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:bulletblue: You may only breed threw this group, a breeding section can be found here:

:bulletgreen: Siblings can breed with one another, but it will reduce the offspring worth, so family trees will need to be listed in description, The information will be found on the Version i post to the group, you may copy and paste all info from there, or not the group for the information.

:bulletblue: Wolgans may only be purchased and Sold here in the group, you may see them advertised else ware, but you will notice in the notes it says you must be a group member. if you would like to sell a pup, please note me first so we can discuss its worth.

:bulletgreen:  If you purchase a Wolgan, you must have species group listed in the information, and have JessiyWolf as creator to the species.

:bulletblue: Wolgan Felames can only be bred 3 times, and males 5.

:bulletgreen: Customs will be an available option with their own set rules included.

:bulletblue: You may not make your own Wolgan, you must purchase one, or use the custom option to create one.

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Question can wolgans be resold or only traded to members of the group?