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JI: Orabbi Dubois

Another app for :iconjabberwock-isle:


Name and Status
Orabbi Dubois [ Deceased ]

Age and Grade

17 => 18 [Sophomore]

Date of Birth

September 22  || Virgo




5’3 (161.5 cm)

Super High School Level

Taxidermist- "U-uhmm, I make animals look good as new sometimes! Though its kind of grim..."

The word taxidermy is comprised of two Greek words. Taxis meaning "to move", and "derma" meaning "skin". A direct translation therefore is equivalent to the "arrangement of skin". Despite it’s direct translation Taxidermy is a vast field not only of taking the skin and using it for a mount, but of cleaning and creating mounts of skeletons as well, even the exoskeletons of large bugs can be used. Practically any scientific mount view in a museum is the work of a taxidermist.

Being the Ultimate Taxidermist requires you to have a vast amount of different collective talents all catered towards this specific area. Taxidermy requires knowledge of not only sculpting, woodworking, sewing, painting, tanning, but Anatomy and some Chemistry for safe and accurate handling. Of course due to the knowledge involved being catered specifically to the use of making mounts only partial knowledge in each area is most likely known.

Special Notes

Ethnicity and Homeland

Belgian [Ardennes]

(Speaks Fluent French/Dutch/English some German)

Key Features

    (+) Short stature

    (+) Pear like hips

    (+) Light freckles on face

    (+) Semi hunched posture

    (+) Droopy sad eyes

    (+) Large ringlet hair (Dangan Quirk perfect Hair)
            She will always have pristine color, texture, and shape.
            Her hair when dry always swings back into ringlets
  EDIT: Her ringlets have become a pseudo wig which conceals her now shorter hair


On-Hand: “I guess this will do….”

    (+) A couple jugs of cleaning solvents

    (+) A set of basic beakers

    (+) A portable lab burner

    (+) A stuffed mount of her pet rabbit

    (+) Precision Kit
        Contains a variety of knives and scalpels suited to Taxidermy

    (+) Mounting kit
            Includes Screws, Brackets, Epoxy, Filler, Brushes, Tanners, Paints
            Capable of mounting a variety of small skeletons and two one large ones
Used 1 small set to make an Emperor Tamarin mount for Marina
Used 1 large set to make a Philippines Eagle mount for Liam

    (+) 1 Boiler Bucket, 1 Large Plastic Bucket

    (+) Variety of plastic containers

    (+) 1 large bunny plush

    (+) 1 Small electric screwdriver

    (+) A set of diaries each with lock and key
            Diary A: an old run down diary it describes fragments of her life before hopespeak. A few pages are torn out.
            Diary B: a new diary it describes fragments of her life on the island, her thoughts and activities, also notes on cases she tries to help with cases.

    (+) Luggage Cart

    (+) Wardrobe: Modest short sleeve shirts, long pleated skirts, variety of disposable acid proof lab coats, and a huge amount of disposable gloves  

Acquired From the Isle: “I made these myself”

0XX. Captain's Skull
0XX. Romance Novela

100. Compact Costume 
100. Compact Costume (????- I don't remember this being in my luggage)
By chanting a secret spell, this mysterious compact mirror will transform you into anything. Even if you're a girl who doesn't stand out much, this item will help put you at the front and center.

116. Present 
116. Present (A Gift from God itself)
A Monomi Wand Replica, On the handle the name Magical PeePee Disappear on it can be seen in tiny writing. Huh.. what does that mean?

079. Toy Oven
079. Toy Oven (A Gift from God itself)
A tiny toy oven perfect for making tiny baked goods.


Gifts and Purchases:
“False hopes, false dreams”

0XX. Cecil's Large Round Sunglasses
A pair of sunglasses. Cecil is letting me borrow them cause i broke my own, how nice!

071. Antique Doll 

071. Antique Doll (A gift from Kenta Kosaku)
A porcelain doll. Due to the exquisite craftsmanship of the doll and its clothing, many people still collect and prize them to this very day.

