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Red Hulk Unleashed

The colored version of my red hulk. you just got to love the complexity and the drama of hulk mythos. and now theyre presenting new and refined stories that i hope would captivate the readers old and new alike. just hope that they wont let go of their recent artists though.

about hte piece, i really wanted to give red hulk the manace that he deserves so i guess putting so fire all over brings out his ferocity. oh and he radiates gamma radiation so there.hope you guys love this one.

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Thats just soo badass
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Towering Inferno

Raging Inferno

Ross's Inferno


Blazing Demon


All the nicknames one could make for Red Hulk in a situation like this. XP Nonetheless, really cool. Red Hulk has been abused too much just because he was created in part by a former DC writer ( who ironically wrote a segment in Long Halloween featuring Solomon Grundy, the DC Hulk, if my memory serves me.)
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Awsome idea man! That's the coolest picture of hulk i've seen! Keep up the good work. I love ur style.
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You're characters are absolutely brilliant.
Have a crash on this artstyle ^^
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:giggle: thank you!!! you are so sweet.
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PHYCOTic you are a god "bows"
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Nice pic! Do you mind if I put you on my friends list.
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I do have a full time job.

Would you then agree that you are not at all offended by the idea of eproctophilia as described by your good chum here?

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Dude, what heck are you talking about?
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Look at the picture. Nazaru is a total creep and undeserving of your friendship.
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So says the creep who keeps to people who want nothing to with him. Besides me and him have history. Nazaru babysat me when I was a toddler.
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Why does uncovering the truth make me a creep?
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Because it makes you look like a paparazzi.
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Even though Justin regularly bothers more talented artists for free art, a reprehensible practice that must be put to an end?
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i wonder if this hulk battle with fireman ( fantastic four )
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hmmmm.... yeah. i wonder too.
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it turn the earth into red like planet mars..he3x
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arthur adams is the man and this kicks ass.
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i lyk tis especially the fire wif his colour! haha =) thnx for adding mine to ur favourites
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wow! amazing....
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awesome picture, very great !
I like it =D
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