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JI: Ozzieh Harrison

Added+++ Charlie has grown up b 5 months worth of time. So he's actually a young adult dog now and almost 9 months old
He now looks like dis

Thats her art right DERRRRR -points- SHE SHOOOOO GOOOOOOD.

Another app for :iconjabberwock-isle:


Name and Status

Ozzieh Harrison [ Alive ] 

Age and Grade

18 => 19[Senior]

Date of Birth

September 25th (Libra)




5’7 (174 cm)

Super High School Level

Police Cadet- "Without order we have chaos!"

Police officers usually have sworn an oath to the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, protection and assistance of the general public, and the maintenance of public order.

 have the power to arrest and detain people for a limited amount of time, along with other duties and powers. Some officers are trained in special duties, counter-terrorism, surveillancechild protectionVIP protectioncivil law enforcement, and investigation into major crime including fraud, rape, murder, and drug trafficking. In most countries police officers are given exemptions from certain laws to perform their duties. For example an officer may use force if necessary to arrest or detain a person when it would ordinarily be assault. Officers can also break road rules to perform their duties.

Despite him not being quite old enough to officially get the title of officer, Ozzieh still has a skill set that far surpasses his fellow cadets in the academy. Practically the equivalent of advanced education when it comes to the police curriculum, Ozzieh has the skills of a person who has been out on the field for years and then some. To be a police officer depending on your field you need a variety of talents. Ozzieh might not be the smartest or necessarily the strongest, but the combined might of his reflexes and knowledge on how to handle and take down assailants leaves him a great asset directly out on the field. He can work in teams, or //try// to command the troops, but more often than not a "subtle" hand is necessary and he will go in alone.

Special Notes

Ethnicity and Homeland

Arabic Egyptian/Australian [USA]

Key Features

(+) Large burn scar over the left half of his face and shoulder

(+) His left eye is milky and faint, he is blind on this side

(+) Toned athletic build => even more beef

(+) Ever present smile=> its there 80% of the time now

(+) Large canine like incisors

((+)) Long shoulder length hair *new

((+)) A bit of fluffy chest hair *new


On-Hand: “I always come prepared!”

(+) Communication earpiece (no longer functioning)

(+) Police Gear
Baton/Tonfa, MISSING (Gun), MISSING (Ammo), MISSING (Bullet proof Vest), Police Tape, Hand-Cuffs, Police Badge

(+) Binoculars

(+) Photo of stepfather

(+) Scrapbook: includes some of the people from the force, friends, childhood pics, lots of animals, some rescues

(+) Stereotypical man drawer for all ur man needs

(+) Dog Supplies
Leash, Dog bed, Dog toys, Dog dishes, ect

(+) Old Ipod w/ Earbuds

Acquired From the Isle: “Wow you can find so many things here!”

028. Queen's Straitjacket 
028. Queen’s Straitjacket
This hand-binding garment was worn by the genius magician Queen Teruko during her escape magic performances. Apparently there are people who might enjoy being bound up.

066. Gag Ball 
066. Gag Ball 
You bite into this toy like a dog. When you do, you end up making a funny face. That's why it's called a gag ball.

053. Razor Ramon HG 
053. Razor Ramon HG 
A cooking device that makes pho simply by putting leftover rice inside it. Vietnamese food has surged in popularity due to this item.

115. Gachapon 
115. Gachapon- Cage
"It's a large, sturdy dog crate. It can detain your dog! ...or roommate, if they're an average-sized human being."

121. Rubber Chicken 
121. Rubber Chicken
"This little guy randomly appeared in your mailbox. His overzealous face peeked out at you when you opened it as if to say 'Dad?'"

115. Gachapon 
115. Gachapon- BB Gun
"It's a BB gun, preloaded with 15 steel pellets."

Gifts and Purchases: “Dawww really for lil ol me??”

116. Present 
116. Present- Pagers
"A box set containing eight small pagers and a plastic recharge station! Do people really use these anymore? The label on the back of the box lists them as a limited two way communication device. However the word cap per message is small and you'd need the code for a specific pager to initiate contact. No wonder these are mostly out of style, who would use these when you have phones with limitless texting??"

