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"That's no Fluttershy, that's a space station!" man I swear I heard it like that

So I couldn't be first to draw her since there were no screencaps to ref from right after the episode, and I didn't want to take any chances with the design. Though given the amount of time it took to draw this, I wouldn't have been first anyway.
My hair painting skills have improved! How awesome is that. My other painting skills have gained some EXP as well.

I got some awesome stuff for Christmas, including one of those little wooden mannequins and a MICROSCOPE, AWW YEAH, TIME TO LOOK AT SOME LITTLE THINGS, love you dad!
Also I got the first season Mission: Impossible (the second series, which is the one not available on Netflix) and my mom got the second. Sometimes my brother joins to watch too. He's usually pretty tsundere about enjoying doing stuff together with me.
MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro.
Made in SAI.

Only one picture with a deadline left, and I just got through the hard part. Yay.
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Stahp acting like you are intimidating Flutters, everypony know you are too adorable to pull it off, it just makes you cuter.
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wow that is pretty...sinister !!!
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I love the fruit bats from the third season episode, so  I'm happy they're back.

Those face wrinkles on her face are great! Good use of black to make a impacting image. Also love the realistic hair strands than keeping it flat.
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Hair has always been really hard for me to do, but this time I even worried if it was too realistic for the image :)
I also like how I got the coat to look like velvet, even if I wasn't originally going for it.
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Well that was fast.

I think I'll join.
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I was a bit confused by the ending. Is she still a vampony, Even after the spell, or is it just a little something that remained?
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I don't know, and they're probably never going to address that issue again. It was probably there for a neat ending and/or fanfic fuel.

What I'm curious about is what happened to the vampire bats. They have a sanctuary, but does that mean they turned back? And if they didn't, what do they eat then?
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I wonder if the bats were given a similar spell the paraspites were given. The would explain why both the bats and Fluttershy were nullified(at different times, but I think you'll know what I mean). If the powers do get a callback, I think Fluttershy will try to keep herself under control(otherwise, it could lead the writers to a interesting Hulk/Mr. Hyde plot for her).

As a person who didn't care for Fluttershy, I think the writers made me actually like her in this one. This episode gave each character good contrasts. I also love how selfish Rainbowdash is, only focusing on the cider. That is wonderfully egotistical of her.  :XD:
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If you look closely during the transformation back to normal Fluttershy, you can see that the camera cut to her ears before the fangs could fully regress. They remained the exact same size they were at the end of the episode. Might be that the spell didn't fully work.

Now that I think about it, maybe the vampire fruit bats would turn to normal fruit bats with time. It's the whole "vampire" thing the spell removed.
..actually, what is the real difference between vampiric and normal fruit bats? They both eat apples, it's just HOW they eat the apples. Maybe the vampire bats are just greedier and therefore more formidable pests?
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My father was questioning about the differences between bats. Especially since the fruitbats(which I'd love to get a doll of, they're just too cute) look like fruits while vampire fruit bats look like normal bats. I wonder what kind of Bat RainbowDash owned in that pet episode.
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The vampire fruit bat still have the leaf-ears, but they don't have the bright colors or the "seeds".

I think the both kinds look pretty cool. I should draw them sometime.
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Is Fluttershy's bet among her animals a different kind of bat or another Vampire bat?

Yeah, I find them pretty cool and cute. The vampire bats are "ugly cute". :XD:
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Fluttershy's bat looks like a normal bat, at least a non-fruit one. It even uses echolocation, which doesn't seems necessary when searching for apples.

Looking at real life bats now. Some of their faces are... interesting.
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Yeah, Maybe. But since it was included, I'm going To say It's either:

A. An aftermath of the spell...

Or B. A cliffhanger that somehow Will Come back and bite them in the ass...
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*i c wut u did thar*

I don't really know how they would bring it back, though. A flashback or something would be needed at least.
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Yeah, I see very little reason for them To bring it back. They just went through the arch, so Why do it again?

I guess It's a build up To something bigger.
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I am strongly convinced that this was not just an empy implication for the sakes of making a nice ending.
There will be more flutterbat as long as we demand more, and after today's massive explosion of fan art, that is pretty sure to come.
I for one think that fluttershy still is a vampire and will remain one for the rest for her life. I can even base this on some theory.
You see, when Fluttershy was transformed, it was a weird magical reaction of her stare coliding with the glances of the vampire fruit bats, which transfered their habits to her.
Dispelling Fluttershy would imply that she was under the influence of the same exact spell the bats were in.
That is not the case. Fluttershy's transformation was an accident and would require a long magical research to find a true cure.
All Twilight did was remove the obvious signs of her vampirism and bringing back her pony mind.
I am quite sure that she can still transform back into a vampire at will any given time.
Ohthehumanityplz's avatar
I was worried the castle was going to stay untouched in the ghost episode but was relieved in Power Ponies that the castle will be repaired. So I agree that your theory might be the case. Perhaps season four is going to wrap up some cases that had left untouched for a while.
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You know, there is a background image from some website (probably Hub)that shows the finished castle. People are speculating it's gonna be Twilight's own castle.
...Everfree Forest doesn't really seem as threatening as in S1 anymore.
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Yeah, I was really concerned for the castle so seeing them paying more attention to it made me and my father happy. We love its set design and such. It'd make sense for Twilight to have a castle next to Ponyville. 

If that's the case, maybe the castle will have a shortcut to Tartarus(or however you spell it).
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Actually that would make sense, for there to be a portal to Tartarus(I think that's how you spell it, I always spell foreign - though mostly Greek or Latin - sounding words exactly the way I hear them, since my own language does that), since it seems Celestia owns Cerberus and therefore has bonds to the place. Then again, the princesses grew up in that castle, and I don't think Tartarus would be very suitable for young foals. It was probably in a locked room or something.

Which in turn makes me wonder what kind of family Luna and Celestia have(had). Faust said they were intended to be the only alicorns, and maybe they are - the only ones born alicorn and not turned, seeing how they're immortal. Maybe they were like Chosen Ones or something, I dunno. Starswirl the Bearded's obscure presence only stirs the mix more.
Then there's Blueblood, who's the "great great great great great great great great great great great (and probably even more greats) nephew on Celestia's and Lina's mother's side, about 52 times removed, roughly speaking." according to Faust. (My policy is taking everything she says as canon, unless the show or staff debunks it.) He was apparently originally a Duke.
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Oh, But It's not something That's there ALL the time, like, It's not prominent unless she makes it so?
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