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I am now officially registered as a sole proprietorship under the name WolfTron Interactive Media & Design! And as such, I have developed the first version of my website. Click here to see how it is doing! I'm definitely excited to get out there and begin work.

If you're looking to have a website made, send me a note! Let your friends and family know what I do as well, and we'll see what I can do for you! I sincerely thank you for reading this journal!

Wondering what I've been taught? Read the following:

Digital Media & IT

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

    • Web Design
    • Web Applications (Javascript/PHP/mySQL)
    • Application Development (C#/Java)


    I'm Back!

    Welcome to 2014 - this year may be a busy one! Finishing up school and going to be exploring possible career paths within the next few months. I wish you all the best of luck in this year in all that you do and face. I will have my website up within the next few months in some way, shape, or form. 

    If you're curious as to what I'm studying at school, here it is:

    Digital Media & IT

    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

      • Web Design
      • Web Applications (Javascript/PHP/mySQL)
      • Application Development (C#/Java)

      So if you're looking for someone to help you out with your website, let me know! I may just be your solution!

      Thank you for your time,

       -WolfTron out!
      We're about in the final quarter of 2013 already. Between work, school, and friends I've spent little time on deviantART as of late, but that doesn't mean I won't have anything to show for it. I've been working with building websites quite a bit during this year, so - if I can - I'd like to upload any relevant graphics that may interest people or link to any personal sites I develop. I'm currently set on creating two sites in particular. I've purchased the URL which would become a website used to market myself. The second being a bit of a project for school.

      The project I am working on is a website in which I give first impressions on Game Boy games I try. You can find it by clicking here. If you'd like to see my first initial impression, click here. Any feedback would be wonderful! Please note that the site will be undergoing very substantial visual changes within the next few weeks and will include new exciting graphics and styling. Currently, very few links actually work, and quite a bit of work will be required before the whole site really comes together.

      Thanks for checking in, WolfTron out!
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      Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 9:26 PM

      Favourite Artists


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013.

      I currently have two projects planned that I'll only be able to properly work on when in the right mood.

      I'd like to start up a mostly frame-by frame Flash animation with original voice-acting and perhaps even music of some sort. I've had a few ideas, but I'll wait until I figure out which is most practical.

      I'm thinking of starting to post sketches I've produced in the last few months, we'll see if I get around to scanning them.

      I'd like to give a big thanks to Tara Cross for giving me a premium membership! :D

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      Favourite Artists

      Hello there everyone, this journal will simply be updated with news and info throughout the last portion of this year. Christmas is coming up, I love the energy around this time of year. Of course, there's the heavy commercialism that's brought about during this time as well, but I'm more here for the flashy lights, cheerful music, and of course (above all): the "true meaning of Christmas." It's a great time for reflection and seeing family again.

      Planned Art:
      "Mirror" - (Not started, not sure if I can pull it off)
      -Others as well, but would be more spontaneous.
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      Tagged by :iconominsd:

      10 Things about myself:
      1. I'm male.
      2. I go to college.
      3. I enjoy using computers.
      4. I'd like to practice both digital and traditional art.
      5. I like cheese.
      6. The wolf is my favourite animal.
      7. I love the movie Tron.
      8. I've always loved video games.
      9. I very much appreciate free water.
      10. I am Canadian. :flagcanada:

      1. What's your best quality? I'm friendly I suppose?
      2. Favourite restaurant? Boston Pizza is pretty good... I dunno though.
      3. What is the farthest place you've visited in your life? Winnipeg, Manitoba.
      4. What you really want to do in life? Perhaps something to do with art? I enjoy drawing and animating... Though there is definitely a place in my heart for programming as well. We'll see.
      5. Your favorite artist on DA? :iconlurking-leanne:
      6. If you where very rich $$$$ what would be the first thing you do? Make sure to keep it safe in the bank I suppose, then worry about how it would be saved and spent.
      7. Do you sleep in class? Nope.
      8. This one is really hard O: Do you love animals? I like my dog and have a general respect for most living creatures.
      9. What is the food that you really hate to eat? Beans, beans, the magical fruit: The more you eat, the more you toot!
      10.Do you sing in the shower? Recently... Yes.