Currently 6 of the pagers are being lent out to others.
Currently 1 has been lost due to a death.

040. Jabbaian Jewelry 
040. Jabbaian Jewelry (From Flynt Andrews)
A pendant designed with a coconut tree motif. There's a custom on Jabberwock Island in which parents give this to their children so they can one day pass it down to their own kids.

116. Present 
116. Present- Laptop (From Emmett Gorelov)
"The working laptop found at Electric Avenue has been refactored to receive footage from a standalone webcam. It archives the footage to a folder when it senses movement."

 120. Weird Bobble Head (Extra Character) 

120. Weird Bobble Head
"There are so many of this odd souvenir all over the isle and its gift shops that you're sick of seeing it! Well, it *is* kind of cute..."

109. Man's Nut 
109. Man's Nut (From Flynt Andrews)
A huge nut that can't be found in nature. It's said to exist within a man's heart. It's also said that consuming this will increase your power to pursue romance.

125. Community Cottage 
125. Community Cottage (Roomies: Flynt, Alouette)
Now it's a party! Allows you the opportunity to room with someone of the opposite sex AND/OR room three people per cottage

126. ID+ 
126. ID+
"Can you hear me now? Upgrades all your characters IDs to receive calls and DMs between other ID+ holders."






Ozzieh used to be a lot more like a puppy and give off that boy next door vibes. Always trying to make friends with everyone and help the people around him out of the goodness of his heart. He put his all into everything he did and didnt mind if there was some flack or not. Ozzieh was practically the picture boy of heroics and justice itself!! As time goes by though even the once prestigious and strong Police Cadet has taken a toll emotionally and mentally from the island. Building closer bonds with others he eventually lost focus on his work which drove him solely for years on end.

Even now Ozzieh is still the kind of guy who seeks justice above everything else. He's already slipped before due to relationships but sticks by that he shouldnt let it interfere too much with his work.. but he's only human and has fallen quite a bit from his wall like commitments before. Even now he is still charming to some and generally tries to be nice.. though he seems more tired and more real with his emotions than before. Never the less he's always someone you can count on as not only a friend but also as a crime fighter. He'll listen to anyones issues and look at them with unbiased eyes. To him its mostly the crimes that are evil, the people can be every shade of gray inbetween.

Regardless even while receding into himself emotionally a bit Ozziehs still an extrovert through and through. Now its just focused mostly on slowly getting comfortable with his friends. His prior energy from before is lost. It almost seemed endless.. but actually now more than ever people will notice that he takes comfort with being with others. In fact he actually needs it.




As time has gone by Ozzieh has learned how to settle down in one place. His previous energy filled self that constantly needed something to do to even exist has seemed to vanish into thin air...or has it? The always perpetually chummy bup that was Ozzieh before maybe it needed those distractions. However now he is incapable of doing the past things he used to distract himself from his own thoughts. Because of his emotional state he's withdrawn into himself a lot and from others. Putting up barriers between himself and the people around him so he doesnt have to feel more hurt.

Technically he's always been the type of person who never expressed any negative emotions much. Now that they are starting to overtake them he not only wants to keep these moods away from everyone else, it also makes him self conscious and anxious to be around people. Considering himself a burden to those around him. The need him to be sunshine, the guiding light he's been as the ultimate cadet. The fact he fails at being the him he's suppose to be fills him with deep shame.

He's always been the kind of guy who would never sacrifice someone for his own sake. In fact its quite the contrary he'd rather sacrifice himself for everyone else.. he's actually been willing to do that from the start. He'd readily take a bullet for someone else if there was no other option. It's not like he considers his life unworthy of living but... if he can help others then his life was one worth living in his eyes.

Besides this he's still as stubborn as ever. His heart unwilling to commit to being with anyone especially after an emotional breakup, its become evident that his promiscuous traits are less hidden than before. Since being close to people in this way is one of the view things that gives him comfort and makes him happy. It's as if the sunshine tinted glass that was covering his life has finally been pulled back, and only the nitty gritty stuff remains.


