Cost of Breeding is either 1 training picture (full body, color, background, with rider) or 100:points:.
You will always make the breeding picture and may make the foal design if you wish.
You may breed two of my horses together, but payment is for EACH horse.

If a horse is not on the list they are NOT up for leasing, do not ask!
Yes, YOU get paid when you lease a WTS horse
Show Lease: You lease the horse in 1 full competition (full body images required) OR 2 mini shows (only headshots required), payment is 1 breeding to leased horse OR one full body sketch of your horse of choice.
1 Month Lease: You lease the horse for 1 month (4 weeks) starting on an agreed on date, you must draw the horse at least TWICE during the month and may enter it in as many shows during that time as you like, payment is 1 breeding to a WTS horse of your choice (veto rights reserved) OR one full body color image of your horse of choice.
All Leases receive 20 :points: in addition to the above.
Payment is only made after the lease is completed, if the lease is incomplete (one picture in a month or one mini show entry or nothing at all) you will not be paid.
Breedings to leased horses will only be available when they are up for breeding, you've simply already paid. Every horse will be available for breeding at least once a year.

WTS Subtlety by lionsilverwolf
WTS Subtlety - 1 Month OR Show Lease

WTS Farren by lionsilverwolf
WTS Farren - 1 Month OR Show Lease

WTS Sotiris 021 by lionsilverwolf
WTS Sotiris - Show Lease Only

WTS Vizhadi Noreth by lionsilverwolf
WTS Vizhadi Noreth - Show Lease Only

WTS Duster by lionsilverwolf
WTS Duster - Show Lease Only

WTS Varvara by lionsilverwolf
WTS Varvara - 1 Month OR Show Lease

WTS Funky Music by lionsilverwolf
WTS Funky Music - 1 Month OR Show Lease

WTS Sleepless Nights by lionsilverwolf
WTS Sleepless Nights - 1 Month OR Show Lease

WTS Zarza by lionsilverwolf
WTS Zarza - 1 Month OR Show Lease

WTS White Russian On The Rocks by lionsilverwolf
WTS White Russian on the Rocks - Show Lease Only
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