035. Silver Ring
035. Silver Ring (A gift from Szymon Perepeczko)
A ring made from the purest silver with a natural pink tourmaline set into it. If you need to get a present for someone and have no idea, get them this.

113. Usami Strap
113. Usami Strap (A gift from Cecil Honeycutt)
A small, plushie key-chain of your beloved teacher, Usami!

057. Digital Camera 
057. Digital Camera (A gift from Natchaya Vataniyapramote)
A small and fairly outdated digital camera that appears to only have the capacity to save five photos. Huh...

120. Weird Bobble Head (Extra Character) 
120. Weird Bobble Head
"There are so many of this odd souvenir all over the isle and its gift shops that you're sick of seeing it! Well, it *is* kind of cute..."

115. Gachapon 
115. Gachapon- Mini Fridge
"It's a mini fridge. What? You expected something more wacky? Uhh... It's a Minions mini fridge."

036. Hope's Peak Ring 
036. Hope's Peak Ring (From Liam Hendricks)
A school ring emblazoned with the Hope's Peak Academy crest. It stands as proof of friendship between those who spent their youth together.

052. Measuring Flask 
052. Measuring Flask (From Misaki Fujioka)
A laboratory instrument with a feminine symbol on it. Organic synthesis is possible when combined with the Male Cylinder.

031. Lolita Flats 
031. Lolita Flats (From Cecil Honeycutt)
These shoes only cover your toes, but the iron plate in the tip keeps your toes safe.

105. Teddy Bear 
105. Teddy Bear (From Cecil Honeycutt)
A teddy bear full of love and care. Its cuteness knows no bounds.

113. Usami Strap
113. Usami Strap (A reward from the speed dating event)
A small, plushie key-chain of your beloved teacher, Usami!

116. Present 
116. Present- Strawberry chocolate bar (From Denny Malone)
"It's a bar of Strawberry Rush."





Orabbi is a very prime and proper girl most likely due to not getting out much as a child. The only two people she has been in consistent contact with were her parents, two boisterous loud folks which left a quiet child like herself pretty overshadowed in the eyes of others until her talent peeked.

Complimenting this is how she has a natural inclination to cater to other people. When she says she will do something she will do her best to get it done in any way she can if she can! Because she is sensitive she has a good time telling when others are also down.

In addition to this to comprehend things she has a tendency to think about it in a methodical simple way. Like she's categorizing knowledge in a mental or physical shelf to be accessed later. As long as she knows where it is at all times she can be as efficient as possible!! Wouldn't do well to forget and mix up the wrong solutions after all.



Though Orabbi deep down is a very kind and caring individual she is emotionally unstable due to many depressive thoughts she's prone to having on a daily basis. Because of this she is prone to tantrums when she's deeply upset and can cry over the smallest things if she takes it the wrong way. If this happens frequently enough she may become resentful to particular individuals. This all depends on the level of negative exposure she is suffering through.

Orabbi is very timid in nature so is scared by interacting with other people, not wanting to be disliked or antagonized she is more likely to hide than to fight. Though her physical capabilities being low and her tendency to trip over herself doesnt help either. 


((haha jokes on u boots idk how to write a short history ))


//A girl in her own bubble

For a majority of her life all Orabbi could remember was the seemingly unending foresting surrounding her and her parents house. It was a quint decently sized cabin in the woods. The only neighbors she had for the most part were just the animals living off behind the brushes. A completely different world to here when she was just a bab. The woods were scary and dangerous, the only safe sanctuary she had was their cabin. To little Orabbi the only people who existed were her parents. They lived practically in the middle of nowhere and only occasionally got visitors. For the most part they were self sustaining. When her parents were hungry they would mostly hunt for food, they even had a modest greenhouse to grow crops in! Though Orabbi's favorite place in their small bit of woodland paradise was the Rabbit pens.

