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"That's no Fluttershy, that's a space station!" man I swear I heard it like that

So I couldn't be first to draw her since there were no screencaps to ref from right after the episode, and I didn't want to take any chances with the design. Though given the amount of time it took to draw this, I wouldn't have been first anyway.
My hair painting skills have improved! How awesome is that. My other painting skills have gained some EXP as well.

I got some awesome stuff for Christmas, including one of those little wooden mannequins and a MICROSCOPE, AWW YEAH, TIME TO LOOK AT SOME LITTLE THINGS, love you dad!
Also I got the first season Mission: Impossible (the second series, which is the one not available on Netflix) and my mom got the second. Sometimes my brother joins to watch too. He's usually pretty tsundere about enjoying doing stuff together with me.
MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro.
Made in SAI.

Only one picture with a deadline left, and I just got through the hard part. Yay.
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Stahp acting like you are intimidating Flutters, everypony know you are too adorable to pull it off, it just makes you cuter.