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This is a group for all fans of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, the gunslinging priest from the anime/manga series Trigun!
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What a cute by TurquoiseSpark What a cute :iconturquoisespark:TurquoiseSpark 67 111 Nicholas D. Wolfwood Can by Kooroe Nicholas D. Wolfwood Can :iconkooroe:Kooroe 1 0
The Ghost [Trigun]
The Ghost
A wind stirs the curtains
though the air has hung stiff
unmoving, all day.
"The ghost!"  the children cry
"It's the ghost!"
and they run to where
'big sis' sits in her big chair
mending their clothes.
"Sister sister!  The ghost is back!"
they sing, as they dance around her.
It has been a year since she arrived
here in the middle of nowhere
with her small savings
and a big white-cloth-wrapped cross.
And the children say
the ghost came with her.
They see the ghost in little accidents that happen
(a dropped, broken dish)
little accidents that don't happen
(a snake missing its mark)
and in a breeze on an otherwise
still day.
She explained when she came
that 'big brother'
would not be coming back.
The children took her in his place,
and she loves them, these children
with no one and no place else.
She never had little brothers and sisters.
She plays with them, and laughs
kisses their scrapes and bruises
and when there are tears
she holds them in her lap
:icontheladyfox:TheLadyFox 1 4
Trigun - Oh Heavenly Cat 1
He did not know what day it was anymore.  He was dreaming he thought and in this dream he was traveling.  He did not know for how long, or where from, but there was a whiteness. Everything and everywhere white.  He could feel the dream begin to fade into waking, but still the whiteness persisted.  He opened his eyes slowly.  He was in a low room with lights, flickering blue white.  The floor was made of shining tiles, and as he stared at it he realized that he was sitting in a large chair.  Wolfwood sat up.  
"You're dead." a voice answered before he could finish the thought, let alone the sentence.  A man stood next to him.  
"It's the first thing everyone asks" the man explained in response to Wolfwood's shocked expression.  Things began coming back to him then,  Tonim town, the fight with Chapel, the gun going off, making his unsteady way to
:icontheladyfox:TheLadyFox 2 9
Snow [Trigun]
Even without a shirt on,
it is warm
He stands by the window
and in the light of the moons
the sand looks almost silver.
If he had ever seen snow
It might have reminded him
of it just a little.
As it is, he has only
heard the legends.
It was cold they said, and soft
And white
whiter than bones
whiter than milk
whiter than anything you'd ever seen.
And it made everything clean
         they said.
How would that be?
He lets out a slow stream of smoke
from his cigarette
and folds his arms across his chest
blocking out fairy tales.
Looking at the woman in his bed though
smiling in her sleep
he thinks maybe he doesn't need snow.
He stands outside
even though the setting sun
is blinding
as it paints blood across the sky
the color of his coat.
He stands there
trying not to see the trail of blood
left in the street.
He stands there because he can't
face the crying.
It reaches him even out here,
a mourning wail
He trie
:icontheladyfox:TheLadyFox 1 3
Whadda You Say? by Dkelabirath Whadda You Say? :icondkelabirath:Dkelabirath 23 44 This confessional is stupid by jonouchi This confessional is stupid :iconjonouchi:jonouchi 33 22 Why Wolfwood rides a bike by julewooster Why Wolfwood rides a bike :iconjulewooster:julewooster 36 23 Nicholas D Wolfwood with apron by hakubaikou Nicholas D Wolfwood with apron :iconhakubaikou:hakubaikou 80 32 wolfwood by ultranguik wolfwood :iconultranguik:ultranguik 101 53 wolfwood and millie by hakubaikou wolfwood and millie :iconhakubaikou:hakubaikou 575 103 Breakdown by Kitty-Cat-Angel Breakdown :iconkitty-cat-angel:Kitty-Cat-Angel 145 128 Wolfwood in COLOR by DaleNorvell Wolfwood in COLOR :icondalenorvell:DaleNorvell 183 128 Nicholas D. Wolfwood by Doomsplosion Nicholas D. Wolfwood :icondoomsplosion:Doomsplosion 184 20 Wolfwood by KingLegato Wolfwood :iconkinglegato:KingLegato 111 12 Wolfwood 2 by jiattmay Wolfwood 2 :iconjiattmay:jiattmay 22 22
Hello everyone, and welcome to Wolfwood-Fans! :wave:
This is a group for all fans of the gunslinging priest from Trigun, Nicholas D. Wolfwood!


Joining: Anyone can join! :D

1.) The deviation must have Wolfwood in it, but any other character can be present, as well as characters from other series and original characters! It can be a drawing, painting, fan fiction, cosplay, crafts, anything, as long as it's not a screencap or traced picture!
2.) All pairings are accepted, but nothing too mature, please!
3.) You may submit up to 3 pictures a day. Please try not to flood the group's gallery!
4.) Please submit to the correct folder. If you have a question or folder suggestion, don't hesitate to ask!

Suggesting favorites: Anything is welcome, as long as it has something to do Wolfwood or pertains to Trigun in general :D

Group relations:
1.) Be nice to one another!
2.) You may become a contributor if you'd like to help run the group!
3.) HAVE FUN! :boogie:
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