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I made a new account!

I know that there's been a lot of confusion on Instagram about fake accounts and things ;u; But this is my only account and I'm gonna be using it a lot, so add me if you would like! <3
I finally joined Amino! I know there's been a lot of confusion caused by fake accounts, but this is the only account that I have ^^…

I'm gonna be using Amino a lot from now on, so add me if you would like and come talk to me! c:
So my instagram account got deactivated AGAIN because of someone impersonating me keeps reporting my account to be a fake.. I don't know what to do about this. Instagram don't give a way to contact them.. everything I try just gets me an automated email response saying that they can't help me :/ The last time this happened I ended up giving up and creating a new account.. I don't want to have to do that again :c

This is the fake account who keeps doing this. Please report this account as an impersonator, it's worrying me to know that there's someone who is lying and fooling so many people into thinking that they're me ;-;
I just hit 200,000 subscribers on Youtube today, that is super crazy ;w;
Thank you all so so much for all of the support, I really appreciate everything so much <3

Screenshot 2 by wolfychu

Thank you for making it possible for me to be able to keep doing what I love, I'm so happy ;u; <3
I made a new Twitter! I'll probably be on there a lot, so follow me if you would like to! c:
This has been happening a lot lately, so I thought I should make a little post about it ;u;

A lot of people have been asking me if all these different accounts that they've found in different places belong to me or not, like on Instagram, Facebook, amino, smule... etc. And no, none of them are mine. Any accounts that use my name that are not linked on my Youtube channel or DeviantArt most likely do not belong to me.

If you find an account with my name and you want to make sure if it's me or not, feel free to ask me about it!
I'm doing a Yuri on Ice map and one of the people taking a part had to drop out so I need to find someone else to take their place ;u; 
All details can be found here: 

There is only one part available, please let me know if you are interested ^^
Hi everyone! My friend Grind3h entered a contest where she made a super cool animation about consent, you guys should check it out and please go vote for her, you don't have to sign up or anything, it's literally just clicking on vote, it will only take 2 seconds and it would really mean so much to her, she really deserves this! <3…
Hi everyone! I just created a Patreon where I will be sharing exclusive content and WIPs for projects I'm working on for my channel ^w^ All info can be found here, I hope you will consider supporting me <3

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

7chibi by wolfychu
Tonight I just hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube aaaaa <3 Thank so much to everyone for all of the support, it really means so much ;u;
I have a 100k special video coming out probably on the weekend ^w^ Again thank youuu so so much, you guys are amazing! <3Screenshot 13 by wolfychu
So I'm doing a Yuri on Ice Vikturi map for my channel and I had all parts filled out but the person who was going to do part 6 is no longer able to do it anymore so I have to find a replacement 
All details of the map are here: 

Please note me if you are interested! <3
Thank you so much to the person who gave me core membership ;u; <33