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Was it something I sang?

From 'A friend in deed'.

Just Pinkie being confuzzled. I double, triple, quadruple checked- but if you find any mistakes, feel free to comment on it. I won't mind!

About the shiny things in the eye? I used a clipping mask, so they should be precise, but they keep having a funny border.

EDIT: Fixed some lines not covered.
EDIT: Made lines in tail sharper
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Whatever you say, vectoring takesh FUREVURRRRRRR....
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Gets easier with practice ;)
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the only mistake i see is in your title :o "was it something i said?"
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In the show Pinkie is frustrated 'cuz Cranky is denying her friendship(as you know).

She says the following lines,
'was it something I said? was it something I sang?' I chose the latter since it was what was being said at the time.

But I see now my laptop autocorrected it to say... AGAIN
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haha right, that's why i said that. autocorrect, y u do dis?
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xD It's so annoying on a laptop too...
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i've never even heard of it being on a lap top to be honest! i wonder if that feature is removable
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I hope it is... And I hope I find it xD
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lol i love Pinkie, that expression is so cute ^^ you did a fantastic job on this! it looks like you took her right out of the show!
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Awww; thanks tons! :D
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