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Worm: Chapter 1 Cover Art

Some cover art for Wildbow's web serial Worm. Check it out here

Featuring everyone's favorite queen of escalation, Taylor Hebert.

Maybe I will do a full comic.
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avdsouza's avatar
Why is she crying?
dominionmaker's avatar
Why WOULDN'T she be crying?
avdsouza's avatar
I didn't read the story. So, i don't know.
dominionmaker's avatar
Ooooh, alright then. Should probably read it or at least the wiki for Taylor Hebert.
shikomekidomi's avatar
Only complaint is her hair seems a bit too straight, otherwise it's quite good.
Capaverde's avatar
This. And her face is a little weird. 
misselena27's avatar
Someone should do a piece for each arc of Worm! Gestation to Hive all the way to Queen up to Epilogue! Seriously!!
Wait why is she sitting in school with her costume on
wolfofragnarok's avatar
Drama, cover art never makes much sense and tends to be metaphorical rather than literal.
evilhamster13's avatar
A lot of worm fanart show's Taylor's tough and cold side, which is great too, but here it's like we're instead seeing the very human and in-pain part of her that her heroic/villainous identity grew out of to begin with.
wolfofragnarok's avatar
Thank you!

Yeah, it's a pity we don't see more of Taylor being vulnerable/afraid since the defining characteristic of Taylor isn't that she is a hard boiled bad-ass, but rather that she is incredibly frail yet willing to overcome her weakness to achieve her goals.
bebeline's avatar
seriously. wildbow would be proud.
wolfofragnarok's avatar
Thank you! I can only hope so.
Shinkalork's avatar
Great... Sounds cool
Shinkalork's avatar
you're welcome
lndzbrdn's avatar
really cool pose and armor!
wolfofragnarok's avatar
Thanks! Wasn't sure about the armor since the descriptions of it are fairly vague. Figured I would do a fusion of medieval night and sports equipment. Would have streamlined it, but Taylor doesn't really have a background in combat armor.
RespicePostTe's avatar
love the armor on this. Shouldn't her hair be curly, though?
wolfofragnarok's avatar
Thank you. Very true, I will keep that in mind if I do comic stuffs. I kinda like her hair being limp here, makes her look kinda sad though.
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