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Mostly about gaming and anime, but if you want to check out and follow me see what I'm up too heh.
Had a week long vacation, got some nice and great shots of birds and animals going to be posting them :>   Some already up.

Also still looking for ideas or suggestions about patreon if you have any.
doubt it will do anything, but just tempted to experiment, I've talked about it before, but think it be fun to least try out.

Anyone think it's worth a shot?

Not sure what kind of goals, not a fan of locking things behind donations, so don't really want to do any, patreon exclusive pics, or even just timed exclusives.

And I'm thinking of setting it weekly or monthly, weekly would help give more motivation to post pics that the up and down weather we've been having has putting a dampener on stuff.

It's barebones now while I figure stuff out but it's.
been a on and off again year, weather been good and bad.
I was on vacation, and been busy, got a few days of photographs I plan to post and probably will be posting later today at some point.

How was things for everyone?
Computer trouble should be over, reinstalled photoshop and plan to try to post some more photo's, missed sharing things.
Well computers back to maybe acting up, so taking it easy for the moment, just loading a few games and such and seeing how it reacts over time.

On 80's anime :>    finally finished a goal today I've had for a while, getting to watch the series that robotech masters arc of the original robotech series was based on Choujikuu Kidan Southern Cross.  Finished it and man it brought back all the great cheesiness that the 80's and 90's and even 70's had.   I love modern stuff, but there was something fun about how just unapolegeticly over the top those decades were.

Anyone still enjoy a good 70's and 80's show? :>   
But finally back so should be posting more photo's soon :>
I got busy for a while, but should be posting pics in a few days if not today possibly.

But one thing I've been thinking about doing, is getting back into anime, something about it I love, but just havn't had a oportunity for a while, but so many classic new and old ons I want to watch any recomendations?   Even been doing something fun wich is a anime challenge have to watch 49 anime with different criteria.

One I'm curious about, it requires a anime from 1917-1959, any recomendations?   Seems that most from that time period are movies or all.
it works, but I think the sensor died as it does everything but show a image or something.

Thinking of a new camera, got a sony dsc h400 for the moment, but not sure, it's missing a few features I like.   Trying to decide on a camera in the same price range that is good
it's facinating how shows have changed, so many bad shows when I was growing up.

But shows now seem to be aimed at kids, but also for adults and older people.

Watching new season of king julian and it makes a joke...from hororr film, won't say more here pm if your curious...but I find it facinating.   Like a season or two ago there was a episode on my little pony with the detective from fargo, or half the jokes in Shrek and such.  They are still kids stuff,but they are also not dumbed down and some really good adult situations and humour while being appripriate for kids

Anyone else find this?
Too many to thank everyone individually but appreciate it :>
Curious about people's feelings on this, it comes up every 2-3 years, but as most/all know :>   I name my bird folder dinosaurs, due to thats the current classificiation of them, but the ocasional person, probably creationist or such takes umbridge to that and gets upset, demanding I remove.   What should I do?   Comply and stick it in another folder like animal, just leave it in basic favorites, or what I'm more inclined to do, keep it in the folder I put it in, it's my folder and while I'm happy to if I make a msitake and stick a dragon in the mandlebulb folder because I wasnt' paying attention, it's the folder I stick them in.   Just curious people's thoughts.

On a side note :>   most people don't comment/notice, and most that do notice are about 1/3rd confused untill I explain and then love it/laugh, and 2/3rds laugh outright.
I find it interesting that the adults and noticed this for years, don't like anything too close to them, they will let me photograph them in trees high up but look wrong way they will fly off, or if they are on the ground they will fly off if too close.

Thie juvenile eagle in my photo's today let me be right next to it, the mouse one was from about 2-3 feet away and 3-4 feet above me, I was right below it, later it had kids screaming and yelling about twice the distance and didn't bat a eye.

what is it about age, that as they get older they are more nervous.
Went out for a walk and went through a field and saw this blinking light I hadn't seen before there, and stumbled upon this metal cylindar with a blinking light called somethign like go away geese....the field often has geese, but not sure how this would even work.
I don't know...seems to be popping up more and more, should I start a patreon for my pics?   not even sure what I would do with it, as I wouldn't gate anything as it's all just what I can post or such, probably do it as a monthly thing just not sure.

Probably dumb thing to ask about but something I've been wondering about.
Okay this is something I've been noticing for a while now.  I like to do searches for things like space, birds, animals and such, and I will favorite the ones that look cool, well I will next day have to scroll through the ones I've already looked at....but about 1/4 are new ones, same time period with the ones i've favorited next to them, but never seen before, anyone noticed this?
I just finished going through all my photo's from the snow storm in december posting the ones that I didn't before....and wake up today to a foot of snow on the ground :>   More snow pics, going out in about 30-60 mins :>
He's still around and he's apparently getting fed some bread, by people in the area, and seems to be getting quasi tame as he barly blinks when I'm near him, in fact a few times looking at me expectantly.  Not sure what would be good for him does bread work for a snow goose?   Feel sorry for him as he likly will be spending winter here unless he catches a ride with another flock, though the area he's in is rare for geese to land, only really seen the flock he was part of I think there.   I am concerned about aclemating him to humans too much, but at same time worried about how bad winter might be for him what you guys think?

he's a young snow goose, still having his juvenile feather pattern I believe.
Oh man is it a great anime, maybe a service at times, and that last episode....but I love the music, the story and the possible romance between the two male leads, it's just everything perfect.