      I dislike these tagging things and I refuse to follow their silly rules. I will not tag fellow deviants, but if you'd like, you can read the rules at this to participate. I figured I'd do this quick, in support of the person who tagged me, as well as to allow those who know me through the website to learn a little bit about myself.
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      :bulletblue: Taking Commissions :bulletblue:
      Please note me if you're interested and we can discuss the terms of said commission. After August I may not have the time though.


      Favourite Artists?
      :iconlurking-leanne: :iconsky665: :iconsparksychan2012: :iconmariobro64:
      Indeed they are!
      Check'em out!

      :star: Working on something top secret for them^ :star: Complete:

      Also, this is an amazing song:…

      :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz:

      :bulletred: Currently Planned Art :bulletred:
      :bulletgreen: Entry for :iconlurking-leanne:'s contest located at this…? :bulletblue: 100% Complete!…
      Blow mah Mind - Contest Entry - Rescue Mission by WolfTron Deadlocked by WolfTron Dirty Old Hero... by WolfTron
      :bulletgreen: Art trade with :iconsparksychan2012: (Sonic with headphones) :bulletblue: 100% Complete!
      Art Trade with SparksyChan2012 by WolfTron
      :iconsparksychan2012:'s awesome end of the bargain: (Spyro the Dragon) :D
      :bulletgreen: Filling in request from :iconbandicooty: (drawing Conker) :bulletblue: 100% Complete!…
      Conker by WolfTron
      :bulletgreen: Art trade with :iconsky665: (Chester and Ferdi) :bulletblue: 100% Complete!
      Art Trade with Sky665 by WolfTron
      :iconsky665:'s brilliant contribution to our art trade: (Sly Cooper) :D
      When Theres Very Little To Do by sky665
      :bulletgreen: Entry for :iconcrashbandicoot-club:'s contest located at this crashbandicoot-club.deviantart… :bulletblue: 100% Complete.
      What if Crash was a Superhero? by WolfTron
      :bulletyellow: Filling in request from :icontaylor12345: (drawing Mikuri) :bulletblue: Not started.

      Anyone up for a little art trade?

      :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz:

      On a tropical island,
      Underneath the molten lava moon:
      Hangin' with the hula dancers,
      Askin' questions 'cause they've got all the answers.

      Puttin' on lotion,
      Sittin' by the ocean.
      Rubbin' it on my body.
      Rubbin' it on my body.

      Get me out of this caaaaaaaave,
      It's nothing but a gladiator graaaaaaaaave.
      And if I just stick to the plaaaaaaaaan,
      I think I'll turn into a lava maaaaaaan.
      'Think I'll turn into a: Lava maaan!

      :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz: :iconjakewiggleplz:


      Uncle Ben...…
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      • Reading: the words that I am typing
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      • Playing: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
      • Eating: a granola bar
      • Drinking: Water (in a Kingsley's Adventure bottle)
      Hey everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you fine ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone has a great 2012, full of art, fun, and zombies. Good luck in the impending apocalypse everyone, you may just need it!
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      • Watching: myself type things.
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      Greetings programs!

      I've been a bit busy recently and haven't been on much as of late, but I figured I'd wish everyone here a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, or what have you...)and Happy New Year!

      End of line.
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      Hey there everyone, WolfTron here, just a new journal as you can see...
      Had a bit of trouble with my drawing programs, but that's over.
      Also, the computer room has been flooding with the recent rain, which doesn't help with electronics!

      -Up for art trades if there are any takers?
      -If anyone wants to pay me some points or some such thing to make some art, comment or note me.

      That's all I really have to say, thanks for your time, WolfTron out!

