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Summarizing year 2012 by WolfsNeverDie Summarizing year 2012 by WolfsNeverDie
Another year is coming to an end, so it's time to look back at what i have done art wise this year. You can call this piece as partial return of me to DA from hiatus, though i most likely will be more active once more after new-years. Can't promise anything =w='' Feel free to poke me though o3o''

Well then, about my growth (or regression) art wise this year. Collected pictures that most haven't seen and i really liked, though not all is there ^^''

January - got my first tablet! (love you ~wolfsbainhaku sooooooo much~ >3< You made my year!) That is one of the first pictures with it. Full digital fullbody portrait seen on my tumblr, though will have to search for it long XD

February - got more used to tablet. Dragon there is one of my most popular pictures this year XD RoRaiRen for ArdeosBane, which has now closed *sigh* sadly. Still like his design, so might reuse him somewhere XD

March - 8th March around here is Women's day. So i drew a watercolour picture for it in a way ^^~ It's not official holliday, but still celebrated. Neboysa from devToy-store: is giving flowers to Delilah, *Ashurst character from the store ^^

April - At the end of March, found and joined an avatar site called Really a fun place, where i met a lot of good people. Started to draw things fro there. Freebies at the beginning, later commissions for site money XD

May - most of the month i spent drawing a comics about Neboysa and his friend/helper first meeting in a long time XD Was an interesting project, made me train with ink =w=~ I like comics XD
The fragment is from page 9 [link]

June - Spent drawing mostly digitaly yet again. Start of rather productive summer, even if most of the pieces didn't saw the light of day besides some people >w>'' Ah well XD The piece visible there is one of my Ernya avatar looks from summer. Did lots of Ernya pieces in June...

July - that was a wulfor month for me. Drew silverbloods again since a long time again! Happy month, in a way... Though the fragment seen there is from a piece not yet finished, nor uploaded =w='' Some have seen the WIP's though XD

August - At this month i started my monochromatic sketch commissions ^^~ (still have pieces to finish OTL *kicks procrastination* *sigh* like that would help.)

September - started to challenge myself and drew something i had never drawn before - city at night. That was quite a challenge, yet in same time fun work >w<~Thank you friends in skype, who helped me during process with advice~ >w< Still could be better though o3o

October - this month was rather empty drawing wise... Didn't drew much. But played a bit with oekaki board at XD That is the first piece, in Halloween feel~
[link] (no idea if will work for you XD )

November - Another very silent month. Tried to concentrate on writing, as it's NaNoWriMo month. Still couldn't keep away from drawign fully XD Just a couple of sketches though =w=''
Bit from notebook for wolfie >3< Wolfie and Nothing =w=~

December - yet again started slowly back on more regular drawing treck, though still procrastinating too much =w='' Started with painting another scenery. Rather simple one with cherry tree and waterfall >w< Might upload it later on DA.... For now, just on tumblr.

Well then, have summarized more or less the last year =w=~ Half of the December still left, but doubt it will change much XD

Feel free to leave a comment or critique!
SRLAC Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I still stand by my comments on Skype <3
Digital art in your arsenal has vastly improved your skills in a lot of areas XD I hope that you will keep continuing to improve <3
WolfsNeverDie Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you~ >w<
Well, i still have much to grow and learn =w='' Like digital colouring, as am currently failing it =~=
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