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Skitter Original Outfit Concepts (Worm)

Okay then, I have been mildly miffed at the arguements on some of my concept designs. Therefore, I will make it so that those who wish to do so can have input on the actual designs. As you can see I have made four different designs with different parts for each segment. Pick and choose and make suggestions so I can finalize my concepts. More of these style things will be coming.

Concepts for Wildbow's web serial Worm. Check it out here
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I think I like Ant the best, but they're all awesome.
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Wait, people are complaining about your designs?  I'm not seeing why.  Anyway, my preferences-
Mask: Ant
Torso Armor:Grasshopper
Shoulder/Upper Arm: Grasshopper
Gauntlets: Spider
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Yeah, on Spacebattles and Sufficient Velocity people are extremely hard to please.

Yeah, I like these choices myself.
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These are all really great! It's nice to be able to put an image to her armor that kind of fits what I've vaguely imagined in the past. The wasp one is definitely my favorite. I can't really say why, the general look just really seems to work for her.

I really love your Worm art! It's beautiful!
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Thank you! I am probably gonna go ant, but bring in a bit of wasp to make her a little edgier.
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