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"(Y/n)...Please don't be mad at me..."


You dropped your phone, your heart pumping out of your chest.

You couldn't believe it.



"So you're telling me that nothing is between you and Jean? Then would you mind explaining to me what the fuck all these love letters and flowers are doing in your locker?!" Eren screamed at you while pulling out a pink envelope with hearts all over it. You were scared, and were shaking from head to toe while tears swelled up in your eyes. Eren had never yelled at you like this before, you don't understand why he wouldn't just believe you.

"E-Eren please! Nothing is going on with Jean and I! He keeps flirting with me and giving me these things! Please! don't you trust me?" You lunged towards Eren and clutched his shirt, while trying to keep your tears back. He grabbed your wrist tightly, and swung it away from him.

"This has been going on for a whole month (y/n)! If you really didn't feel anything towards hims, why didn't you tell him to stop, when he knows your with me!?" You stood there while holding onto your arm he threw away from you. You put your head down, your (h/c) locks falling over your face. "Are you telling me you do like him? Do you love him? More than me?" You shot your head up, while shaking your head 'no'.

"No! I don't feel anything towards Jean! Eren, I wouldn't do this to you! You're the only one I love-"

"Well I'm having a hard time feeling the same way right now."

You stood there.

Without realizing the tears that stung your eyes, fall out and slide down your cheeks. "W-What do you mean?" You stuttered while giving him a wide eye look. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger, as tears started to form at the corner of his eyes.

"(y/n)..I didn't mean that..I..." He looked at you with his Caribbean eyes, and slowly went to go grab your hand. You swung your hand away from him in disgust and took a step back. His eyes widen, with his mouth slightly open, as he took his hand away.

"You...You..." You paused, trying to comprehend what just happen. "You bastard!"  And with that, you ran down your schools hallway, trying to find the exit. Tears where now falling out of your eyes like a waterfall, they wouldn't stop, even if you wiped them away. You found the doors out of the school and ran outside, while dropping to your knees. "Eren.." You whispered to yourself. "Why couldn't you just trust me? Why did you have to say that?" You now where sobbing into your legs, with your hands over your eyes. You suddenly felt a presence of someone walking towards you. Their shoes making a clicking sound as each step came closer to you. You looked up to see a female that had brown hair tied up in a pony tail, and a potato in her hand.

"(y/n)?" It was Sasha. Your best friend. You shot up abruptly, trying to wipe away any stare tears that were still visible. You didn't want her to see you in such a horrible, and depressing state.

"O-Oh, hey Sasha!" You tried to say happily, but your voice cracking instead. You flinched at your voice and put your head down, trying to avoid eye contact.

"(y/n)? What happen? Why were you crying?" She asked while coming closer to you.

"No! Stay back! I don't want you to see me like this!" You shouted, causing tears to flood down your face again. You couldn't help but turn back to her, your hands over your eyes, as you sobbed loudly. She dropped her potato and lunged her body towards you, wrapping her arms around your frail body.

"Shhh...It's okay...It's okay..." She whispered into your ear. You cried even louder and wrapped your arms around her, holding her tightly.

"Sas-Sasha! Er-Eren! H-He-" You sniffled and shivered, while choking on your words.

"'s okay." Sasha removed you from her, and moved a piece of stray hair that stuck to your face behind your ear. "Why don't you come over to my house, and we'll talk about it okay?" She smiled warmly. All you could do was nod, as she held her arm over you, trying to comfort you as she walked you to her home.

~*Time skip*~

"Are you serious? Why doesn't he believe you?" Sasha asked, while her eyes widen in surprise. You explained everything that happen between you and Eren when you got to her house. You shook your head, while sipping on some hot cocoa she gave you earlier.A/N: It's winter right now, even though it's not snowing ^.^

"I don't know. I'm guessing it's just because he's angry.." You said while trying to hold back your tears. Sasha nodded her head and put her arm around you.

"I'm sorry (y/n)...I hope everything gets better." She pouted while rubbing your back. You smiled warmly and set your hot chocolate down, then standing from her bed.

"Well, I better get back home, my parents must be worried sick about me." Sasha nodded and stood up with you. She gave you a warm hug, which you gladly returned, then leading you to her front door.

"Bye (y/n), don't do anything stupid or I wont forgive you!" You giggled and walked out the door, as she waved you goodbye.

"I wont, don't worry."

~*Time skip*~

Eren's POV

Fuck, I'm so stupid, I made a big deal out of nothing, now she'll never take me back will she? I stomped around my room, frustrated with myself. I don't want to see my future without her, there must be some way she'll forgive me. I finally sat down on my bed while thinking of a way to take her back. I could call her? Yeah, I'll do that... I reached for my phone that rested on my nightstand, and looked through my contacts for (y/n). Finally reaching her name, I clicked on the icon, and called her. Her name appeared on the top, and her bright smiling face in the background. I couldn't help and cringe at the thought of never being able to love her again. It rang for a few moments, before the sound of her picking up finally reached me.