You know life just has a way of going on no matter what. Some memories can be hazy and others are just so crisp you could never possibly forget them right? Well for Ozzieh those crisp memories are some of the very first he could remember. It felt like just yesterday when he was locked up in the cupboards in the back his mother worked at.

He had been nothing but a little boy at the time, visiting her job on one of his days off from school! It had been take your child to work day or at least that's what Ozzieh liked to call it. Really his mother just couldn't find a baby sitter at the time but still he had been unbearably happy to spend time with her aaaaaalll day. She'd diligently work the counter and he'd be sitting on the stool behind her on a nearby table. Kicking his feets over the end of his chair as he scribbled some lack luster doodles of them both.

Occasionally Ozzieh would tug at her skirt and she'd shoosh him with a smile. Telling him to be patient until she could go on her break. He'd pout and give her the puppy eyes, she'd raise a brow at him...he grew sheepish. It was their usual routine. He was a good boy though and just wanted his mom to be happy he wouldn't throw a tantrum! A few seconds later... whoops he needed to go to the bathroom! "Mom... I need to go pee I'ma use the restroom!!" He dashed off with his tiny backpack, his mothers voice echoing after him that the bathroom was a couple doors to the right.

Que scheduled potty break. Ozzieh was busy cleaning up his hands in the sink while on his tip toes. He had to follow the rules, the sign clearly stated to always wash your hands!! More time passed and with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoe he'd scurry back out the bathroom door... only something was... different? A scream in the distance and then silence. Did someone see a monster? Silly people the sun was still up! Ozzieh would then tip toe his way back around the corner only to see his mom with her arms raised behind her counter.

As if the world was moving in slow motion her head slowly turned to him in shock. Seeing her little boy walking in unknown to the dangers on the other side of his mother. A loud gruff get down could be heard and his mother was suddenly dropping onto the floor as gunfire ricocheted into the walls behind them. With a heavy heart and a hushed voice she'd whisper at her son to hide, shoving him into a cupboard before covering the door with boxes so it couldn't be tampered with.

More muffled yelling and bullets rang out, numerous screams and rushing feet ran by him. It was chaos at its finest...until there was nothing but... Silence.. and the sound of Siren's coming in from the distance. Ozzieh would call out for his mother, but for what seemed like hours no one would answer him. She never came to open the door back up for him and all he could do was cry as he was confined in this small box with no way of escape.

"Hey... hey kid where are you?!" The gruff voice returned after some time and Ozzieh started pounding the door terror stricken. He didn't want to be locked in this box forever!! Where was his mom? Soon enough the sound of boxes being shoved aside by a man and then the opening of his doors to a whole new... blood stricken world. A gruff face... he recognized the man. He was that police officer? Who always came by once a weak. He always seemed to try and get chummy with his mom with no success.. What was his name?? Mr...."mister Harrison?" a shaken voice cracked out. Behind the dead beat cop there was a lone white tarp covering something on the floor.... it was stained red.

So much would happen later. Due to... his mothers death and countless other people in that bank that day. He'd be taken into custody by the police.. they would try to contact his other relatives to well... no avail. His father had passed away a few years ago in the hospital due to a disease. His mother had been his only relative in America. With no relatives he'd be put up to adoption and shipped to some strangers house... but Ozzieh didn't want that. Clinging to his savior the whole time of the process. He refused to let go of the man who saved him. With his puppy dog eyes he'd stare up at the man desperate for some blessing. He didn't know Mr Harrison well at the time... but he would later through the years learn to call him dad.

His dad was his hope and his goal in life. Just like him one day he wanted to be able to protect the people around him. To save those who didn't have the power to save themselves. He'd constantly accompany him to the precinct and learned from many of the cops there, he'd follow his dad around and meet many more cops, build connections and be taught about every aspect of the force. Eventually he'd be allowed to be admitted into the police Academy early due to recommendations where eventually he received the title and badge for SHSL Police Cadet and become an official member of the SWAT. 

