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[Closed Species] NPC For Wolgan Breeding Center. by JessiyWolf
Welcome, My name is Maki and i will be your Vet today.
how can i help you?

Breeding information:

:bulletyellow: 1 Pup per litter via natural birth, on very rare cases, it will be 2.
:bulletblue: In Extreme rare cases they can be identical

:bulletyellow: Identical born Twin pups offspring will have a higher chance rate of having a mutated pup.

:bulletblue: Wolgans must have similar personality to breed, detailed compatibility listed below.

:bulletyellow: There are items listed here that can be used in breeding: fav.me/dcmcjla

:bulletblue: Inbreeding has a higher chance of getting a mutation, but it is rare and frowned upon, inbreed pups cost much less regardless of rarity, mutations or not.

:bulletyellow: You can breed inbred pups and make a family tree, keep breeding until the inbred pup disappear off the gen tree and the mutations may still be present.

:bulletblue: Pups take 3 weeks to reach adulthood (3 weeks after purchase/breeding date)

:bulletyellow: Pups can only be sold for the amount that was quoted to you on their birth, as price is and always will be based on the rarity.




Inbreeding is an available option for wolgans.

~high mutation chance

~Decreases value of offspring by 30%
~High Chance of Infertile pups

Personality Compatibility:

:bulletblue: Blue is compatible with blue.
:bulletred: Red is compatible with red.
:bulletgreen: Green is compatible with both.

:bulletblue: Shy
:bulletblue: Friendly
:bulletblue: Hyper
:bulletblue: Energetic
:bulletblue: Loyal
:bulletblue: Awkward
:bulletblue: Timid
:bulletblue: Antisocial
:bulletblue: Lone Wolf
:bulletblue: Tame

:bulletgreen: Neutral
:bulletgreen: Lazy
:bulletgreen: Care free

:bulletred: Aggressive
:bulletred: Mean
:bulletred: Stubborn
:bulletred: Selfish
:bulletred: Untamed
:bulletred: Hot Headed

Breeding Cost:

If You own mom and dad = $8
If using stud option = Stud fee + $4

what the price covers:

you will get an art of your new pup on the pup base seen here: -WIP-

you will also get an updated family tree + a Family tree for pup and a list of traits your new pup posses.

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Breeding Forum:

Male: (if using a stud, link him here) 
Items Been used:

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