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Goretober 2018

Last year's Goretober [2017]

Screenshot 3 by Wolv31000
Oh boy, it's that time of year again huh!
Never thought I'd be doing it again already. I'm still shocked with the interest I had last year and whilst I know it may very well be the total opposite this year, here we are! It will be fun to see if I've improved at all considering last year feels like yesterday.
I know, I'm a little early... but rather than the rush I had last year I'm putting prompts and reservations up now and will start producing them a little later in the month and upload them during October if all goes well.
Things are going to be a lil different in terms of prompts (of course), cost, options and posting. This may fail miserably.
I will be posting this journal on both Wolv31000 and EchoSpuffy so it's equally seen and posting finals on EchoSpuffy. Regardless, I will be sending transparent full versions via note in case you don't see the upload or get a mention.

I'd appreciate the whole journal being read <3
Will be finishing up comms before starting any Goretober prompts

EVERYTHING IS USUALLY NSFW! Whilst personally I wouldn't mark it as such, I know there are some that are squeamish and this year I kind of want to go worse than just adding blood on everything, so here's your warning. Nudity may occur but will only be done upon request.


Rather than leaving the choice up to me this year I will be making it your choice on what you can get at different prices.
Examples of these options can all be viewed from last year.
Backgrounds are randomised, if at all.

100Points = 1€ 


This includes anywhere from the neck to the lower part of the chest
Flat: 7€
Shaded: 14€


This includes arms/front legs anywhere from the chest to the hip
Flat: 10€
Shaded: 17€


Flat: 15€
Shaded: 22€

Additional character

50% of original price


Open: 0/31

Day 1: Plants/hanahaki disease - Goretober | Day 1
Day 2: Stabbed - Goretober | Day 2
Day 3: Bleeding Out - Goretober | Day 3
Day 4: Stitches - Goretober | Day 4
Day 5: Phobia - Goretober | Day 5
Day 6: Amputation - Goretober | Day 6
Day 7: Animal wounds - Goretober | Day 7
Day 8: Patched up - Goretober | Day 8
Day 9: Mass murder/crazed - Goretober | Day 9
Day 10: Mutilation/burned - Goretober | Day 10
Day 11: CLAIMED - Arrow
Day 12: CLAIMED - Teeth
DONE Day 13: CLAIMED - Slashed
Day 14: CLAIMED - Out of control
Day 15: CLAIMED - Biting
DONE Day 16: CLAIMED - Gut spill
Day 17: CLAIMED - Hooks
Day 18: CLAIMED - Extra limbs
Day 19: CLAIMED - Candy Gore
Day 20: CLAIMED - Horns
Day 21: CLAIMED - Blind
Day 22: CLAIMED - Chained
Day 23: CLAIMED - X-Ray
Day 24: CLAIMED - Cybernetic
Day 25: CLAIMED - Disection
Day 26: CLAIMED - Rotting
Day 27: CLAIMED - Insanity
Day 28: CLAIMED - Bandages
Day 29:  CLAIMED - Acid
Day 30: CLAIMED - Thorns
Day 31: CLAIMED - Till Death Do Us Part

How to Reserve

Important! Please read everything!

Comment or note me which day you want, your character and form of payment(points/paypal)! 
If you have something in mind let me know and I will try to base the prompt off your idea.

Payments are to be made between prompt confirmation or once I have commented or noted you a sketch for approval.
Your art will not be uploaded/sent unless payment is received.
Euros are to be paid through Paypal. Anything at 14€ or above will require me to send an invoice unless you have previously bought from me.
If an invoice is required make sure you include your paypal email in your comment or send me a note.

What you'll Receive

PNG file
Full resolution
NSFW and non NSFW (if applicable)


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