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Armsmaster Pre-Skitter (Worm)



Fanart of Bakuda for Wildbow's web serial Worm. Check it out here

Cape Name: Armsmaster

Real Name: Colin Wallis

Armsmaster is the head of Brockton Bay's Protectorate (superhero group). He is a significant figure in Worm's narrative.

Alignment: Hero

Abilities: Armaster is a Tinker who specializes in miniaturization and efficiency. He focuses mainly on his halberd.


He wore body armor, dark blue with silver highlights, had a sharply angled v-shaped visor covering his eyes and nose.  With only the lower half of his face exposed, I could see a beard trimmed to trace the edges of his jaw.  If I had to judge, with only the lower half of his face to go by, I’d guess he was in his late twenties or early thirties.

His trademark and weapon was his Halberd, which was basically a spear with an axe head on the end, souped up with gadgets and the kind of technology you generally only saw in science fiction.  He was the kind of guy who appeared on magazine covers and did interviews on TV, so you could find almost anything about Armsmaster through various media, short of his secret identity.  I knew his weapon could cut through steel as though it was butter, that it had plasma injectors for stuff that the blade alone couldn’t cut and that he could fire off directed electromagnetic pulses to shut down forcefields and mechanical devices.

Engineering Notes:

Fiirst, I am an Aerospace Engineer, I know my tech. Anyways, Armsmaster is an idiot. Focusing on his silly stick is ludicrous (though it fits his personality perfectly). His armor is criminally ignored. Now notes on things I included:

Lights and Cameras on his helmet. Makes sense.
Speakers besides his jaw. He coordinates a lot, thus he will need a ready method to communicate with crowds.
Omni-directional microphones on the sides of his helmet. Locate and isolate threats.
Spearhead on top of halberd. I refuse to believe that a large axeblade splits into three pieces and somehow transformers itself into a grappling hook. A spearhead is more likely.
He has a feeding, water, and air tube on his helmet.

Any questions about the logic behind his suit, let me know.

Artist Notes:

Keeping to my quota, I made another fan art. Note my best work, but it's serviceable. Also my first proper super hero!

EDIT: It appears that people on Spacebattles think that the armor is too streamlined. Personally, I agree. If it was my super suit it would be bulging with devices. Jet pack, laser blasters, sonic cannons, a grappling hook that is mounted firmly to the suit, containment foam sprayers, and other such goodies. However, Armsmaster does not have any of these things. He seems to spend all his time working on his helmet, his halberds, and his motorbike. I wish I could have done more to tech him up, but apparently his suit is just there to let him fisticuffs with ruffians. Woe is he.

As far as the halberd being more of a poleaxe. A poleaxe is a hammer ax, it has to have a hammer head to be a poleaxe. However, a halberd is a staff ax. If it lacks a hammer head than it is a halberd. Thus this would be considered a halberd. However, this is a disputed point and the actual difference between what is considered a poleaxe and what is considered a halberd is a bit of an odd point.

EDIT 2: And now the complaint is that the armor is not shiny enough. The armor which is special alloyed and layered in order to maximize efficiency and minimize size and weight does not look enough like steel ... :P

From a practical standpoint, I would never paint anything intended for combat shiny enough to be seen for a large distance.

Original paint job was actually shiny. But from Armsmaster's standpoint I thought it was silly looking and out of character.

EDIT 3: I am just going to stop reading Spacebattles. It is beginning to become vaguely insulting.

from Spacebattles: "Brushes on a new layer or adjustment layer; paint, paint, paint! Experiment with blending modes to see what looks better, with both the brushes and the layers.
Frequency Separation/High-Pass layer experimentation, etcetera.
Paint an actual shadow behind him, or wherever applicable.

As for the design itself, I can think of the scrapped Nod and GDI armour designs -- most are pretty high-tech and are what people expected, before EA decided to go with the odd low-tech themes. Good for inspiration, methinks."

Yes I could redesign and repaint the entire picture spending dozens of hours to create a realistic texture and 3-dimensional to the image. Am I ever going to spend dozens of hours of a simple concept design that has color simply for color matching purposes? No, no I will not. I thank the kind folks over at Spacebattles for their discussion, but they need to realize that first impression concept drawings are not going to be gallery quality works. Also while blending modes can be useful, I tend to find that using simple brushes and layers yields a better result if trying to create a more natural looking image.
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Why is he an idiot for focusing so much on his halberd?