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Wolgans are an Original Closed Species, Created by JessiyWolf on 14/10/2017

The Wolgan is a Fantasy based creature Containing genetics of Multiple species, it is believed to contain Essence of Dragons, Striped Hyenas, Big Cats and Wolves but overall, the exact Genetics are unknown, due to the private research that was involved.

Genetically engineered by splicing genetics for the purpose of a perfect battle mount to help fight against demons.


The world of Farule, once a beautiful place, a haven for all sorts of creatures and animals, beaming with life as children would be seen running over the dirt roads into the nearby fields...

until a mage thought he could cheat death with a spell, but instead of immortality, he unknowingly sacrificed himself.. and thus, the demons emerged from the shadows.
When the humans of Farule became aware of the Demon race rising, they quickly mounted their horses and got ready for combat, but the horses where no match for the hell beasts they rode and so they fell.
When the humans realized they could not take on such a force alone, they sought out the elven community, explaining to them the situation, and both races worked tirelessly together to create a mount that would be built to withstand the hell beasts to the north, but time was running out as the demons closed in, burning villages as they rode threw and feasting on any humanoid left behind.
The once lively towns, became barren, burnt down wastelands covered in ash.
Finally, a prototype of the Wolgan breed was born.
It took many years for it to grow into the beast they wanted, followed by 12 more of its kind, all sporting different metal plating, unique to each kind.
As they studied them more, they realized that they where born without any metal, but the older they got, the more metal that would cover the bodies, they branded the ears of each born wolgan with piercings fitted with trackers, in the event that they would become separated during combat.

The beasts stood huge, with the sizes ranging from 6 to 9 feet tall.
As any that stood below that would be killed and studied for research purposes to keep the breeding selective.
But the more they toyed with the genetics, the more mutations would pop up.
From good ones such as bulkier, stronger wolgans.
To bad ones like blindness and deafness.

The more wolgans killed by researchers, the better the knowledge on the species became, eventually specialized tools where made to remove metal plating from ''useless'' adult wolgans, and forged to make weaponry, the elves and humans had began to get greedy and cocky, breeding lesser wolgans for the metal resource they contained, as it was almost unbreakable and as touch as a dragons armored scales.

But once the demons got closer, they rode off to war, on the battle beasts they had now created, a strong pack of near 100, they took down the hell beasts almost with ease, but did not realize that they too where creating stronger mounts, and that their own where not trained enough for combat, as soldiers fell, the wolgans ran off into forests, but where quickly caught by demons, and used to pull their heavy carts and battle with their mounts in fights to the death to give them more strength, slowly the species began to die off, until a litter of two pups, was found by a human spy, only 14 years old, walking by a lake.

She took the pups to her nearby camp and nurtured them back to health, watching as they grew stronger, the little girl had no idea what sort of creatures these where, but she was fascinated by every aspect of them, as she grew, so did they, they would search all areas around Rizle, looking for more of the species kind as there had been rumors of large metal covered beasts in the area, she was determined to find them and try to bring the species back from the verge of extinction.

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