As she grew up her parents first taught her how to take care of the bunnies when they were away dealing with customers, hunting, or on the rare occasion one of them left on the day trip into town. Orabbi loved those bunnies dearly. Having them all frolicking around her, soothed her often aching nerves. They were just as nervous as her after all, and yet they loved her and would happily eat pellets and veggies out of her hands. In the end though... she could never keep them. Her parents sold meat and pelts after all. All her bunny friends eventually be sold off, parting was always sad but eventually she learned to try and not get too attached. The guilt was endless though.

Now as she grew up everything was like a blur. Orabbi never went to public school. It would be too much hassle to travel to the town constantly. It was much easier for people to come to them upon commission for a product, and then they satisfied the demand. Her parents never really answered why they didn't want to live in the town with everyone else but Orabbi just chocked it up to them just loving the forest that much!! Maybe civilization was never for them... but she was always both scared and curious what other people must be like... other kids her age?? Did they exist out there? They had to!!

Feeling incredibly lonely and somewhat neglected due to her parents constant work Orabbi asked for a bunny all of her own. Bunbun would be her only friend and muse in these lonesome times. Of course she loved her parents too and they loved her as well... but they were practically married to their work if not for each other. More often than not the constant "Later Orabbi, be a good girl it wont take much time at all." Was often what she heard.


Truly the only times one of her parents would settle down long enough was to teach Orabbi her basic education or when they all ate their daily three meals together. Orabbi would attempt to help out around the house... but alas she was only good at looking after the rabbits, she couldn't bare to kill them so she left that up to her parents as well.

Why... why cant I do anything right?? Mama and Papa have such high expectations for me...but I'm just a burden... a waste of space.

Any praise she received Orabbi felt like she didn't deserve. Why couldn't she do better? Why couldn't she be the perfect daughter... The one her parents deserved.. the one they most likely wanted. No matter how hard she tried she was just too clumsy for most things. When she tried to cook it never came out as good as her parents. Yes it was edible, heck it wasn't bad... but in comparison?? Lack luster.

//Huntress in training...despair//

As she grew older her parents would attempt to expand her borders one more time. Maybe she couldn't kill the rabbits because she got too close to them. Perhaps she could follow in their footsteps and become a hunter as well!! The two were very excited for weeks in advanced and trained her in how to maintain and shoot a gun. Though uncomfortable Orabbi did her best to put the mechanism together. Following the diagrams as given and hefting up the new foreign weight in her arms. It was heavy just like her heart.

"Papa ... I don't think I can do it. It's heavy and I-... what if I miss??'' Nonsense he would say. All she needed was practice!! And they would be with her all the way. "Mama... do I have to?" Of course not dear you can go home if you'd like but we'd be so happy if you could. Just think you could be with us all the time!

She didn't want to hurt anything... but she also didn't want to disappoint her parents. All she wanted to do was spend time with them. To make them proud! Why... why was that so hard to do? Would they be happy as long as she killed something? ....However in the end. Orabbi couldn't do it. It was just a doe. She'd practiced for days, heck she didn't even have to hit it. Orabbi just had to prove to her parents that she could shoot at it, but instead she froze and the only thing she gave them were tears. Looking into both their eyes, truly behind those kind smiles she had never seen so much regret. Was she not good enough?

Later that same day Orabbi returned to the cottage alone before her parents. She laid her rifle over the kitchen table forlornly. A gun was a thing of death. She couldn't bare to kill something else with her own hands!! She felt so unbearably bad so she decided to go to her sanctuary, the one place where she knew she was useful, the rabbit pen! However as she walked back outside there was a disturbance. A loud scratching noise could be heard as the rabbits tried to bash against the cage. She ran around to the door only to see that a fox had dug its way under the fence and had its teeth around her BunBun.

In abject horror Orabbi stared as the fox shook her bunny around by its neck and attempted to drag her back out through the hole under the fence. Her thoughts would flicker to the gun in the kitchen but... she couldn't shoot. Orabbi couldn't kill anything. This was her punishment for being useless and now her bunny was suffering because of it. As quick as she could Orabbi grabbed a broom and ran back over to the fence. Her rabbit was caught by its collar on the chain links. She was suffocating!! With trembling arms Orabbi swatted at the fox and hit it repeatedly over the head until it ran away... but as she looked upon her pet bunny. All she saw was her limp body on the ground. Her little heart had probably been scared so bad that she died from shock.

