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Summer night


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Character concept for The Wolf


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Fuzzy Animal Orbs Challenge Winners

The #FuzzyAnimalOrbs challenge is complete and WOW there were so many amazing entries! Thank you to everyone who participated. Now it's time to announce our three random winners! Our winners are: 1st Place: 1 Month Core Pro goes to LuckyNumber113 2nd Place: 1 Month Core+ goes to PurpleFoxKinz 3rd Place: 1 Month Core TheLemonBean Thank you to all who joined! It was such an honor to host this challenge and to see so many amazing entries! Keep your eye out for the next challenge coming soon. In the mean time, check out the rest of the entries!


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Well this was unexpected

LDR Contest

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Horse, my spirit animal

Dust Demons Contest

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August 04 Galaxy

Space Art

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Architecture in landscapes

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Planet - Alaerin

Deviantart Related

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Angel 4


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Summer night


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Sailing on Cloudtops


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Autumn Bay I


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Twilight Pond

PUPA Challenges

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a Stitch in Space

Artist Avatar Contest

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It's A Big Mug Kind Of Morning

Dust Demons

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Creative Crate, August 2021 - thrumyeye

Download the latest Creative Crate and join us for an exclusive AMA with @thrumyeye! Now's your chance to submit questions to @thrumyeye’s Ask Me Anything (AMA)! Want to learn more about choosing colors, freelance work, or staying passionate about art? Leave a question in the comments! Then, tune in as she answers live on Wednesday, August 18th at 1:00 PM Pacific. Creative Crates are digital boxes of art content and tools that are exclusive to Core Members. At least one Crate will appear in the Core Lounge each month. This month, @thrumyeye delivered a high-quality digital bundle for Core Members to enjoy — including five exclusive wallpaper photos, wildlife photography advice, tips on using Photoshop, and suggestions on what to include in your gear bag! Remember, return to this journal for an AMA with @thrumyeye on Wednesday, August 18th at 1:00 PM Pacific. About the Artist Roeselien Raimond (@thrumyeye) has always had a deep love for both social work and art. In an attempt

Create crate

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The light and the dark

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Face your art meme

Face your art challenge

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Truth-Seeker | OC Design (Phantasm Blade)| [PI]

Wolf Feature

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Random comic 01


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The Otherworld Banner


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Cave Of Memories


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Lynx portrait IV - The Fluffy-eared Noble

Big Cats

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Big Vibrant EYES

Tutorials, covers and gifs

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Lesna sova (Strix aluco)

Wolf and Owl Contest

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Spirit in the Sky


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Running Commissions OPEN!!! 3/3


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Sailing in the Eye

Wild water

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The Wolf

The way of the Wolf

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Barn Owl

Birds of Prey

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My vintage look

Cool Cats

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some flowers (16)


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Fox Rock


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Akhal 10


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Original Character

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Little trico

Fan Art

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The Dog Shaped Patch On My Heart

It's been six months' since I said goodbye. And you know what' for the first few... I honestly started to hate you. I hated how I'd wake up, and expect you to dash through that door. I hated how I'd get ready for a run, and reach for your collar. And most of all, I hated how even the mere sight of a dog' would make me shatter into tears. For longest time, I wondered. "What I could've done?" Should I have' took you to the vet sooner? Somehow' conjure up a magic cure? Or maybe' I shouldn't have moved away for collage? After awhile, the memory of you became less stained with loss, and heartache. But instead' turned into a patch. A patch embroidered' with your one in a million smile, that includes, chocolate beads in the shape of your paws. Along with buttons, that symbolize your sleepy eyes. And most of all' It's brightly bedazzled, with every day we shared, from pudgy puppy, to wrinkly old hound. It seems' that in these last few days, I've finally accepted you're gone. And I guess


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Lightning over Sugarloaf Rock

Final Fantasy World

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Artists of Artistle, Vol. 7

Hi everyone! Welcome to the seventh installment of Artists of @Artistle! Every month we celebrate the wonderful members and watchers of the @Artistle community by featuring a few artists and their amazing artwork. This month we are showcasing the art of @wolfwoofa, @digital--bee, @cindywoo, and @DStever - please join us in sending them some love! ✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @wolfwoofa ✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @digital--bee ✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @cindywoo ✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @DStever ✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ Hope you enjoyed this feature! I'm looking forward to sharing more art from our members and watchers next month! :)

Art features

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#OCYourPet Challenge!

Hello hello Deviants! Introducing a new challenge to celebrate another month of being part of the DeviantArt Collective! Introducing the #OCYourPet Challenge! What is it? Turn your pet into an Original Character! Draw an Original Fantasy Character inspired by a photo of your pet! (or if you don't have a pet, a photo of another inspiring animal you find online) Post your entry to DeviantART and use the tag #ocyourpet Example I drew my cat as a humanoid, but feel free to keep their original species or even species swap if you want. Whatever inspires you, as long as they look like an OC and not just a study! You also don't need to match the photo or your pet exactly. The point is just to be inspired by your pet. How closely you stick to your reference is up to you! How to Enter: Make a NEW drawing or painting of an Original Character that is inspired by a photo of your pet or another animal. Post your Entry to DeviantART with the tag: OCYourPet Mention me: ChrissaBug in


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Art critique collection III

I have seen a couple artists doing art critique videos - their followers send in art, the artist critiques it, and everyone can watch those videos and learn something. The artworks critiqued do, in other words, turn into example images other people can learn something from. Considering I also write art critiques from time to time, I got the idea to try this as well - and here is the third article in the series :la: So - needless to say, the artworks here aren't made by me. The original artists will be linked both in the text and in the description - and go ahead and give them a favorite or two, a comment, or a watch. They deserve that. Without further ado, let's start! Critique 1: "Thunder Wolf" by @wolfwoofa (Link to the original artwork here: link) Now this is a stunning artwork. The colors used here work really well together - the green eyes stand out really well, while the lightning is also eye-catching. The colors scheme itself works very well with the lightning theme,


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Fluffy Dragon


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There's always a place in a memory


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Forest princess

Wild Woodlands

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Sable Rough Collie


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Studio Ghibli

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