A couple years after that he would take a temporary leave to accept his admittance to Hope's Peak Academy but he soon hoped to be able to go back into the field. He couldn't stay stationary for long when so much injustice was still around him. Naturally when he'd leave Ozzieh brought along his trusty in training Police pup Charlemagne!


TDLR:!@! Ozzieh was just an average kid who wanted to spend time with his mom at her work place. She was a banker in the city and was constantly busy but he didn't mind!! However on this fateful day an organized group of criminals held up his mom's workplace and demanded money from the bank. Seeing her son into the crossfire and how antsy her assailants were she dove down to protect him and shoved him into a kind of cabinet. Luckily the criminals hadn't seen him but a police man who always came by once a week did. His mother died in the attack but all because of that one brave soul Ozzieh was saved. Till this day Ozzieh is doing his best to prevent any suffering he can around him one step at a time as the ultimate police cadet!!


(+) Talking with everyone
(+) Talking with his friends

(+) Being there for those who need it

(+) Doing...the best that he can

(+) Protecting the people, law, order

(+) Exercising/Jogging

(+) Sports

(+) A cold one with the boys

(+)Playing with Charlie

(+) Savory foods/Kebabs

(+) Friendly competition

(+) Wrestling/Mock battles

(+) Singing/Karaoke

(+) Dancing/Clubbing

(+) Exploring/Traveling

(+) Outgoing to the point people

(+) Any fun socializing activity!!

(+) Being a hero of JUSTICE!

(+) XXX


(-) Being a downer/hated

(-) Intense emotions

(-) Depression/Anxiety

(-) Crime/Death

(-) Making others sad

(-) The no fun zone

(-) Commitments outside his profession

(-) Feeling confined

(-) Targeted words about his scars

(-) Targeted words about his profession

(-) Entitlement 

(-) Animal cruelty

(-) Restrictions outside the law

(-) Being guilt tripped

(-) Confusing concepts

(-) Needing to crack down on his friends 
Gotta do watcha gotta do though

(-) Giving up!



Hand to Hand Combat 5*
(when not using a gun Ozzieh specializes in suppression hand-to-hand combat and use of tonfas)

Situational Knowledge 2-5*
(ie any kind of out there police/swat scenario he has been taught how to deal with it. Guns, grappling, bomb diffusion, terrorists ect ect. This knowledge however is incomplete and only goes towards specific circumstances since he himself isn't some intellectual genius)

Crowd Control 3*

Dog Training 3*

Drug Identification 2*

Basic First Aid 2*

Okay at singing

Okay at cooking-
Only for certain foods, results may vastly vary

Pretty good at dancer-
Belly dancing and Hip Hop

((Charlie)) bow wow
Fetch, Paw, Roll Over, Sit, Stay, Sing

Guard 2*
Ozzieh can order Charlie to Guard a spot or person.
He will then either stay put or follow the target. If any suspicious activity happens he will act accordingly.

Attack 1*
Ozzieh can order Charlie to Attack. He isnt super good at this yet but will try to pin down an opponent.

Look Out 2*
Passive skill. Charlie when hovering around Ozzieh will warn him about things happening from Ozzieh's blind side and more

Search 1*
Charlie has some sniffer capabilities. He cant track over long distances yet, but if the scent is fresh and he has a point of reference he can follow he will try.


He lacks somewhat in the stealth department cause of his bulky body

He doesnt rely much on others and will always shoot into a situation that requires his attention

Though Ozzieh understands people on a surface level... anything complicated he'll have a tough time wrapping his head around



Half Blind

If it seems feasible Ozzieh may readily believe it even if its a lie unless there is proof otherwise

Jack of Trades Master of None-
Ozzieh is physically strong and has decent combat strats but certain talents will always surpass him in one area or another


Ozzieh cause he's often always on the go eats a lot of food.
Usually around 2-3 plates per meal


((Gift Preference))


