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Cheese Sandwich [UPDATED]



Since the episode is coming up, and I was not really satisfied with the original result nor was eqd i pitched it several times why won't you love me other needy statements of the like here so I decided to clean this pic up a little! Especially the hair, but there was some retouching with the coat and teeth too. I also changed the BG color to blue so he stands out a little more.

So I have absolutely nothing to draw. I've kind of been working on a wolf/canine tutorial though, but it's not really advancing since I don't know how I should input text into pictures or the other way around. Windows Publisher, maybe?
MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro.
Made in SAI.

I'm thinking about bringing Onyx illustrations back too. First I gotta come up with a good design for Thornes. And maybe learn some color theory.
(man I'm never gonna really finish that fic am I)
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