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Vanitas -BBS-



The Destiny Chibis-
Sora- [link]
Kairi- [link]
Riku- ((not done yet))
Namine- ((not done yet))

The BBS Chibis-
Terra- [link]
Aqua- [link]
Ventus (Ven)- [link]
Vanitas (Van)- YOU'RE HERE~

The Org Chibis-
No. I: [link]
No. II: [link]
No. III: [link]
No. IV: [link]
No. V: [link]
No. VI: [link]
No. VII: [link]
No. VIII: [link]
No. IX: [link]
No. X: [link]
No. XI: [link]
No. XII: [link]
No. XIII: [link]
No. XIV: [link]

Prints are available of this chibi (and the others) if you're interested! Note me, 'kay? ^^

So, yeah, I didn't know if I would get him done in time for AnimeNext '10 or not, but I did, so yay. ^^ I LOVE how he came out- so much fun to draw and color, I swear, but the lines on his suit were stupidly difficult to figure out and get down on the paper. Anyway. LOOK, IT'S A VAN! >u<

Interested in coloring the lineart of this chibi? Check over here--> [link]

Vanitas c/o Squeenix
Art c/o me
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If only i could draw this good