"Hello?" She asked. I paused for a moment, trying to think of what to say.

"(Y-Y/n)?" I stuttered. She gasped quietly and I could hear her move around.

"Eren? Why did you call me?"

"Because, (y/n), I want to make things right, I'm so sorry for what I said to you, I didn't mean it, I was just so aggravated at Jean that I let myself out on you, instead of talking to him. I know It was stupid of me, I'm so sorry (y/n), please..." All I could hear was her quiet breathing, and no response. "(y/n)?" I questioned.

"Eren...I don't know..." She paused and took a deep breath. "I need some time to think, but I don't think this will work out." I could feel my heart break at her words, as I gripped my shirt tightly, tears starting to form in my eyes.


"No, please, Eren...Just stop already." Her voice cracked, and I could hear her start to cry. I could hear her hang up, and that was when I dropped my phone to the ground.

"Please no...(y/n)...I'm so sorry.."

Back to regular POV

You didn't really know what to think. You didn't want to end the the relationship, (Though it sounded like you did) nor neither did you want to stay in it. You just need time away from each other, to think about what you wanted to do. It was as hard on you, as it was on him.

You found yourself crying yourself to sleep.


It was about 3 in the morning when you got a call from Eren. You groaned as you grabbed your phone and put it to your ear.

"Hello?" You asked in a annoyed, sleepy voice.

"(Y/n)...I'm sorry." You shot yourself up, realizing it was Eren's voice. His voice sounded drained, and emotionless.

"Eren? Why are you calling me so early in the morning-"

"(Y/n)...I can't imagine my life without you, and I can't take this anymore."

You removed your covers from your body, and stood up from your bed. "Eren! What are you planning to do?" You shouted, now fully awake.

"Please don't be mad at me." He said while tears ran down from his eyes.

"Eren!" You heard a clack noise of a gun, and the motion of an arm moving upwards.

"I love you."


You stood there, realizing what happen.

"No..EREN! PLEASE NO! EREN PLEASE TELL ME YOUR JOKING!" Your arm shook uncontrollably, as you dropped you phone then grabbed your keys and jacket, heading for the door. You slammed the door, heading for your car, and driving as fast as you could to Eren's house.

The door was unlocked, so you ran inside, not caring if his parents where woken up, then ran to Eren's room.

There he was.

Cold and unmoving, on his carpet floor.

Tears fell down your cheeks, as you ran over to his body, that laid limp on the floor. "EREN NO! PLEASE! DON'T DO THIS TO ME!" He didn't respond. You held his brown locks with your hand, as blood ran down your hand slowly. "This is all my fault...Eren...No..." You paused and cried on his forehead. "I love you too."


"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Hanji, what kind of story is this!?" Sasha screamed while throwing her arms in the air. Hanji smiled as she held her book close to her chest.

"(Y/n) and Eren's relationship is so inspiring~! I just had too!"

You and Eren stood there by Hanji's desk, with your arms crossed, and a shock look on both on your faces. "Uhh, Hanjisan, I know people call me a suicidal bastard, but that went way to far." Eren pointed out while looking at you. You nodded in agreement as your focus stayed on Hanji.

"Yeah, and it went way to fast, I mean like, I didn't end the relationship! Why did he commit suicide!?"

"That brat better not commit suicide on my watch." Levi added.

Hanji squealed and put her arms around you and Eren.  "It's my story, I can do whatever I want!" You and Eren sighed and removed her arms off of you.

"Well, Eren and I have to get to work on stable duty so...keep up the good work! I guess..." You drifted off. Hanji pouted and looked at Levi.

"Pleassee can they stay? I need to get more info about them so I can write more!" Levi tch'd as he shook his head.

"No shitty glasses, plus, you should be getting to the paperwork Erwin assigned you." Hanji groaned as she threw her book harshly to the ground, then stomping over to her desk like a child.

"Fine, dismissed!" She shouted while waving goodbye to everyone. You all waved backwell, except Levi and walked out her door.

You and Eren were alone as you walked down the hallway to the horse stables.

"So...(Y/n)..." Eren questioned. You hummed to signal you were listening. "What would you do if I died?" You stayed silent as you rubbed your chin.

"I would go with you." You smiled at him warmly, as you put your arm around his torso. He chuckled and put his arm over your shoulders.

"I love you (y/n)." 

"I love you too Eren." You said while you pecked his cheek.
I've been writing so many Eren x Readers lately XD I'm so sorry...He's amazing, and I love writing about him the most X3
WELP not as depressing as you thought right? fkin Hanji and her fanfictions XD Sorry it's so short, and the beggning was a little rushed >.<

:heart: But I hope you enjoyed!:heart:

I do not own SnK nor any of it's characters
I own the story
You belong to :iconjaeggerplz:
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