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Lia | Doe| Soldier

Ref by ofcowardiceandkingsChubbu
Other Art:
Filly Lia
Oakfern Beauty

*Open to all Rp's, especially with other recruits*
*Open for mates and/or offspring. Mates must also take twin Nia*

Basic Information

Name: Lia

Gender: Doe

Age: 20

Year of Birth: 757 of the New Age

Height: 7.2 predicted height

Build: Light

Phenotype: Wild Buttermilk Dunskin


Eye Colour: Brown

Design Sheet

Sire: N/A

Dam: N/A

Bloodline: Pure Oakfern

Magic Type: Water

Skill Points

Speed: 10 [Medium Level]
Stamina: 7 [Basic Level]
Strength: 4 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 17 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 3 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+2 strength - starter bonus
+6 magic - starter bonus
+3 herbs - starter bonus
+3 skill boost 192# in Magic
+3 skill boost #197 in Magic

Herd Information

Herd: Oakfern

Herd Position: Herd Member

Current Location: Near Moonpool

:bulletgreen: Family
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletyellow: Close Friend
:bulletred: Love
:bulletwhite: Trust
:bulletorange: Respect
:bulletblack: Unsure
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletorange:Nia, her twin is everything to her. Lia loves her sister more than anything else in the caves. She is always with her sister, and always ready for their next adventure.
:bulletgreen::bulletred:Nillie, the adoptive mother for the twins, they never made the distinction between her and their birth mother who had died during labor. She cared for them after losing her own filly soon after birth. Growing old, she could no longer hide from death, and died when the twins were only three years old. Leaving them alone in the caves.

765: Solban
770: Floki

766: TBD
771: :bulletpink:Azirapha

Spring 757
Summer 757
The Great Owl +2 Stamina
Autumn 757
Winter 757

Spring 758
Summer 758
Autumn 758
Winter 758

Spring 759
Summer 759
Autumn 759
Winter 759

Spring 760
Summer 760
Autumn 760
Winter 760
Loss of Another Mother +0

Spring 761
Summer 761
Autumn 761
Winter 761

Spring 762
Summer 762
Running...and Magic....and Running +1 Speed +1 Magic
Autumn 762
Winter 762

Spring 763
Learning the Caves +0
Summer 763
Autumn 763
Winter 763
Playing With Water +2 magic

Spring 764
Summer 764
Autumn 764
Winter 764

Spring 765
Summer 765
Autumn 765
Double Trouble Rut
Winter 765
Two Versus One +2 Magic +2 Speed Training with a fawnling of higher level

Spring 766
The Awkward Moment Part 1 & Part 2 (Coming Soon) +2 Strength

Spring 767
Summer 767
Autumn 767
Winter 767

Spring 768
Summer 768
Autumn 768
Winter 768

Spring 769
Summer 769
        The Pilgrimage +2 Stamina
Autumn 769
Winter 769



Creepy - Intelligent - Witty - Sarcastic -  Talkative - Uncanny - Adventurous

Inseparable with twin. Both twins are exceptionally skilled in water magic. The only other strength or weakness is each other which can be both a strength and a weakness. They appear very cold and creepy but once you get them talking the can be overwhelmingly friendly but still creepy. The enjoy Speaking in unison and or finishing each other’s sentences. Lia is the lighter of the two. she is kinder and can be kinda shy at first. She is a lot more trusting then her twin.


Lia wears her mane to the right and Nia wears hers to the left and that is the only way to tell them apart. When standing next to each other they look like a mirror image of each other. Despite their creepy and uncanny appearance they are beautiful and are very desirable to Oakfern stags. This can create a dilemma for the stag. Why would you pick something so creepy to mate with but why would you be stupid enough to turn down something so beautiful? Pick your poison. Also because they are inseparable if a stag comes along he has to take both.


They have visited all the different areas of the caverns and know their way around. Their mother died giving birth to these twins. They never knew their father and was raised by another doe, Nellie, who constantly mixed them up. She died with the poor girls were only three, and they have raised themselves ever since.

They were born in the Warren and still live there for the most part. After spending a year in the Eyrie as all recruits are expected to do, they have returned to their home in the Warren, and they prefer it that way.

Her aspiration for the future is to be where ever her sister is.

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Her first baby is finally born =D (though he still needs to be accepted into the group :P)

Seth | Oakfern Stag | Goblin
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Ahhhh!!! He's so cute:D