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Escalations: Lung and Skitter (Worm)

Lung and Taylor from Wildbow's web serial 'Worm' at

Big Fiery Guy

Code Name:Lung (Derived from the Chinese word for dragon)

Name: Kenta

Classification: Villain

Power: Lung possesses basic pyrockensis, healing factor, heightened durability, and enhanced senses. When in the presence of conflict (whether direct conflict or the possibility of conflict) his abilities increases continuously until the conflict, or the source of the conflict, has been eliminated. As his abilities increase, he undergoes physical changes by growing metal scales, wings, and changing into a draconic shape. The upper limits of his abilities are unknown.

Little Girl

Code Name: Skitter

Name: Taylor Hebert

Classification: Villain/Possible Hero

Power: Taylor possesses the ability to control all insects (or other creatures of comparable neural complexity) within a few block radius. This ability is augment by a super powered multitasking sub-power. With the sub-power she is capable of individually controlling every being in her control simultaneously to accomplish tasks as complex as spelling out words in midair.

Artist Notes

More Lung Love. Finally doing his larger dragon shaped form. I actually painted this one so it is a bit higher quality than my other fanarts. Worth noting that this is the first non-concept piece I have done for the fanart.
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Could you do the Lung vs Leviathan fight? The one over Kyushu? I think you just might be able to do it justice.
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Holy, I didn't realize that lung got this big
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Thanks. In truth this isn't even close to his full size. He can dwarf endbrigers. It's why the heroes leave him alone so long as he behaves.
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I imagined him to be a large scaled bear tbh
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okay, this is awesome!
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you're welcome (':
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