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Bakuda: Non-Bomberman Outfit (Worm)

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Fanart of Bakuda for Wildbow's web serial Worm. Check it out here

Design of ABB cape Bakuda in normal villain outfit as requested by :iconaman162:

Cape Name: Bakuda

Alignment: Villain

a girl with straight black hair, large opaque goggles over her eyes and a metal mask with a gas mask styled filter covering the lower half of her face.  A braided cord of black, yellow and green wires looped over one of her shoulders. 

Abilities: Bakuda is a Tinker (super gadgeteer) who specializes in bombs and explosives. Oddly the effect of the explosive can seemingly be anything without limit. Very much an "art is an explosion" type person.

Design Thoughts:

Okay, Bakuda is never really described much. Her Bomberman outfit gets a bit of a description, but other than that her outfit is largely a mystery. My basic premise was to take a sort of macabre terrorist and fuse her with some Asian sensibilities. Then I strapped bombs all over her and gave her a grenade launcher. I only deviated from the description in two major aspects. The first is that I gave her a dual filter style mask instead of the single filter indicated. I did this because the single filter would obstruct her view in a fairly dramatic manner, which is detrimental when building complex machinery (I know this from experience) as well as making it difficult to bring machines up to eye level for examination. The second deviation I had was that I did not include the cord. This is because the cord was likely for detonation purposes and is not something she would just carry around all the time.

Also, I went through a lot of variations in this design. Everything from a modified mechanic outfit to a light mech suit. This one just felt more appropriate.

Fun Fact: Bakuda is mentioned in over 50 segments despite being a minor character overall.
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Ah Bakuda, one of my favourite characters. I like how Taylor keeps remembering her until the end. She really had one hell of an impact on her, in more than one way. Read "Worm" by wildbow, it's worth it!
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Very detailed. Also colorful, but it's very detailed.
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misselena27Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly never pictured Bakuda's outfit that colorful. Besides the wires described by the author, I thought most of her outfit would be black. Nice detail on the weaponry though.
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IAmTobiasHobbyist General Artist
ABB has the coolest capes. I wonder if anyone's done art of Oni Lee.
GreatWyrmGold's avatar
I've seen him once. Towards the side of a group shot of the ABB.
wolfofragnarok's avatar
I agree with ABB being pretty cool. Working an evil Asian empire theme is super easy and has really nice results. I don't believe anyone has. I may make some at some point.
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
Nice! Love the gun.
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lndzbrdnHobbyist Traditional Artist
omggggggosh, this is wonderful. I feel like I've needed to see this fanart my whole adult life lol. :+favlove:
wolfofragnarok's avatar
Why thank you! I am pleased to complete your adult life. :D (Big Grin) 
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Aman162Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is awesome! Great job on this one, I think you've got the character design down good. Looking forward to more Worm art!
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WarpObscuraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Any plans on doing Contessa or Number Man soon-ish? Or Number Man's... past self? (Hoho, spoilers!)
wolfofragnarok's avatar
Yeah, I'll do them at some point in the near future. Probably not next.
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Bakuda, as shown, is loaded for a small war.  Heh.  Nice work with the mask modification.  Re: the bombs-  So many chances for a stray bullet in a firefight to detonate one of them...*evil grin*
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Thank you! The likelihood of an accidental detonation with a normal grenade is extremely low. Hitting it will just disperse the dynamite (flake TNT which is not shock sensitive and is what most grenades are made of) out of the grenade. However, a tinker made grenade which relies on near molecular level process that can be disrupted by a piece of metal traveling at high velocity further lowers this chance. You would be better of shooting her in the head.
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Foiled by SCIENCE!, I see.  Oh well.
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You are a machine, a machine that keeps on turning out Worm pics for us to love.
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Why thank you! I fear its mostly just concept works. I could do better renderings with soft shading, but I am just trying to get a feel for enough characters (of which Worm has a never ending supply) to do an actually comic. So for now everyone is getting simple concept pieces with enough color and shading to be used as reference.
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Also these are quick enough to be fun and not a many-day-long endeavor. Who knows how many I will make.

Incidently, I do not have a back log of these. I have been doing them one at a time.
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