*040 Jabbian Jewelry

*049 2.5D Headphones

*053  Razor Ramon HG

*067 Kokeshi Dynamo

*109 Man’s Nut


*001 Mineral Water

*008 Tissues

*011 Coconut Juice

*023 Iroha T-Shirt

*028 Queen’s Straight Jacket

*036 Hope’s Peak Ring

*057 Digital Camera

*074 Movie of Choice

*075 Mixtape of Choice


*047 Kiss Note

*048 Black Rabbit Picture Book

*071 Antique Doll

*086 Century Potpourri

*092 Broken Warhead

((Roleplay Sample))

Siren's were blaring around in the background. The two toned lights of the near by vehicles blared on and on as the concession of police cars made their way closer and closer to the airport, speeding down the highways past civilian cars it took no time flat.

As soon as the door of the foremost car cracked open all you could hear was joyous laughing as a certain Ozzieh Harrison stepped out into the light. Like it was on command as soon as he made his appearance the other doors clacked open and more police officers exited to say farewell.

"Guys guys I'm just going away for a little while to visit that new school. Hopes Peak was it?? No need for all the sad faces I'll be gone in no time!!" He laughed some more, his eyes crinkling up with mirth.

A few seconds later and he was being crushed in a whole bunch of hugs and his hair being tussled into a more disheveled mess. "Hey with you gone the force is gonna be a hell of a lot quieter!! You make sure you do good over there, and learn as much as you can yah hear?" Chimed out a gruff voice.

With a modest salute and a cheeky grin Ozzieh dragged his luggage and kennel holder to the loading bay. "Cmon Charlie it's time for our big new appearance!! Those guys wont know what hit em!"


*His last name was legally changed to Harrison from his mother's maiden name
*Though not mentioned in the main chunk of his background. Ozzieh though not an official officer at any capacity even before he got his title badge (which lets him do stuff more freely) He'd always be sticking his head into every and any issue. He'd often accompany his dad and would follow his police homies even when they told him to stay behind so eventually they gave up and showed him the ropes. Because of this he's been on quite a few missions. 
*Though not directly one of his missions Ozzieh got the burn wounds over 1/4th of his body and lost sight in his left eye after trying to rescue people from a burning building he had passed on his way home one day. The police/Firemen were taking a while to get to the scene and the building was already deteriorating a bit. Hearing the screams of some helpless family he'd dive into the fire and eventually get hit with a flaming beam. He spent a bit of time in the hospital after that.
*Used to have an old police dog back home called Brutus, she was a Rottweiler and belongs to Ozzieh’s step-father.

*Currently has a puppy named Charlemagne! But he usually shorten the name to Charlie. Charlie is currently under beginning training to be a police dog
*Likes to sing  and dance in the shower
*Rolls around and drools in his sleep. Also will occasionally mumble some things.
*Still has much to learn being a cadet and all!! But he's doing his best.
*Really enjoys head scratches
*One of the few things that makes him sad are looking at the picture of his biological parents in his scrapbook. He'd rather deal with other peoples problems than think about the past. 
*Ozzieh will instill Justice on the island when he can!! He upon arrival will make some sort of makeshift cell in the airport. Educate these ragamuffins about Juvi and real jail. Of course since he's on the island and not out and about in society he wont do anything out of line, mostly its like a time out corner where he keeps people for varying amounts of hours depending on how heinous the crime.
*Charlemagne though mostly a fluffy dum will sometimes try and compensate for Ozzieh's lack of sight in his left eye by calling out attention for him to look at things he cant see from a certain angle if his pup is near him.
*Because Charlemagne is young he doesn't listen to every command thoroughly but he does listen a decent amount. He knows basic dog commands and is learning how to associate smells with objects slowly. Alas he's not very good at that part but he will bark at anyone doing something bad that he sees!
*Ozzieh has Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) though he usually doesn't relapse right off the bat he will get very antsy the more confined he is. If he cant move at all for lengthy amounts of time by his own will he freaks out.
*His scars are slightly more sensitive, or maybe that;s just because he's secretly self conscious
*Ozzieh's playlist!!…
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