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MalO ver1.0.0

 It all began when I had gotten my first android. I was really excited to look up the internet and play some of these games that other had played on their phones. The apps I had were apps I use for a daily bases like Gmail. The games I had were Angry Birds which was and still is my favorite games. One day I was getting tired of playing Angry Birds for one day and wanted to try something totally different. The app store didn’t seems to have much so I just kept playing Angry Birds.

 One day I received my first email on my phone with a link called Applications Store. The email talked of a certain app known only as “MalO ver1.0.0”. No reviews had been made for this application and there was no developer listed anywhere. So I was assuming that this app was just made. This application was much like Facebook, however it was only made for the purpose of being lonely. It was like talking to one of those smart A.I. programs like cleverbot. The email states the more a participate in MalO, the more it will engage me. the email also noted no ads so I went ahead and gave this app a try. The app wasted no time in downloading but I had some studies I need to do for Monday testing, so it would have to wait until to tomorrow.

 When the week had finally began MalO hadn’t download. There was no shortcuts nor icons for it. I thought for certain the app had downloaded yesterday. Figured I had wasted my time with some sort of scam. Just after three hours I received a text from my phone. It was a picture message but there was no name or phone number on the text. I opened up the message to a somewhat very disturbing image. There was a background of some sort with what I am describing as some kind of wolf like monster within the background. It had a human body with the skull of some type of dog with these white clear eyes. My only reaction was to delete the message. Now my time had really been wasted.

 The following Sunday I had been doing more studies until my phone began to keep beeping. This app could not leave this phone. It seemed like every 3-6 hours the same message would open up. There were a lot of background and foreground changes but the only thing that never changed was this wolf humanoid like figure with the long black hair. However, this image was entirely different. The picture showed this figure in the parking lot of the mall. Then my mind turned to questions. The parking lot at the mall is where I usually visit some friends who like to chill out while I have to put up with their constant cigarette smoking all in my face. Now I wondered, how does the MalO know where I visit most the time?

 Two days had passed and the constant messages never stopped. Now they were even more scarier than before. The same humanoid wolf figure was there but the scariest part was the location. Five minutes ago I had went to the local gas station supermarket for a snack. When I left, I got another text again from MalO. This time, this “thing” was at the same gas station I stopped at five minutes ago. This was going on for too long. My phone must have been hacked. I locked my phone away to avoid more messages till I can call the phone company my phone may have been hacked.

 It had been a total ninety hours since I’ve seen this disturbing images. now I may be going insane. Now I see this figure before my very eyes. No matter where I am, I constantly see this thing everywhere and it’s not even there. I tried to talk to it. “What do you want from me?” I asked in a hysterical state of being. “Why must you torment me any longer?” As I broke down crying, begging for it to go away, silhouettes appear before me. “Where is it?” one of the silhouettes asked in a monotone voice. “We know everything, now hand over your phone.” he demanded. “Who are you?” I ask. They just looked at then snatched the phone from my pocket. “Subject has been exposed from attempts to communicate with this “MalO. Terminate the subject.” the man ordered. They opened fire at me and I fell to the floor gasping, slowly losing my vision “Subject terminated. We have the phone.” was all I heard from the man. As my vision slowly faded, I notice a logo on one of the men that shot me. The last second my vision faded the logo looked like some kind of containment group logo. The last thing I saw on the logo was something called S-C-P.
It's been a while since I wrote anything. Any ways this is a little story based off MalO ver1.0.0 or best known as SCP-1471. This is completely to the rightfull owners of the SCP. This story was simply an inspiration from the actually SCP itself. This is the first time and at least I'm trying my best at it.
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Please some one can give me a link to download the original malo v 1.0.0