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Silence must be heard

B-day gift for my dear Inereigan
Be happy, my friend!

Art(c) me
Char(c) Inereigan
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© 2015 - 2021 WolfRoad
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Received my photo in the mail it is as gorgeous as I thought it would be. Thank you. =)

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What wise words!

Great Work!

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This is realy beautiful I love his eyes

He is Such a Handsome wolf

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nice work! however you should remove the download option as anyone can download it for free

Fantastic work!
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May i use this on a Wikiapedia page? I'll link your DA and give you full credit <3 Just wanted to ask before I used it, it's completely fine if you don't want to - this piece is beautiful!!
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Sweet, this looks epic. ;)

Hey, quick question? I'm busy writing a Star Wars fanfic with a main character that resembles this guy very much. Will it be OK if I link this to the first chapter as a cover page? Full credit will be given, as is my policy. :)
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Beautiful and haunting Heart 
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Bloody unbelievably fantastic!
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Simply Beautiful!
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how on earth do you do art like this they are amazing!!! i recently got a wacom intous tablet to do similar art to yours... do you have any tips on how to do wolf art like yours??? your art really inspires me to do art like it since doing art similar to yours is the whole reasosn i got this tablet.

also 1 more thing for my art homework which i need to hand in the first day back i have to research 2 artist one that inspires me by the way the have applied materials and techniques, the other must inspire me because of their style of work (manga, digital, surrealist, comic, cubist etc) and i have to write a short bio and print out 4 images of theirs that i like that inspire me....
so i know its a big thing to ask but could i do you for the artist that inspires me by their style???? i sent you a note if you could please reply that would be great
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I look at this and I wonder what stories could be told... Absolutely majestic. The colors are amazing and the details; on the hood, the face, and the eyes, are explicit. So, basically the whole thing. XD I agree, totally jealous of your talent and excited to see more. 
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And justice must be served...

This is a great painting! I am so jealous for your skills xP

I am going to get it and hang it on my wall, so could anyone give me some suggestions about which finishes (glossy, matte and lustre) should I choose please?
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I agree Kyrat really nice 
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So... Beautiful!! The eyes really draw me in...
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what program are you working? its beautiful!
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I like it, it has a soft but haunting feel. The eyes are exceptional and the fur, like soft plush. I think however, there could have been maybe more contrast?
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if I wanted to make a contrast, I would have made it.
I'd like to achieve similar effet. "nebula" so to speak. This character - a shaman
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I see. What do you mean by nebula?
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f**k my english...
like fog
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