Spider-Man 2013), Jean Grey (Wolverine And The X-Men), Iceman (X-Men Evolution), Wasp and Ms.

Marvel (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes), Black Widow (Avengers Assemble), Nightwing (Young Justice), Power Girl, Ben 10 (Teenager), Rogue (X-Men 1992), She-Hulk (Incredible Hulk 1996), Cheetor (Beast Wars), Jetfire (Transformers Unicron Trilogy), Victorion (Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy) and Silver Surfer.

I have High level Autism, and am wanting to be a cartoonist some day in the future.

Favourite Visual Artist
George Lucas
Favourite Movies
Star Wars,Iron Man,Man Of Steel, Batman Forever, Spider-Man series and so forth
Favourite TV Shows
Teen Titans,Young Justice,Ultimate Spider-Man,Power Rangers,Yu-Gi-Oh!,Digimon, and so on
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Big Time Rush,Backstreet Boys,Nsync,No Authority,98 Degrees,Bon Jovi, and Jim Johnston
Favourite Books
Comic Books
Favourite Writers
Jim Lee and Stan Lee
Favourite Games
Ratchet & Clank,Spider-Man,Batman Arkham series,Sly Cooper and so on
Favourite Gaming Platform
PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
Tools of the Trade
Pen, Colored Pencils, Markers and regular Pencil
Other Interests
Movies, Cartoons, Gaming, and Mystery Solving
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Okay, as the phrase says above, I have a friend in need of some help with his stories, his name is Darkstorm1364, and he needs some help with his stories which involve Ben 10, Justice League and many others. So, to anyone and everyone out there, Darkstorm1364 needs a helping hand or two, or three. And if any of you want to do so, feel free to go to his page and support him all the way. Plus, if you'd like, I can also give you some recommendations on the other means of inspirations needed for the stories he has in mind. One of his stories is called Ben 10/Justice League (My Version), look up his journal for what the story is about and maybe you can also help me as well as him too. We will greatly appreciate it if you do. Darkstorm1364 and I look forward to your replies.
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Okay folks, now that my first journal entry of today had been shown, time to get to work on my newest one, I'm here to show you the plot, cast and pairings for my remake of my friend nathanralls09 now PHANTOMKNIGHTMARE47's Kamen Rider Ghost story, but since Ghost is taken by Takeru Tenkuji, I am gonna change the name of it to Kamen Rider Phase and the plot is like this.... Plot: Danny Fenton is an ordinary guy, his parents were Ghost Hunters and his sister, Jazz, was studying to be a psychologist. His friends Tucker Foley and Samantha Manson, Tucker was a tech-whiz and Sam was an ultra-recyclo-vegetarian and so far, things had been good for him. Until one day, he is ambushed by a group of bad people who kidnapped him and bring him to their secret hovel, there they experiment on him, infusing him with DNA of Ghosts and they are known as the Darkness Alliance of Lurking Variagots or D.A.L.V. for short, they are led by Vlad Masters/Lord Plasmius, who was a classmate of Danny's parents
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Yo, what up? I'm here to show you all this request bradukostlfc1764 sent me. This is for what he think it would be like if the characters of Gundam SEED had Digimon as their partners. And here is the list of who I will make for those pictures in the future, but right now I am on hiatus from doing requests. Anyhow, here is the list. Kira Yamato x Cyberdramon Athrun Zala x Meramon Cagalli Yula Athha x Lalamon Lacus Kline x Renamon Mu La Flaga x Gaomon Murrue Ramius x Angewomon Natarle Badgiruel x Hawkmon Miriallia Haw x Gomamon Tolle Koenig x Veemon Sai Argyle x Wormon Flay Allster x Beastmon Kuzzey Buskirk x Kudamon Rau Le Creuset x Lucemon Miguel Aiman x Grumblemon Andrew Waltfeld x Leomon Aisha x Centarumon Yzak Jule x Zhuqiaomon Dearka Elsman x AncientBeetlemon Nicol Amalfi x AncientGarurumon Orga Sabna x Cherubimon Shani Andras x Mercurymon Clotho Buer x Arbormon Juri Wu Nien x JetSilphymon Asagi Caldwell x Ophanimon Mayura Labbatt x Gankoomon Shinn Asuka x
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Huh. Jimmy Uso just gave Cesaro a title shot. I wonder if this means he's basically a double agent that won't acknowledge Roman Reigns as champion or head of the table, and will cost him the title at Wrestlemania Backlash...