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Quilt Challenge


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Quilt Challenge


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#DAAnimalBFF - Quietude - Coloured


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Well this was unexpected

LDR Contest

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Horse, my spirit animal

Dust Demons Contest

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Space Art

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Architecture in landscapes

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Beautiful Wolf

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2021-07-28 Category A - Bojurian CE


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Historical Everglades Map


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Gloomy Blues


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Twilight Pond

PUPA Challenges

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a Stitch in Space

Artist Avatar Contest

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It's A Big Mug Kind Of Morning

Dust Demons

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Core Lounge Collection Guide: Stock - Environments

COLLECTION GUIDE: STOCK - ENVIRONMENTS Explore The Core Lounge Collection: Stock - Environments We are very excited to bring to the Core Lounge a collection series for Stock! Various categories of interest, from environmental to human poses, will be included in the featured stock. Stock images are images provided with a set of guidelines to use for your personal reference (or professional, if the license allows). Stock images play a vital role by providing artists and creatives with important tools to enhance their artistic skills. This first series set will feature environmental stock. Paired with our tutorial on landscapes with @HarrisonHow, the creative possibilities and inspiration are limitless! We can’t wait to see what you create with these amazing stock images! Share some of your work in the comments below. Make sure to read the artist's description and/or stock rules before proceeding on using them. Where To Find The Collection Navigate to the

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Breaking Though The Past

The light and the dark

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Face your art meme

Face your art challenge

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Truth-Seeker - OC Design (Phantasm Blade)|Tlakuilo

Wolf Feature

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Neuriade - Planche 2


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Oak and Moon III


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black panther

Big Cats

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Pattern tutorial

Tutorials, covers and gifs

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Lesna sova (Strix aluco)

Wolf and Owl Contest

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Spirit in the Sky


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Running Commissions OPEN!!! 3/3


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Soaking up the blues.

Wild water

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Summer Dream

The way of the Wolf

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Owl and Lenten Roses

Birds of Prey

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Angry Kitty Doodle

Cool Cats

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Today I was creating something different.:love: (I was inspired by my friend). Feathers are to me some special objects with beautiful energy. I believe that they bring me luck and positive energy. (I found all feathers in nature).


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The Guardian of the Stars


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Original Character

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Pidgey Evolutions

Fan Art

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Les Limbes

Lost in time and space I tried to follow your path But you were already lost In your own reality. J’ai traversé le temps et l’espace, Suivi le vol des oiseaux. J’ai franchi les landes et les glaces En quête de tes maux. Je n’ai trouvé qu’un désespoir infini, Qu’une absurde surréalité. Je n’ai pas trouvé ma place Dans les limbes de ton passé.


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Lightning over Sugarloaf Rock

Final Fantasy World

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Angels on Building Walls: Trap Heals on Oto-Abasi

DeviantArt spoke with Trap Heals, the creative agency for Black Lives Matter, to get insight on how art can echo the movement for social change. Read on to learn more! Trap Heals, the creative agency for the Black Lives Matter organization, sat down with DeviantArt to talk about the political and cultural events of 2020, how art can shape movements, and more. This journal is the second of a series, and features an interview with Oto-Abasi Attah, conducted by Trap Heals. An Interview with Oto-Abasi Oto-Abasi Attah is a Nigerian visual artist based in Inglewood, California, who began creating art as a means of therapy. He uses art to be a point of reflection and a symbol of joy. Having done projects for Hulu, Facebook, PacSun, and the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, he also works as art director for Trap Heals, a cultural architecture firm that uses art as tools to build equity for those in underserved communities. What would you call the type of art you create? I call

Art features

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31 days of art: an all-mediums challenge!

Hi everyone, I'm proud to present you with @projecteducate's summer activity: a day-to-day monthly art challenge (à la "Inktober") for ALL artistic mediums (photos, drawings, crafts...all mediums are welcome)! There have been many challenges mimicking this format and I always found them super fun to follow even just as a spectator ;) We recently asked you guys what you'd like us to do this summer, and many of you voted for a monthly challenge with daily themes to follow, so here we are! I hope this will represent a fun way for you to seek inspiration and challenge yourself over the month of August. If you're feeling like you have no new ideas, that you're bored with your art lately or your motivation has been lacking: look no further, this challenge should solve all your issues! :eager: Please carefully read the rules of this challenge so we can avoid any misunderstandings! If you have a question, leave a comment and I'll happily respond asap :) The Concept There are 31


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Art critique collection II

I have seen a couple artists doing art critique videos - their followers send in art, the artist critiques it, and everyone can watch those videos and learn something. The artworks critiqued do, in other words, turn into example images other people can learn something from. Considering I also write art critiques from time to time, I got the idea to try this as well. And here is the result - or, rather, the second article in the series. So - needless to say, the artworks here aren't made by me. The original artists will be linked both in the text and in the description - and go ahead and give them a favorite or two, a comment, or a watch. They deserve that. Without further ado, let's start! Critique 1: "Slate" by @Kitkat333666999 (Link to the original artwork here: link) Now this is a fun artwork! I like the sense of depth here - the character has lineart and is clearly in the foreground, while the background is just an outline and is thus pushed into the distance. After all


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Dragon head sketch


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Mystic Fields


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Forest princess

Wild Woodlands

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Sable Rough Collie


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Studio Ghibli

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