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Ref. Sheet: Tide!Sans aka Mecha

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Alternate Theme Song: [link]

Sans by ©~Toby Fox
Tide!Sans/True!Mecha by ©~Wolfwrathknight me
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© 2016 - 2021 Wolfwrathknight
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Can I pls have some information about dis boi

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I loved doing the fixed chest design and how it looks now it is adorbs :D
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Schön gemacht Clap 
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soooo cool!
I like it!
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Nice new reference but maybe not have the information in the picture and so tiny. I could barely read it.
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I want you to zoom in! That's the point XD I don't want to put the infos in the description for reasons
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But it’s really hard to read.
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You're on phone, right? You must go to your settings and check in 'desktop version'. Then you can zoom in with the full resolution.

Or open on the download link here
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Yes. I’m on phone.
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Then open the link. My things are not optimized for phones ^^
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S O  C O O L 
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his free time clothes make him look sharp
i likeyyyyyy
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I don't want to spread hate or to be rude
but why do every UT AU is always about sans ??
ok he's interesting but theres a lot of way more interesting characters in 

sorry I wanted to rant about that a little
but I like your art a lot dont get me wrong!
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It's because Sans is easy to draw and he is the characters with the most of open questions. People make their own theories to answer the open questions of him and suddenly a new AU is born tho.xD

But thank you anyways!:dummy:
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Oh if you see things like that
Cause most of sans fans are like "omgz he is so epic,,,,"
And it pisses me off...
Most of the community sees him as a cute skeleton or as an handsome anime stylized skeleton...

You're welcome :heart:
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lmfao he is not epic xDDDDDd Just his mystic character got my attention. I love it when I get the chance to fantasize about anything:heart:

hihi <333
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I Understand it ;3
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you're welcome :D
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Still liking this REF!!!~
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