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Tuesday, March 31st @ 9:00pm

WoLF is now closed!

Welcome new members to the WoLF pack!
If you missed out or the pack/guild you wanted to join was closed, please watch the group in order to learn of our next opening and check the front page for changes! <3

Gallery Folders

Stars and friends by Libertas268
Keep Moving! | WoLF by Lotus-Wolfdragon
I've Made My Choice | WoLF by Lotus-Wolfdragon
WoLF | Swept by ChubbaGoddessOfficia
KFC's wolf markings chart by Chickenbusiness
Wolves of Lunar Forest - Sanctuary Territory Map by DasChocolate
WoLF: Ranger Station #1 by DasChocolate
WoLF Design Guide by lilwyverngirl
Events and Rollables
The Packs
Na''em Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Onni Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Sanguis Cult Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Morass Pack Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
The Guilds
Kinder Gang Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Harami Clan Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Tuka'ii Tribe Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Verndari Guild Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Loners and Other Species
Loners Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Other Creatures Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
Ranger Station Hospital Application Sheet by Rangers-Of-WoLF
WoLF: Brotah Offspring Tryouts -OPEN- by DasChocolate
Ukon x Claudia Puppy Tryouts by Alpha-Pepper
WoLF: Sanguis Ranked Adoptables - OPEN by DasChocolate
Spam Art
Blood Red by Alpha-Pepper
Meme by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn
Spectrum Meme: WoLF Characters by Alpha-Pepper
Hawk Chibi {Commission by ImAHungryNacho} by DreamingPresent


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Vuek Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2020
Hey ho!
I am sorry if this is troublesome, but I am very interested in joining this group! This will be my first roleplay group however that is run this way, so I hope someone can take my hand a bit and answer my questions, if thats okay!
First off; the character's past is from outside the area, correct? Aka they come freshly into a pack/guild and aren't born within it. Then, I assume we already draw our wolf and put it on the sheet and sent it in with our written application, right? Then, as newbies, are we allowed to join every pack/guild or are there clear restrictions in which we can join aside from those that are currently open? I'm sorry if these are clearly answered, I have trouble reading a lot at once due to health problems, I apologize! 
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fiinished Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Sorry to be a bother. I just tried the discord link and it doesn't seem to be working? : (
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9900blueunicorn Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I sent my join request but got no reply. What happened?
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