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Lycoris The Ghost

By WolfsharkCC
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In serpent form her tongue is almost always flicking out, for smell-vision of course.
Her tail also drags around all the time, this is for balance and for sensing vibrations.
For battle purposes she digs her claws into the ground to sense vibrations as well.
The small blue one is just a curious reference to show what colors she would normally have. (Without Achromia)

Much like those blind glasses she wears that dark blue sash around her eyes, only on rare occasions will she take it off (Only at night or in a dark place)

Name: Lycoris Forster
Nicknames: Ghost
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'06”
Weight: 124 LBS
Species: Serpent

Appearance and specifics:

Is an albino and suffers from the usual blindness and deafness. She has always been completely blind and with about 50% hearing capability lost. At the most normal speaking sounds like whispering to her so she can understand and speak, though she sometimes has some volume problems with her voice.

Overall: Completely blind, 50% deaf, Depends on her sense of touch, smell and what remains of her hearing to get around in the world. (And does a pretty good job with it.)

Appearance wise she could be considered pretty looking, though with her albinism her complexion is a pale white, her eyes are a fogged silver with blood red pupils, and her hair is a really pale silver color. So others will find that completely unnatural or either go with it. Because of this she cannot safely be in direct sunlight so she can either come out at night or go outside under a cloak. (or risk getting those burn freckles or get burned in general.)

Born in a family of woodsmen/wood workers she was born into the high middle class, in general her parents where really supportive of the government and her two twin brothers had joined as guards/soldiers. So when it was time for her to be born her parents where expecting everything to be normal like last time and get their child blessed ETC... Instead they got something else, she was born what could be seen as a sickly child who had been given the short end of the stick. Despite this her mother decided to keep her, raising her in seclusion since her father felt partially ashamed of having such a sick and practically 'useless' child (with how the village would see her anyways.)

She grew up in the house basement for her safety, there she could be safe since she could not see and she would never be exposed to judging eyes. Here she learned and developed her preference of smell, by instinct she adapted to make with what she could and it worked quite well. Though she was rather confused as to why she was never allowed outside or to play with other children.

Eventually once she reached teen years she got her hopes shattered as she was left behind from island school, being bluntly told that she would never make a good mate and that she couldn't possibly take care of a family neither. This eventually angered her, since she could get around just fine by her own means and she started to rebel after that. She became envious of the outside world and most people in it, she wanted it as well so when she snuck out for the first time she really had no intentions of returning back home.

Here she learned that the world of the forest at night was one of the most beautiful and fascinating things ever, the new feel and smell of everything sending her into bliss overload, from here she spent all night testing the new smells and being really interested in the different plants... until her father set out to drag her back despite her protests.
She continued to do this for years, sneaking out collecting samples and honing her skills at getting around in complex environments. She now spent days outside vanishing for days and sleeping in a secret cave she had found. Her parents started to worry because of this behavior and kept it as a family secret... otherwise she might end up in the dungeon or killed for her new behavior.

As of current day she is 17 years old and her parents have kind of grown used to her outings, not really liking it but they have come to terms that if she gets caught there is nothing they can do to stop her since she has a thing for getting out of the basement. But she is far from being dumb and 'feral' she has learned to listen and stay away from judging eyes since she can smell someone coming before they see her. She has learned that sometimes a feral yet cunning and sneaky mind can really go the distance to keep her doings a secret.

Note: So basically with that most of the village should be unaware of her existence, save for her family, and family friends. Very few from outside those have seen her but just overlook it or never really pay attention.

Was mostly like her mother, just wanting to have a normal life like any other village girl. However when she was left behind when it came to 'island school' she kind of changed after that since she realized that she was too 'different' from anyone else... then she turned a different page.

As of now:
Much like her grandmother now she goes by voice of reason and conscience, having grown up in a world where she had to listen, think, and remember rather than act. She is a thinker rather than a doer and when it does comes to acting she thinks of every possible way to approach it and eventually decides the best way to approach said problem.

General personality bits:

Is a scientific and thought driven mind, she has learned to stay smart and not trust in anyone save for herself. This is the reason why she hasn't been caught yet...she plays smart and has been around long enough to know exactly what happens to people like her. (Thus when around her family she tends to play oblivious or play the 'completely helpless and non threatening sickly person'. She is far from being this of course.

She likes challenges, of the mental kind. She over thinks everything and every possible scenario that she can come up with. She has become a well minded tactician despite her odd nature and seems to be really gifted at that, however if it ever came to a physical fight she would be the kind to outwit and use all of her street and forest smarts to loose them or make them run into trouble without having to fight herself.

