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Wolves of Lunar Forest is open! :dummy: Send in your apps by using the join button!

Welcome to the WoLF pack!

The Rangers are opening the sanctuary's doors from:

    :bulletgreen: December 1st, 2023 at 12:01 AM EST to January 31st 2024 at 11:59 pm EST*
:bulletred: It's NOT first come, first serve so you don't have to worry about staying open all night just to submit an app.

*Click here to see the time difference.

Opening Status

Onni: Open
Sanguis: Closed
Morass: Open
Aatana: Open
Aelcoast: Open
Tuka'ii: Open

Kinder: Open
Harami: Open
Verndari: Open
Na''em: Open

Loners/Creatures/Hybrids: Never Open to Newbies

Please read our Rules and Regulations , Character Creation Guide, Design Rules and Guide, Bloodline Guide, & Entering The Sanctuary before sending a Join Request.

Applications sent through group notes/comments/discord will not be acknowledged.

Gallery Folders

WoLF Journals
WoLF: Ranger's Log - News and Updates Dec 1st by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Pack and Guild Alpha Shop by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Wolves of Lunar Forest - Sanctuary Territory Map by Rangers-Of-WoLF
WoLF: Ranger Station Map #1 by DasChocolate
KFC's wolf markings chart by Chickenbusiness
WoLF: Pelt Color Guide by DasChocolate
Events and Rollables
WoLF | Trick the Trickster by TheQuietCorvid
WoLF | So Let Me Drown In Denial (D.O.A. Part 10) by TheQuietCorvid
WoLF | Six Feet Deep (D.O.A. Part 8) by TheQuietCorvid
[WoLF] Immunization Blues by NoriLapis
The Packs
Onni Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Sanguis Cult Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Morass Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Aatana Shaanae Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
The Guilds
Kinder Gang Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Harami Clan Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Verndari Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Na''em Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Loners and Other Species
Loners Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Other Creatures Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Wolf Hybrid Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Ranger Station Hospital Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
WoLF: Morass Ranked Adoptables - OPEN @WolvesofLunarForest | Morass Pack Info | Morass Application | Follow the Admin Account! Hello and welcome to the Morass Ranked Adoptable Tryouts! Below are five "pre-existing" Morass adoptable that are looking for owners to breathe new life into them. These adopts come with the Tier 1 rank of the listed task. If you write level 2 and up app you will gain a free upgrade to Tier 2, this can be used in your next Rank Up purchase! It cannot be used for Tier 3 or 4, must use it at Tier 2 if you choose to use it. To apply for one of these, you must do ALL of the following in your application:Choose one of the below static designs.Select the history for your wolf from the histories below (choose only one - do not combine them together!)Create your written application for your wolf using the template on the Entering The Sanctuary journal. Consider the wolf's appearance when choosing matching bloodlines and sizes.You MUST expand the history you choose as none of these meets our history requirements.You MUST join and stay in Morass with this wolf. No secondary choices for the character will be allowed.Your character's personality MUST make sense with the extant history and the overall feel of Morass.You are not required to draw your wolf design but it must be commissioned if it is not from our designs listed below. Appearance should not be too drastically different from the provided, design can be adjusted slightly but body type should not be the opposite of what it already is. Make sure your application has all the required information and then submit to this adoption list via a comment on this journal! Please note: These adopts are open to prospective members as well as current, active members of WoLF and will remain open until a suitable application is found. These are not first come first serve.Important Personality - History DetailsMorass is a fairly young pack compared to the lore of others! Your wolf would not of been part of the pack longer than 2 years! Opened to members beyond the original founding wolves in 2019.Please don't depend on traits like manipulative. This is not the defining factor of a Mors but possibly something they learn how to do, rather than it define their existence! Good luck to all those applying and we all look forward to wonderful applications for the pack!, If you do not remain active with the character in WolvesofLunarForest and retire the character or are booted, the static design and general history go back to the owner - @SomeSunnyBunny In these cases name/sex + bloodline/sizes may become permanent for future adopters.These adopts are only playable within WolvesofLunarForest and cannot be transferred elsewhere. Winners are given permission to use the character for WoLF but do not gain copyright holding. RESPOND HERE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS , Adopt one: Female Ripple Siren (Tier 1) - Open - COMMENT HERE ,History Choices-Born outside the pack. They left the family to explore the world. They ended up lost in the fog and were recruited by a Bruiser.Born outside the Sanctuary, lived too close to people so was relocated to the Sanctuary and released from the Rangers near Morass, lured in by another Siren.Adopt two: Male Ripple Seer (Tier 1) - Open - COMMENT HERE ,History Choices-Born within the pack to a Wisp mother and Siren father. Mentored by father to learn different plants/herbs. Born from a sick wolf near the swamps, was rescued by a Mors and was under care of the Seers for some time. Adopt three: Male Ripple Angler (Tier 1) - Open - COMMENT HERE ,History Choices-Born outside the pack to loner parents. They are snatched as a pup by a Siren.Born in ranger custody to a rescued wolf, kept for rehabilitation before released upon year 1. Family dispersed, this one finding its way south.Adopt four: Female Ripple Bruiser (Tier 1) - TAKEN - COMMENT HERE ,History Choices- Born within the pack to Bruiser parents. They chose to follow their family task line.-> Current Player ,Lived as a loner near Morass for some time before a incident with some hostile wildlife lead them to assisting and then joining as a permanent protector.Adopt five: Male/Female (You Pick) Ripple Wisp (Tier 1) - Open - COMMENT HERE ,History Choices- Born outside the pack to a loner mother and Angler father. Learned of morass from mother and decided to join the pack to learn of their father.Born in the hot desert, caught wind of the moisture and resources of the swamp. Was found navigating out of the deep fog, recognized as someone the Spirits protected and was welcomed into the numbers.
Spam Art
(C) Eyanosa Medallion by SomeSunnyBunny
WoLF | Cy's Legacy of Floating Heads by SummonWolf
Monroe | YCH by Crisadence
Cypher by chosaguro


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