Orabbi would cradle her poor bunny and cry all the while until her parents came back. The only small comfort she had was being surrounded by the heard of bunnies as she refilled the hole and kept watch.

//Punishment or redemption?//

She couldn't kill the deer, and because of it Orabbi couldn't kill the fox. Now her one and only friend in the whole wide world was dead... She had her parents but still she was alone. The bad thoughts wouldn't stop. Why was she like this.. did god hate her? Was she being taught another lesson and she just couldn't understand? If she couldn't kill.. then she couldn't protect what was important to her either. She was useless. Orabbi was nothing but words. she could have done this, should have done that, wouldn't do this.

But with her parents came her life line. They didn't understand why she was so hurt about her bunny dying, it was the natural order of things. In the end they would all die it was the natural order. Still what did upset them was that heart broken look on her face. Deep down they understand that their daughter was a sensitive thing and would probably never get over this unless something was done.

"....What if you made a mount out of her dear? You can make her as good as new. She wont be able to play with you anymore.. but at least she can be with you forever. To commemorate your wonderful friendship." Her mother would say with a smile as per usual.

Orabbi would look at her. The happiness drained from her face. Did she want to lose her friend forever?? No... but well.. not like she hated her parents trophies on the walls but she never understood them. Maybe... maybe now she could understand. Just a little bit.

With a firm nod Orabbi would stand up with her buns corpse in hand and follow her parents inside. She did her best to understand her lesson. She needed to do it for them... she needed to do it for her best friend. For once in her life she couldn't afford to fail. Orabbi didn't want to make a mockery of what her best friend looked like. Carefully and meticulously she followed her parents instructions. Committing them to memory and doing her best. She didn't want any help doing the procedure. This was her burden to bear, her fault. So with a grim heart she pealed the skin away...

That was the start of her road onto becoming a taxidermist. With the success of her first mount BunBun beautiful and pristine. Her parents would see her talent and prompt her to continue on this path in life. In loving memory of her bunny and not wanting to fail her parents yet again Orabbi continued making them over and over again.

As the years went on the death she feared and dreaded so much became like second nature. She may not have wanted to kill the animals but at least even in their death they could be remembered. She gave them the beauty they had, how beautiful she remembered and believed them to be in life. It was not a mockery but a tribute. For all her sins and to redeem herself. This was the only thing she could do to make amends.

Life continued to blur, one day turned into another as she meticulously on and off made mounts for those hunters who would visit them. The amount of people of them would increase more and more. Everyday Orabbi would receive praise for her achievements...but they felt empty. Still to be praised was better than to not be praised. At least everyone else was happy. The room was filled with smiles and her BunBun was watching over her.

Was it so bad to dream of having a normal life? To be like normal kids... go to school, make friends, maybe find love? She just wanted to be happy.

//A new life//

Eventually Orabbi's parents would receive a letter addressed to Orabbi for Hope's Peak Academy. They were ecstatic so naturally with a grain of salt Orabbi agreed to go. Apparently she had been dubbed the ultimate Taxidermist. This was her chance to finally go to school and be normal like she always dreamed of... but still she was more scared than happy. What... what if they didn't like her? What should she say? What should she do....

Maybe her heart would stop from shock just like her rabbit, but she wasn't a rabbit she was human. Orabbi was not as fortunate.

((Summary AHAHAHAHA))

TLDLRHGE; Orabbi is a nervous wreck. Her whole fam lives in the woods away from civilization and survive off of selling rabbit pelts and hunting for meat in the woods. She hates killing things though so deep down she knows she's always been a disappointment to her parents even though they are kind to her. One day her bunny dies and her parents convince her to make a mount of her pets body so she could keep her forever. Orabbi agrees and wanting to make her parents proud she continues to make mounts since she has a talent for it. Eventually she is known as the Ultimate Taxidermist and gets invited to HPA.