Seems to have a tough and sour exterior when around strangers, though once she softens up she's a fun loving person. She likes plants, oddities of nature, and would love to just hang around and be of some use.

Has a strange form of dark humor, It may creep someone out. (See relationships for a good example of how weird this gets)

Is feral to some extent, but like stated she is hush and smart about it. She wouldn't dare chase a rat down the street or come out of the woods dragging around some dead deer like a proud hunting trophy or anything.

Overall the years have turned her into an untamed creature who's heart belongs in nature and science rather than a basement. She is every willing to fight for what she thinks is right and for those who have befirended her.


Towards friends:
She would value any friendship and try her best to make decisions if they ask her to do so. She could serve the role as a supportive character or maybe even a tactician... in other words she knows how to get around things... she probably even memorized the best paths to get out of the town unseen as well.

Also she could be pretty useful at protecting her friends if they have gotten in deep trouble, after all with her sense of smell she could probably pick up any assassin before they even get close to her.

Towards romantic interest:

What are big no's and she would much rather push these kind of people off a cliff: Huge jerks, overly sophisticated know it all's who think they are always right, overly cowardly people, and ESPECIALLY anyone who thinks that the current laws and customs are A-okay and act like total sheep.

Now on with the real thing ___

Definitely not the romantic type I can imagine her perfectly in some kind of 'battle ready couple who watch each other's back' kind of relationship. She likes challenges and and wishes to be as useful to someone as much as she can, so it's safe to say that she isn't a 'civilized' woman by village/serpent terms. She's a wild spirit and even with her blindness and sensitive skin nothing can hold back her tomboyish spirit, so if anyone can get past that then the 'real' fun starts XD. (Not to mention looks don't count here cuz she's 100% blind and all she gets to work with are voices and their unique scent.)

She won't be a woman of hugs, normal dates, or moonlight strolls neither. She is DEFINATELY NOT romantic and would much rather have fun and do some bonding in the middle of the woods doing bear hunting, collecting plants for her experiments, or doing some friendly sparring. (Cue laughing like maniacs while being chased by a bear... yeah perfect bonding time absolutely nothing wrong there...) So MAYBE they can grow into that lifestyle and 'hopefully' find it fun like she does. But despite this she would be very willing to fight tooth and fang, shove them in the right direction, loose a limb ETC for them, she wouldn't want her boyfriend to take an early dirt nap neither.

One of the more amusing parts of such a relationship would probably be her way of keeping someone out of harm's way and say how much she cares...with some friendly and sarcastic threats. This would be more of a comedic thing since she would probably be saying “don't die out there...that's supposed to be my job.” or “you want to do something dangerous then let me push you off the nearest cliff -gently of course.” So she would have some very weird sense of humor and whatever lucky man gets her attention they either need to shrug it off or laugh along with her comments. (I will feel very sorry for that person...but I guess at least someone has to laugh at her dark humor.)

And finally, if she thinks they died or something and they come back A-ok she will probably punch them in the gut or face, call them an idiot, and then promptly soften up while rambling about nearly having a panic attack.

Other ramblings -

((Possibly for some added irony she would fall similar to her grandmother, just say she fell for a guard/soldier in a rather unconventional way. He did the equivalent of calling her something seductively and he got punched in the face and probably kicked in the groin... he learned his lesson and eventually fell for the spitfire of her granny. She probably still lives though and runs some sort of clothing booth, giving any shoplifters a good whooping! So she can be one of the grumpy village elders.)

So you can surprise me with who even manages to remain sane around this somewhat crazy lady, I’m a sucker for completely out of the average relationships and this one would definitely be beyond weird but strangely adorable... with running away from bears and other potentially dangerous animals XD Got some inspiration from extreme sports for that. So if it ever comes to that I can help you out with some semi comedic situations for that!

(C) Serpents of old = Heserpenty.
(C) Art/concept = Wolfshark
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Lycoris is a very interesting character. Possibly one that might end up with a vital role in the story, since she's a rebel in nature. She has to be careful in the forest, though. The forest is dotted with a lot of Rewald's (my OC) snares... not that Rewald knows Lycoris sneaks out in the forest at night, that is.

"She now spent days outside vanishing for days and sleeping in a secret cave she had found."

I'm certainly hoping that this cave she found isn't the same cave where Rewald lived in for five years straight. Meow :3 

"What are big no's and she would much rather push these kind of people off a cliff: ESPECIALLY anyone who thinks that the current laws and customs are A-okay and act like total sheep."