      Well, don't know what I'm doing now, so if anyone's up for art trades or whatever, be my guest... :)
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      Hey guys... No clue if I'm going to be on regularly or not, but we'll see. I plan on submitting art occasionally now, so hopefully that goes okay. It's been quite a while hahaa but I'm sure I'll manage to seep back into the dA lifestyle... How's it going everyone?

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      • Watching: Spider-Man The Animated Series (90s Cartoon)
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      • Drinking: Water
      Bye everyone, I'm probably not coming back. Heck I haven't been on for a year... You guys probably guessed this about a year ago lol. Well, I'd just like to thank everyone who made my stay at DA an enjoyable experience, and to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. See all of you later... well actually not, because I probably won't be here... but whatever, you get it. Bye everyone, may you have wonderful happy lives and PWN n00Bs all over Halo!

      WolfTron out... December 26 2008
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      Hey everyone, WolfTron here! nothing much to talk about... School is almost over, which is good. But on the bad side, I have a whole bunch of B-I-G final exams to write. >_<
      Just writing in my journal to let you know I'm still alive. Tired, and busy, but alive.         




      -none planned


      :icontani-tiger: :iconcrashgirlfriend: :iconhiphop-crash: :iconuka-uka: :icontaylor12345: :iconrgin: :iconxxbandicootbabexx: :icondusticthewolf: :iconwingedwolves: :iconbandicooty: :icontaronuke: :iconartfulfart: :iconultimate-okamiaddict:
      It's getting closer to Christmas!!! WAHOO!!!! Hey everyone. I am open for any trades.
      EDIT: I have decided to make 2 RANDOM gift arts for 2 RANDOM people.

      Gift Art 1: :iconhiphop-crash: - Finished…
      Gift Art 2: :iconrgin: - Finished…

      EDIT: sry about all the journal updates :(




      :icontani-tiger: :iconcrashgirlfriend: :iconhiphop-crash: :iconuka-uka: :icontaylor12345: :iconrgin: :iconxxbandicootbabexx: :icondusticthewolf: :iconbandicooty: :icontaronuke:


      An Ōkami is a japanese wolf, that has been extinct since 1905. See this… for more on the Ōkami.
      Nothin much going on right now. I've been doing a lot of drawing lately and schools going ok. I updated my site a little. Ya, not much to talk about. I'm open trades right now. I don't feel like doing requests.




      :icontani-tiger: :iconcrashgirlfriend: :iconhiphop-crash: :iconuka-uka: :icontaylor12345: :iconxxbandicootbabexx: :icondusticthewolf: :iconbandicooty:
      I actually got a request!!!


      :iconbandicooty: Evil Dead picture: 100% complete…


      :bulletgreen:Art Trades:




      :icontani-tiger: :iconcrashgirlfriend: :iconhiphop-crash: :iconuka-uka: :icontaylor12345: :iconxxbandicootbabexx: :icondusticthewolf: :iconbandicooty:

      :bulletgreen::bulletred: THE WOLF OF FREEDOM :bulletred::bulletgreen:

      This Wolf is to tell everyone that I don't contribute to those little tag games like the beautiful stick. This is a friendly reminder that I will NOT continue those chains. So please do not tag me. Thank-you!


      I havn't been doing much lately. I've registered on youtube, and updated  just a little on the Crash Bandicoot 64 Forum… Crash site is also doing fine… *you can post and join the forum if you like*


      Art Trades- none

      Big Deviatations- none
      :bulletred: :bulletgreen: Go to… :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

      Check out the link above to see my new Crash site ;)

      Feel free to post things and join the forum! Also, check out the games :)
      Hope to see ya there :D
      Hey Everyone! How are you all doing?

      :) Well, lets get down to the point. I am creating a special Crash Bandicoot fan site just for all the Crash fans out there. Why? I can't quite figure that out. It is not finished yet, so be patient. :)

      :bulletred: :bulletgreen: Go to… :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

      I hope you enjoy this unfinished site! :)