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Gallery Folders

WoLF: Sanguis Territory map by DasChocolate
Naem Territory Map by lilwyverngirl
WoLF: Onni Pack Territory by SomeSunnyBunny
WoLF: Kinder Gang's Territory by DasChocolate
WoLF Design Guide by lilwyverngirl
WoLF: Pelt Color Guide by DasChocolate
[ WoLF: Paint Guide ] by DrekaWolf
WoLF Height Chart - Na''em by ImAHungryNacho
The Packs
Na''em Pack Application by lilwyverngirl
Onni Pack Application by C3lestialWolf
Asgard Pack Application by Soyala-Silveryst
WoLF: Sanguis Application by DasChocolate
The Guilds
WoLF: Kinder Gang Application by DasChocolate
Loners and Other Species
WoLF: Loner Application by DasChocolate
WoLF: Other Species Application by DasChocolate
Spam Art
Pixel Manning by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn
WoLF .'What are you the god of again?' by ShadowCatsKey
Zarahalt pixel by Densetsu-Blood
OC Spectrum Meme .:. Wolf RPG style! by DoodlieDoos
WoLF: Sanguis Ranked Adoptables - OPEN by DasChocolate
Event Content


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Phoeberia Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I wanted to give a heads up that a lot of artwork of characters has been taken from this group and another and posted on an app called Wolf Pack Amino. They're using quite a few characters that don't belong to em.
EdgyBeast Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018  Student Writer
Quick question, how long does it usually take for applications to be excepted?
(1 Reply)
xKorvus Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Been staring at this group for awhile...
Gonna have to check it out and work on an app...If motivation lets me xD
(1 Reply)
Grace-Winters Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I read Character personalities have to have 3 positive and 3 negative, can some be neutral/both? For example maybe
[Innocent] as a trait could be both good or bad aka neutral? Could be good in the sense of they don't have evil intentions, but also bad because they don't expect evil intentions from others either.

Hopefully that makes sense XD 
(1 Reply)
SterlingKato Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018
I'll have to look more into this group :)
(1 Reply)
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