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-Must have a clear ref
-If you want something specific, tell me
-telling me the relation between two characters you want me to draw will help with the pose

Traditional Headshot- 10:points:
Baqqins  by wolfsmoothie
Digital headshot- 10:points:
.:Headshot Example:. by wolfsmoothie

Digital Fullbody (flatcolor)- 20:points:
.:Kota:. by wolfsmoothie.:Mister-Winchester:. by wolfsmoothie.:calimurr:. by wolfsmoothie
Two characters(max atm)- 35:points:
.:Mister-Winchester:. by wolfsmoothie.:Mister-Winchester:. by wolfsmoothie

(will add more asap)
So I kinda abandon my youtube account a few months ago because its just ew but I just want your guys opinions on whether to start up again or nah?

My channel is found here:…
.:Kota:. by wolfsmoothie
I really want some Lou journal dolls for my page ;-;
So does anybody wanna do an art trade...?
Or have cheap point commissions..?
Kinda wanna take point commissions but I dunno. :<
What should the price range be?