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So, we are going to have a Daily log in section and see how it goes! ^^

if you miss a day, it goes back to the start, so if you are on day 5 of a streak and miss day 6, you go back to day 1.

How will you know if we 'log in'?:
There will be a new Comment to reply to each day, they will display the days date so there will be no confusion.
if you do not REPLY to the comment and instead comment above the designated place to reply to, your comment will be hidden and will not count until it is in the proper place.
Just type anything, 'Logging in' 'Im here' 'Yay'

How will you keep track of log in's?:
i will be making a spreadsheet with all current members names and editing it, this will also be the place where your items from Explorations will be held, so it will act as your inventory.
dont worry if you check and it has not been updated, it just means i have not yet gotten the time, i assure you it will be updated within 2-3 days at most.
Exploration loot can be got here: fav.me/dcq6fg0
link to spread sheet will be added when all names are added to it.


Each Day: 10 Mystic Dust

7 Days in a Row: 100 Mystic Dust

20 Days in a row: Custom Wolgan Ticket.

Time Zone:

Once time goes past midnight, its the next day.

Created by KathleenMitch
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There is no featured comment for this date so I’ll make one uwu I’ll reply to this comment every day too. If you need help with managing things I’m willing to help out