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Elliott Adean Eris Micheals on the basketball team

My name is Adean, I know I named my dragonsona after my nickname calling her Adean Eris Micheals she’s pretty much me in a way. I get inspired by Disney, Don Bluth, comics, books, Video games, anime, art, life, and more. I love animals especially dogs, wolves, lions, dragons, dinosaurs, and horses and making up new creatures. I love seeing real animals and going to Walt Disney World and watching Disney+, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu on tv and devices. I dream of being a animator and singing and playing the keyboard and doing voiceover for my babies and characters I grew up with. I love Star Wars and Marvel, I get inspired by the movies Pete’s Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon, Balto, White Fang, The Lion King and more. I’m a big Pokémon and Digimon fan ever since I was a kid I watched the anime on tv and played the games and collected the cards and toys, my real passion comes in being a master artist like the animators from Disney and Dreamworks and I have a big thing for My Little Pony but don’t remember too much from the old tv shows but might rewatch the older generations of My Little Pony to get inspiration to draw them and make my own pony ocs from different generations of MLP but also come up with my own style of drawing ponies.

I play the keyboard, I love to sing karaoke, make fan videos.

I love to draw.

I‘m inspired and fascinated in animation/cartooning, voice acting, comics, illustrations and music and songs.

I love going places to get inspiration outside my art studio especially Walt Disney World, the countryside and the beach and really love going to conventions.

I learned to draw ever since I was old enough to pick up a pencil and loved drawing dinosaurs which were the first animals I ever fell in love with and grew up loving films, cartoons, comics, books with illustration, music, board games, toys but haven’t gotten into video games till i was about 11 years old. I would love to go back to Walt Disney World someday to get many photos on my iphone and post them here on DA.

I love drawing more then anything.

I grew up watching cartoons on tv and vhs tapes and my well loved inspirations have been:


Don Bluth

random cartoons like the Non Disney version of The Reluctant Dragon which I also had on vhs tape, Pokemon, Digimon, the cats from Salior Moon which were the three main anime cartoons I grew up with as a child, Littlest Pet Shop because I used to collect the toys and make up my own adventures for the pets to go on, Warner Brothers Cartoons like Bugs Bunny and the Animaniacs, The Peanuts animated cartoon, old school Nickelodeon cartoons like Catdog and the Rugrats, I grew up with a ton of cartoons and I still love them today.

My dream is to be a

Cartoonist/animator/character designer/storyboard artists/background artist.

I love the art of animation and when I was at Walt Disney World I got a framed traditional drawing of Mickey Mouse from Fantasia which was signed for me which inspires me to draw animation sketches and animation cels and original sketches.

I draw stuff off of YouTube when I pause it then take a screenshot of it to draw it for inspiration and even draw my pictures from comics, illustrated novels, photos from life, how to draw books, stuff on Pinterest, etc.

My Art heroes:

Walt Disney, Frank and Ollie, Don Bluth and Floyd Norman

I’m also inspired by classic artists like Leonardo and Salvador Dali.

Favorite animals:


Big cats





Personal Quote: Cartoonist are artists too.

Favorite Comics:

My Little Pony IDW comics, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey Mouse, Beastars, Pokémon manga, Bone

My other accounts:




I love Dinosaurs
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Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Wolf Children,Pete’s Dragon 1977,HTTYD,Detective Pikachu
Favourite TV Shows
Pokemon series, The Lion Guard, Ducktales, HTTYD Netflix series
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Owl City, Phil Collins, Mandopony, Imagine Dragons
Favourite Books
Erin Hunter books, Harry Potter,Disney books and Graphic novels, Wings of Fire, White Fang
Favourite Games
Pokemon,Okami,Spyro,Super Smash Bros,Digimon World Cyber Sluth
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS, Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Paper, pens,ibispaint app,iPad Pro,Clip Studio Paint

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Thanks for the fav :)

Not right now but thanks

Request: do you think you can draw both Beatrice stork in her dragon form & your dragon adean being together or so?

I don’t know if I can do that now but thanks anyways

your welcome so when do you think you're gonna be able to do it?