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Feather Chasing


A large blue feather drifted across the forest grounds, teasing the little female jack russel running after it, jumping up every now and then to snap at it with her jaws, nearly running into a tall brown dog that was standing in the path. "Watch out Giraffe-Legs" the terrier called, darting underneath him as she carried on running after the feather, "Some of us are coming through here". The male dog chuckled softly and followed her, keeping up easily with his long, agile legs and lithe form, "What are you doing?" He asked curiously, amusement glinting in his dark olive grren eyes as she jumped onto a small boulder to try and reach the feather. "I'm chasing this feather, what does it look like?" she asked as he smirked, "I could get it quite easily for you" he suggested, about to reach for the feather before she quickly told him not to, "I want to do it myself". He shrugged and stood, watching the small terrier jump up for the feather, "So what's your name, Pipsqueak?" He asked with a laugh as she gave him a glare, "We can't all be tall, Giraffe-Legs" she pointed out, "And my name's not Pipsqueak, it's Tora" she answered. "I'm Tobias, I haven't seen you around before, who's your owner?" He asked as she gave a large leap up and caught the feather in her claws with a satisfied yell of triumph, "Don't have any, I live on the streets, it's not as bad as you would think, kids give me quite a few treats every now and then. And looks who talking, I honestly have no idea what breed you are" she said, looking him over as he snorted, "I'm a pedigree St. Jerome's Forest Hound, where not that strange, just a little rare around here" he answered before his one flopped down ear perked up at a whistle, "Have to go, bye Tora" he said before turning around and disappearing at a speed much faster than what the small terrier could do, but she only turned and padded away as well.

My first art piece with Tora, my little jack russel girly. 
What? You think that the well detailed grass is there to distract you from the terrible trees and paws? Pfft.....that's so not true, what is this conspiracy you speak of? xP

Tora and Tobias designs by :iconblizzardhaze:
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Hey, you got some art done! I like this, i need to get a move on with my Forest Hounds, thing is they're on a different account i've lost interest in xD and i like the trees, i can't draw trees like that to save my life, so you did good. Loving Tora x3 typical Jack Russell.

Wonder what it'd be like if she met Jax xD
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Hehe, thanks ^^ I need to get a ref up for both Tora and a horse adopt that I have had sitting neglected for a while ^^;
Those trees.....they mock me >>

I remember Jax! He was that grey terrier mix right? He's adorable, I'd love to see them meet :heart:

I still need to do more Forest Hound art, but I need to finish making my mother's Christmas present as well.
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Pfft, refs? I belate all of those.. xD hey, we have something in common. Refs!! 

Haha, i like them. Wish i could do stuff like that on Paint, but nope.

Yeah, he is. The adopt design i fell in love with an tried terribly hard to get 100 points to get him, but his creator was nice enough to let me get him for 60 or 80 points i believe, or somewhere in between. I think them meeting would be a laugh xD Tora seems to have an attitude on her, it'd be funny.

Art can wait, hey, if you have better stuff to do. I do the majority of art at the weekend or on Friday nights, but since i never went college today i've began trying to draw a breed someone made that has interested me, will adopt one if i can draw them with stocks xD
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I don't do art on the computer anymore, I use SketchbookX on my tablet :P

I was hoping to give her an attitude with lots of energy, trying to give my chars different personalities :D

I do quite a bit of art on the weekends, but I'm on holiday, so I should have more time for art now ^^;
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I don't trust my tablet. I think it's secretly evil and would delete anything i do on it just to piss me off.

Typical Jack Russel personality xD whole reason i love Jacks ;)

Then, it is up to you hwne you do it, all the same x3
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Hehe xD

So they should defiantly meet up sometime, would be double the attitude xD

True, I'm just a little lazy ^^;
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They should, not sure how Jax would react as he's never encountered a female xD

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Oh dear, Tora isn't exactly 'Sugar and Spice and all things Nice' xD She's definitely not the typical girl :P
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