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not believe



This work-quick art, the embodiment of my thoughts and ideas, again. I was prompted to draw reflections, the song Russian rock musician Sergei Mavrin. The text of this song, for sure, the interpreter translated wrong, so I will not put it here.
As a result, the art came out not quite so, what should have been. Maybe I'll even complete the picture.

"Peace - it's yours,
You're in it an outcast.
Lost, proud and blind.
It is necessary to turn, change their ways -
Birds after shouting,
People wake shut up. "

!!!!!This is a quick art! This picture has nothing to do with the cartoon The Lion King!
I never use the texture for the ART!!! I am able to paint independently all I want!!!!

Не увидишь - не поймёшь,
Не поверишь - не найдёшь
Пути к своей душе, попавшей в плен.
Люди верят, Боги спят.
Время дарит новый взгляд
На старый мир кривых зеркал и стен.
Мир - он твой,
Ты же в нём изгой.
Заблудившийся, гордый и слепой.
Стоит повернуть, изменить свой путь -
Птицы вслед закричат,
Люди вслед замолчат.

Обычно я не слушаю русских исполнителей.. Исключение!

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The lightning in this picture is not very well-drawn. It looks scribbled in with a tablet that doesn't have pen pressure, then you blocked in some random white spots around the edges in some areas. The sky (other than the lightning) looks nice, but you probably used some texture for that. And what is this picture even supposed to be symbolizing? A wolf being really depressed and emotional?
I don't think it's a good symbol, because wolves don't howl because they're depressed. They do it when other pack members are lost, and try to get their groups together, or when it's time to hunt.
The rain also looks rushed and quickly done, and the cliff looks like a piece of wood that's been broken down in a very strange way.