(+) Kind gestures

(+) Consideration

(+) Practicing her craft

(+) Cleanliness

(+) Organization

(+) Modesty

(+) Gumys/Jellys/Slime

(+) Rabbits/Small Animals

(+) Cute accessories

(+) Sweets

(+) Observing Others


(-) Her looks

(-) Being stared at

(-) Lots of people looking at her

(-) Looking in mirrors

(-) Socializing in groups
Edit: She can handle small groups of people but doesnt like it to be overly crowded

(-) Being made fun of

(-) People seeing her hands

(-) Smelling too much of rot

(-) Her freckles

(-) Her body in general

(-) Very muscular men/women
Edit: She has no problems with muscular people anymore as long as they arent bullies

(-) Rough housing

(-) Bitter foods/Drinks

(-) Being yelled at

(-) INSERT X1380128 HERE


Decomposition Knowledge 5*

Anatomical Knowledge 4*

Chemical Knowledge 3*

Animal Care Taking 2*

Animal Tracking 2*

Gun Knowledge 1*

Hygienics 4*


Poor Self Image

Over Emotional

Physically Weak

No Fighting Experience

Minimal Weapon Experience

Literal/Simplified Mindset

Socially Awkward



((Gift Preference))


*021 Squishy Egg

*026 Falkor Plushie

*035 Silver Ring

*036 Hope’s Peak Ring

*047 Kiss Note

*072 The Second Button

*080 Aquarium

*105 Teddy Bear

*112 Dream Catcher

*113 Usami Strap


*013 Cinnamon Tea 

*018 Sweet Bun Bag

*030 Secret Boots

*031 Lolita Flats

*038 Cloth Wrap Backpack

*048 Black Rabbit Picture Book

*051 Male Cylinder

*052 Measuring Flask

*071 Antique Doll

*078 Marine Snow Globe

*079 Toy Oven

*081 Stardust


*025 Maid Dress (-)

*032 Passionate Glasses (-)

*057 Digital Camera (+/-)

*085 Bojobo Dolls (-)

*086 Century Potpourri (+/-)

*100 Compact Costume (+/-)

*106 Toy Camera (+/-)


*012 Civet Coffee

*028 Queen's Straitjacket

*055 Flash Suppressor

*087 Absolute Tuning Fork

*096 Occult Photo Frame

*099 Skullhead Mask

*108 An An Aan

((Roleplay Sample Kinda))

This would be the first time she left the forest... Looking at all the new things and sights should have left her happy, but all she felt was fear. What would she do without her parents?? She didn't know how to take public transport well, or to speak up and ask people for directions. What if she got kidnapped or ran out of money??

Her parents assured her that she'd be well taken cared of at Hopes Peak, she'd finally be with kids as wondrous and talented as her!!

She didn't //feel// talented, but as she looked out of the window of the first of many train stations she smiled. "Do you.. really think I can make friends papa?" That's all she ever wanted. A friend, maybe more? The sky was the limit!


*Orabbi possesses both BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). Other linked conditions are Depression, OCD, and occasional Delusions outside of her own body image.

Common symptoms she displays are constant camouflaging (ie covering her whole body so barely any skin is showing, hunching her body over so she’s seen less, hiding behind other people or objects), avoidance of mirrors/reflective surfaces, and skin picking (where she will bite or scratch at her own skin, most often her fingers, to relieve stress).

*Because Orabbi loved her pet rabbit so much she has a variety of bunny like goods
*In her past life Orabbi has been a medical practitioner in training in the surgical field though in this AU she lacks such capabilities being the SHSL Taxidermist.
*She has always had some kind of affinity with bones in her designs

*She's never really had a phone before and hates her picture being taken
*Her current voice claim of sorts is Aurora…
*Orabbi's playlist!!…
*Her would be photo on her Student card is an artist interpretation of how she looks cause she freaks out every time her photo is taken fug u boots.
*She has glasses but Orabbi doesn't need them. They are just another object she's hiding behind. They are now broken and have been disposed of.

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