I doubt that Lycoris and Rewald would get along in one click, but let me copy some info from Rewald's profile:

"Whether you like it or not, he HAS a superpower, and that is to pretend that he gives a d*mn to the Pledge and the Council’s pitily-@$$ problems. That’s 24/7, buddy."
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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist
Glad to hear you like my Albino serpent 83

I doubt they would be in the same cave since she's been sneaking out for years, depending on the little hearing she has, her nose, and her taste. Since it's like that of a snake on steroids she can probably smell out if another serpent or a creature was in an area before... she's probably got a few tricks to evade hunter traps as well. Naturally she's got super on steroids sense of smell since her eyes don't work at all, basically her sense of smell developed into her main sense. thus = Ninja sense serpent was born. 

Well she will probably have some enemies if she doesn't scare people first for being mistaken as a ghost since I doubt serpents have seen much albinism and just staring into those blood tinted eyes should be enough to make most children cower in fear.
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
There she iiiiis!! You really put so much thought into this girl! I have ideas for how to use her in the comic.. as long as you don't mind being patient XDD

I'm so excited! Thanks for making a character and giving me all sorts of fresh new ideas!
Also (comment stalking)... I see ideas about OCs possibly being friends with each other.. this kinda stuff pleases me like you wouldn't believe <33

SOOooo Exciiiitteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! :D :D
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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist
Glad to hear ya like this odball so much 83. And no worries I can wait patience is my middle name lol, though I do wonder how you would incorporate her 'smellovision' since that's her main sense. So glad to be of service for those extra ideas will be cool to see her in motion and possibly scare the crap out of people at first (with the paleness and blood red pupils of course, also the fact that she would freak out at being discovered.)

And yeah I don't mind her having a few allies who were unlucky to run into her lol.

And also if you ever need it or will use them I can quick sketch her relatives. 
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ya the fact that she's so well developed will make it easier for me to accurately portray her character! It's too bad I don't get to go into detail in the main comic about all these cool characters' backstories! But it still helps to know what they are! Like I said I do have an idea brewing! And her "smellovision" would come in quite handy! :D

Ooo If you wanted to sketch her relatives that'd be great!! :D :D.. otherwise they'd end up looking like my guesses based off ur descriptions XD

I'm so glad you're interested enough in the story to create a character for it! it means a lot!!
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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist
Glad to hear ya like her so much 83 consider her your character since it's your story and all I'm just writing down the basics lol. And I do see her unusual way of getting around being of quite some use...figures she'd have the nose of a bloodhound to realistically evade detection for quite a while.

And I shall work on her relative then. I need to work on humans more at the moment since my second comic idea is not gonna be made for a good while from now. 83

And glad to hear you like her so much, I have never seen anyone be so exited over an OC before that's super nice 83. I'm sure I will have my own exited moments once someone creates a GF OC.
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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist
That sounds interesting, as far as she would know no one else was left behind. (well technically she was banished like you said). So if Tia would be lucky enough to actually run into her while sneaking about at night I would say that is a possibility.
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DreamfollowerHobbyist General Artist
yay! Also welcome to deviantart!  Oh and have u been following Serpents of old for long? : 3 Or are u perhaps a new fan?
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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist
Been a while, I am originally from comic fury and Tumblr. Mostly known for working on Gilded fire > gildedfire.thecomicseries.com/ (to be released this 30th.)
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DreamfollowerHobbyist General Artist
and now you have wound up here on DA! :D haha. And I'll be sure to check it out : 3 Also, now that u have an SoO OC, this may interest u you
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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist
Yep I draw lotsa dragons XD And that game idea seems promising. I think she would make an interesting story since most of her doings likely don't revolve around the town. Since she is very self aware of her 'mutation' and appearance. Though I plan to make a small comic to do some human practice to show how she got the nickname of ghost and how she stuck with it.
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DreamfollowerHobbyist General Artist
haha i should practice drawing animals/creatures actually. I mostly draw. Correction i only draw humans XD but i plan to start a comic soon that will have a variety of diffrent creatures so that should help lol
And yea for sure her one would be very intersting! :D Im afriad it'll take a while to do though as im only one person and this things take alot of time
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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist
Oh you are the opposite of me then XD. After GF has advanced quite a bit I will likely start on my second comic series 'Not a hero' I will have to draw humans there along with some other beasties but mostly humans. But for now I am probably going to practice some human stuff with some short comics based off Lycoris here. Some past events basically, mainly the ones that shaped her up to what she is now or reveal some personality bit.

Ah no worries take your time. I'm not the kind of person to rush stuff 83
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DreamfollowerHobbyist General Artist
Oh fantastic! :D Another OC ^^ maybe Tia(my OC/) and Lycoris can be friends! Tia is kind of a social outcast you see, having been banished from the island school for being barren
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